The American Juvenile Collection was initiated in 1976 by Professor Diana L. Spirt, Ph.D., (Emerita) of the Palmer School of Library and Information Studies to provide a research collection of children's fiction, folklore, and fairy tales printed in North America, covering the years 1910-1960. The AJC continues the gathering of children's books by Christine B. Gilbert, formerly of Professor at the Palmer School, that included fiction and non-fiction, mostly from Great Britain, published before 1909. The AJC retains a few of them, especially appropriate fiction titles.
The American juvenile Collection has been cataloged and maintained by Professor Spirt with the assistance of a few dedicated volunteers. Janet Collins, retired from the Westbury, L.I. Children's Library serves regularly as the Deputy Coordinator. Professor Myron Sywak, Ph.D., (Emeritus) also of the Palmer School, developed the computer cataloging and web search program. In 1999, a new program was written by Guillaume Malignon.

The AJC, housed in Special Collections under the supervision of Professor Conrad Schoeffling, is available for research purposes. Dr. Donald Ungarelli is the director of the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University, Brookville, NY.

The AJC is a Research Collection of Fiction, Folklore and Fairy tales in Juvenile books, 1910-1960, by American Publishers, including some appropriate earlier titles.

For further information contact:
Diana L. Spirt (Emerita), Ph.D. (
Diana L. Spirt (Emerita), Ph.D. (

There is a collection of juvenile literature from 1961-1991. For information, please contact:
  Marjorie Rosenthal   Mary Lois Nicholls
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