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Instruction  Hessel, Thomas Richard   The Selection, Operation and Abandonment of an ESEA Title I Program: The Individually Prescribed Instruction Program in the Wyandanch School System  1973  `370 no. 218   
Library Science Ph.D  Stefl-Mabry, Joette   A social judgment analysis of information satisfaction and information source preferences among professionals : a hypothesis-generating exploratory study  2001  ZA3075 .S72 2001bx  Reserves 
Library Science Ph.D  Pajarillo, Edmund J Y  Contextual perspectives of information for home care nurses : towards a framework of nursing information behavior (NIB)  2005  ZA3075 .P35 2005bx  Reserves 
Library Science Ph.D  Mackenzie, Maureen L  The accumulation of information by line managers within a business environment and the resulting cognitive savings account  2003  ZA3075 .M33 2003bx  Reserves 
Library Science  Tauber, Maurice F  A Report On The Library Of The Jewish Theological Seminary  1959  Z733.N6868T3   
Library Science  Tinklepaugh, Doris K  School Libraries In New York State From 1890 To 1930  1937  Z675.S3 T55x   
Library Science  Tinklepaugh, Doris K  School Libraries in New York State: Their History From 1890 to 1930  1937  Z675.S3 T55x  Thesis from Columbia University (missing) 
Library Science  Ungarelli, Donald L  Time Studies of Use of Microform Materials  1962  TO20no.5  3 copies 
Social Science  Swezy, C. E  Gladstone And The Irish Land Act Of 1881  1961  T900 no.4   
History  Laskey, Robert S  The Appropriation Power Under The United States Constitution With Special Reference To The Years 1787-1789  1962  T900 no. 7   
History  Dennis, Eleanor S  The Town of Huntington During the War of Independence A Political and Social Study  1962  T900 no. 6   
Social Science  Brennan, Millie   A Study of Compromise in American Politics: 1787-1820  1961  T900 no. 5   
Social Science  Armstrong, Elizabeth   The Contemporary Constitution and Government of the International Typographical Union  1961  T900 no. 3   
History  Carlson, Eleanor   The Palestinian Arabs  1960  T900 no. 2   
History  Merovick, Arthur J  The Role of Elbridge Gerry in The Federal Convention of 1787  1966  T900 no. 19   
History  Tupper, Lamont H  The Constitutionalizing of Russia  1960  T900 no. 1   
Humanities  Suarez, Ralph P  The Application Of Catholic Criteria To The Works Of Graham Greene  1963  T800 no.6   
Humanities  Rubin, Joel   A Study Of Charles Brockden Brown And The Gothic Novel  1962  T800 no.3   
Humanities  Richmond, Ruth H  A Study Of Conceptual Terms Useful To Far Eastern Students In American Colleges  1962  T800 no.2   
English  Walker, Earl H  John Dos Passos: A Witness to Unpopular Truths  1965  T800 no. 9   
Humanities  White, Wayne S  The Influence of the Literature of the Bible on the Work of William Blake and His "Inventions of Job"  1963  T800 no. 5   
English  Lewis, Charles   Ambrose Bierce's Use of Irony As a Literature Technique  1966  T800 no. 21   
English  Mills, Maryanna K  Some Elizabethan Control and Their Effects on the Playwrights and the Portrait Painters  1966  T800 no. 20   
English  Martinelli, Matthew A  The Burlesques of John Brougham  1965  T800 no. 17   
English  Marder, Frances   The Jewish Character in Representative American Novels 1920-1940  1964  T800 no. 13   
English  Lee, Ki Choon   Contrastive Analysis Between English And Korean Languages With Respect To Verbs Structures  1966  T800 no. 24   
Business Administration  Zisfein, Arthur S  The Common Causes of Insolvency in the Retail Apparel Field as Viewed by Industry Credit Executives  N/A   T650 no. 2   
Science  Valenti, Robert J  Effects of Environmental Conditions Upon the Uptake of Radioactive Calcium During the Early Development of Fish Embryos and Larvae  1966  T574 no. 1   
Biology  Magerle, Dennis O  Refinement of Techniques For Rapid Platelet Counts  1965  T570 no.21   
Biology  Groder, Howard   A Study of the multi-Molecular Forms of Enzymes in Hemic Cell Cultures  1965  T570 no.15   
Biology  Uzzo, Anthony   Microrespiration of Foraminifera  1965  T570 no. 44   
Biology  Munson Jr, George Q  Kinetics of Cellular Proliferation of Hemic Cells in Vitro:  1966  T570 no. 40   
Biology  Walsh Jr, Robert D  Mosquito Fauna of the American Virgin Islands  1966  T570 no. 32   
Biology  Wesolowski, Sister M. Loretta   Studies of an Isolated Mammalian Heart Preparation Capable of Performing Work for Prolonged Periods  1966  T570 no. 30   
Biology  Mirande, August J  Classification of Insects Infesting Stored Food Products By Amino Acid Assay  1965  T570 no. 29   
Biology  Modica, Martin M  Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Manual for medical Technologist  1965  T570 no. 26   
Science  Masi Jr, C V  On The Reputed Morphological and Staining Variations in The Leucocytes of Schizophrenics  1966  T570 no. 23   
Biology  Markin, Benjamin F  Vegetation of Selected Long Island Marshes  1964  T570 no. 12   
Biology  Wentzel, Philip R  To Demonstrate the Administration of Iron-Dextran (Imferon), in Excess, May Produce Hemosiderosis  1965  T570 no. 11   
Education  Smith, Madeline G  A Suggested Guidance Program For Job-Bound High School Seniors  1965  T370 no.79   
Music Education  Silver, Jerome   Suggested Techniques For Establishing A Sound Orchestral Program For The Sagamore Junior High School Of The Sachem Central School District  1964  T370 no.78   
Education  Fillion, Bryant P  An Evaluation Of An Original Reading Program For Eighth Grade Students  1965  T370 no.54   
Education  Squire, Adrienne   Recent Changes In Seventh Grade Mathematics Curriculums In Nassau County  1963  T370 no.27   
Education  Seidler, Janet   The Relationship Of Extra-Class Participation To The Academic Achievement Of Resident Women Students At C.W. Post College  1962  T370 no.26   
Education  Rossiter, JR., Ernest   An Investigation Of Variations In The World History Curriculum And Their Implications  1962  T370 no.23   
Education  Silverblank, Francine   Teaching Poetry to the Hostile Student  1691  T370 no.21   
Education  Forve, Marie J  Specific Errors In Effectiveness Of Expression Made By Ninth-Grade Students In Composition Work  1962  T370 no.12   
Education  Young, Dorothy F  A Study of Vocal Development in the First Year Slow-Learner Classes of a Non-Graded Primary School  1965  T370 no. 99   
Education  Moore, John W  A Study of Homogeneous Grouping in Junior and Senior High School Social Studies  1965  T370 no. 96   
Education  Moore, Joan W  An Investigation into the Need for and the Beginning of the Development of a program to Instruct Slow Learning in English Grammer and usage  1966  T370 no. 91   
Education  Birnbaum, Rebecca   A Study of a Recreational Device as a Tool for Improving Achievement in Eighth Grade Mathematics  1961  T370 no. 9   
Guidance  Mogull, Robert G  The Prediction of Student Success in Elementary Algebra in Long Island School System  1965  T370 no. 87   
Music Education  Marino, Frank N  An Administrative Program for the Greenport High School Band  1965  T370 no. 86   
Education  Lemkin, Edwin H  A First Semester Approach To The Study of The Non- European World In Grade IX for The East Meadow High Schools  1966  T370 no. 85   
Education  Marlowe, Elinore P  A Plan For A Guidance and Counseling Program on the Elementary Level in Union Free School District #4 Northport, New York  1964  T370 no. 80   
Education  Berke, Myron W  A Study of Free Teaching Materials Offered by Insurance Companies Useful to Social Studies and Business Education Classes in the Junior-Senior Schools  1962  T370 no. 8   
Education  Matienzo, Raymond J  A Program for the Teaching of Poetry to Slow Learners in High School  1964  T370 no. 76   
Education  Mestanas, Gregory S  Preliminary Draft of an Introductory Textbook in Psychology for the Cyprus Secondary School Students  1964  T370 no. 67   
Education  Leuci, Ronald R  A Study of Parental Interest and its Effect on a Student's Attitude Toward School  1961  T370 no. 6   
Music Education  Tulke, Donna Z  Preparation and Evaluation of Intermediate Teaching Material for Flute  1963  T370 no. 58   
Education  Pfister, Loretta B  A study to determine more effective means of predicting success in first year algebra  1964  T370 no. 56   
Music Education  Lewis, Marvin W  Suggested Methods For Use InTeaching String Bass To Junior-Senior High School Students  1963  T370 no. 55   
Education  Berner, Allan H  The Teaching of Spanish in Long Island Public Schools Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow  1964  T370 no. 51   
Education  Dyrli, Odvard E  The Integration of Earth Science into Long Island High School Science Programs  1963  T370 no. 49   
Education-History  Leverich, Claudia L  An evaluation of the Reading Problem in the junior High School Social Studies Program  1963  T370 no. 39   
Education  Peppe, Allen F  Enriching the Study of History  1962  T370 no. 35   
Education  Tomasulo, Michael A  A Study to Compare Quantitative Interest Preferences with Intelligence and Achievement in Mathematics of 269 Seventh Grade Students  1962  T370 no. 32   
Education  Leonardo, Paul A  An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Instructional Techniques in the Teaching of Chemistry  1960  T370 no. 3   
Education  Gilbert, Richard   Written Composition as a Technique for Raising the Reading Level of Slow Learners in Social Studies  1962  t370 no. 20   
Education  Levine, Morris   A Source Book of Verbal Problems In Inequalities  1961  T370 no. 18   
Education  Fallon, Thomas M  Biology for the Scientifically Talented High School Senior  1962  T370 no. 17   
Education  Weiner, Joel D  Techniques of Group Counseling in the Public High School  1961  T370 no. 16   
Education  Gagliano, Francis W  An In vestigation Of Accelerated Mathematics Programs in the Secondary School  1961  T370 no. 14   
Instruction  Thompson, Dell N  The Relationship of Personal and Social Adjustment to Extra-class Participation of Resident Women Students at C.W. Post College of Long Island University  1966  T370 no. 126   
Education  England, Louise   A Study in Assigned Reading as a Basis for Creative Writing Among Talented Students  1961  T370 no. 11   
Education  Meyer, Ora R  An Investigation and Evaluation of the Directed Studies Program at C.W. Post College and Other Universities  1966  T370 no. 106   
Education  McMahon, Thomas D  Methods in the Selection of Secondary School Guidance Counselor-Trainees  1965  T370 no. 104   
Education  Block, Richard A  An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Teacher-Prepared Tape Recordings in the Field of the Social Studies  1961  T370 no. 10   
Library Science  Reisner, Edith O  A Quantitative Analysis Of School Library Resources In Suffolk County, New York  1962  T020 no.8   
Library Science  Magaliff, Cecile   A Study of A Selected List of Junior Novels Their Role in Adolescent Reading  1962  T020 no.7   
Library Science  Ronsheim, Sally B  The Demand For Professionally Trained School Librarians In Nassau County, New York  1962  T020 no.4   
Library Science  Weber, Milada   The Russian Cataloging Code: A Comparative Anaylsis  1964  T020 no.27   
Library Science  Magaliff, Alfred S  Programmed Instruction and The School Library  1966  T020 no.111   
Library Science  Bailey, Thomas   An Analysis of the Effects of New York State Legislation on the School Libraries of the State From 1827 to 1892  1966  T020 no. 99   
Library Science  Wensley, Dorothy D  The Children's Library, Robert Bacon Memorial Westbury, Long Island, 1924-1965 Five Owls and the Winds of Change  1966  T020 no. 96   
Library Science  Yukawa, Masako   A Gate to Library Instruction: A Study of the Library Orientation Programs and an Evaluation of Library Handbooks of Selected Colleges and Universities in the Tokyo Area  1963  T020 no. 9   
Library Science  Leonard, Jean   The Richard H. Handley Collection of Long Island Americana at The Smithtown Library  1965  T020 no. 87   
Library Science  Castleman, Mildred   The Portrayal of the Negro in Selected Novels for Junior High School Students Published Between January 1, 1962 and April 15, 1965  1966  T020 no. 82   
Library Science  Burston, Madeline H  Current Applications of Full-Size Photocopying Machines in Library Reference Service  1966  T020 no. 76   
Library Science  Bergen, Rhoda   A Study of the Library Book Selection Procedures of the Junior High Schools of Nassau and Suffolk Counties  1966  T020 no. 75   
Library Science  Pasternak, Ercel   A Content Analysis of Literature for children about Peru  1965  T020 no. 69   
Library Science  Bennett, Beatrice P  Some Problems Connected with Finding Out-Of-Print Books Based on Literature in the Field and Interviews with College and University Librarians in the Nassau-Suffolk Area  1965  T020 no. 59  Two Copies 
Library Science  Uzzo, Beatrice C  The Use of Books to Supplement a Code of Conduct for Junior High School Students  1965  T020 no. 56   
Library Science  Lowens, Madeleine W  A Critical Study of Textbooks for School Administrators With Reference To Textual Treatment of The School Library Program  1965  T020 no. 54   
Library Science  Zeff, Claire G  The Role and the Relationship of the Library and the Librarian to the Patients of Creedmoor State Hospital: A Psychiatric Hospital  1964  T020 no. 52   
Library Science  Ungarelli, Donald L  An Analysis of Time Studies of Reader Usage of Selected Materials in Microfrom  1962  T020 no. 5   
Library Science  Werkley, Caroline E  An Analytical Study of the Darwinian Sources of the Theory of Natural Selection: An Exploration in the History of Ideas  1964  T020 no. 47   
Library Science  Buxton, Karen L  The Emma S. Clark Memorial Library in Setauket, Long Island, New York: A History  1965  T020 no. 46   
Library Science  Astor, Mary   Library Instruction Through Closed-Circuit Television  1964  T020 no. 40   
English  Miller, Adele   An Adult's Subjective Evaluation of the Newbery Books, As Compared with the Preferences of Children in Western Suffolk County.  1964  T020 no. 39   
Library Science  Carlton, Roland G  The Young Adult Department in the Small and Medium-Sized Public Library: An Evaluation of the Resources, Services and Problems in the Member Libraries of the Nassau Library System, with Special Consideration of the Levittown (New York) Public Library  1964  T020 no. 38   
Library Science  Wensel, Elmer C  An Accreditation Program for High School Librarians in Western Pennsylvania  1963  T020 no. 29   
Library Science  Ashwick, Marion   The Role of Periodicals in the Elementary School Library  1964  T020 no. 28   
Library Science  McConnell, Pauline   The Academy Free Library of Miller Place  1963  T020 no. 25   
Library Science  Berg, Frances T  The Malverne Individualized Reading Program  1963  T020 no. 24   
Library Science  McGill, Barbara J  The Nassau Library System  1963  T020 no. 23   
Library Science  Mathisen, Barbara J  The Nassau Library System  1963  T020 no. 23   
Library Science  Zimbalist, Dorothy H  A Study of Centralized Processing in School Districts  1961  T020 no. 2   
Library Science  Nonack, Grace S  The Secondary School Library Assistant Program in nassau County  1963  T020 no. 18   
Library Science  West, Roland   A Study of the Movement to Individualize Reading Instruction in the Middle Grades and its Implications for Elementary School Librarians  1963  T020 no. 17   
Library Science  Yarger, Linda   The Treatment of Federal Documents in Nassau and Suffolk Depositories  1966  T020 no. 107   
Library Science  Lembo, Diana L  Selected Paperbacks And Their Influences Upon The Reading Habits of Senior High School Students:  1961  T020 no. 1   
Education  Hall Jr, James A  A Study of Teacher Coaching in the Conducting of Laboratory Exercises in General Science  1961  T 370 no. 5   
Political Science  Gabanyi, Adalberto J  A Study of Consequences of Protestant Reformation In Europe Reflected in the Works of J.W Von Goethe and F. Von Schiller  1961  T 370 no. 13   
Library Science  Heller, Mary M  A survey of Nine Secondary School Libraries of Friends Schools in the United States  1962  T 020 no. 6   
Psychology  Barry, Solomon   Validating the Parent Topic Preference Scale (PTTPS); A Measure of Behavioral Parent Training Topic Preference  2013  RJ503.7.P37B37  Doctor of Psychology 
Psychology  Kahoud, Dustin   Messages in a Bottle: Omnipotence in Creativity and Substance Abuse  2013  RC564.K34  Doctor of Psychology 
Psychology  Langer, Erica   A Comparative Study of the Exner Comprehensive System (CS) for the Rorschach and the Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS): An Examination of Critical Variables  2013  RC473.R6L36  Doctor of Psychology 
Psychology  Rugg, Ian   The Male Student's Experience in a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program: A Qualitative Study  2013  RC467.7.R75  Doctor of Psychology 
Library Science Ph.D  D'Ambrosio, Donna M  Development of an Expansible Taxonomy of Software Requirements Nomenclature: Viewing the Elicitation Process as Communicative Discourse  2006  QA76.76.D47 D36 2006bx  Reserves 
Library Science Ph.D  Breitenstein, Mikel   Toward an understanding of visual literacy: examination of conference papers of the International Visual Literacy Association, 1991-2000  2003  LB1068 .B73 2003bx  Reserves 
Public Administration  Zimmerman, Thomas M  Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities: Alternatives in Services  1987   
History  Snyder, Matthew C  A Study Of The Role Of Alfred Rosenberg In German National Socialism  1965  CCT900 no.21   
Arts  Fricke, Hans W  Treatments Of Cressida From Chaucer To Shakespeare  1963  CCT800 no.8   
Education  Scheman, Lillian   The Place Of Classical Rhetoric In English Composition  1965  CCT800 no.23   
English  Ralph, Ruth S  Wordsets In The English Language  1964  CCT800 no.16   
English  McKay, Alexander G  The Traveler and The Setting Sun:A Study Of Thoreay's Travel Essays  1966  CCT800 no. 10   
Biology  Remuzzi JR, John J  A Study Of Endogenous Factors Affecting The Proliferation Of Hemic Cells In Vitro  1964  CCT570 no.9   
Biology  Ricciardi, Joseph M  The Effects Of Dimethyl Sulfoxide On Rana Pipiens Embryos  1966  CCT570 no.41   
Science  Fichter, George J  Development Of Methods Of Study In Karyotype Analysis Of Cultured Hemic Cells  1966  CCT570 no.37   
Biology  Moore Jr, Joseph A  Amylase: I. The Preparation Of A Stable Substrate For The Determination Of Amylase Activity  1965  CCT570 no.3   
Biology  Santilli JR, Arthur E  A Study Of The Toxicity Of Human Serum To White Mice  1965  CCT570 no.25   
Biology  Schirota, Stuart P  Indigenous Fungi Of The Oral Cavity  1965  CCT570 no.18   
Biology  Schulte, Edward   A Study Of The Ecology Of The Plants In The Sunken Forest, Fire Island, New York  1965  CCT570 no.14   
Biology  Rollender, William   Phagocytosis Of Histoplasma Capsulatum  1964  CCT570 no.13   
Biology  Schroeder, Richard J  A Bio Assay For Evaluation Of The Effects Of Antimetabolites On Hemic Cells In Vitro  1964  CCT570 no.10   
Education  Sullivan, Leo C  A Logic Course For The Junior High School  1966  CCT370 no.98   
Education-Chemistry  Schlanger, Elaine E  The Isolation And Identification Of An Impurity Found In Dithizone  1965  CCT370 no.89   
Education  Scarpinato, Dorothy L  A Study Of College Goals And Opportunities For Selected High School Retailing Distributive Education Students In Union Free School District #3 East Meadow, Long Island, New York  1965  CCT370 no.88   
Science Education  Snow, Albert J  An Evaluation Of The Practices And Policies Of High Schools Towards Advanced Placement Chemistry Laboratories And How These Policies And Practices Affect The Student  1964  CCT370 no.69   
Education  Schweiger, Clara   A Study Of Practices Used In Foreign Language Classes In Certain Elementary Schools In Nassau County And In P. S. 208, A Pilot School For The Gifted In Brooklyn, N.Y.  1964  CCT370 no.68   
Music  Flemming, Mary L  Using Tape Recordings To Provide First Graders With Musical Material  1964  CCT370 no.62   
Counseling And Development  Redmond, Neil J  Prognosis Of Success in High School Chemistry At Harborfields High School, Greenlawn, New York  1963  CCT370 no.50   
Education  Sebban, Albert M  More Reading: A Technique For Raising The Level Of The Reading Ability And The Achievement Of The Slow Learner In Social Studies  1963  CCT370 no.45   
Education  Ranieri, Donald A  A School Transportation Program For North Shore School District, Glen Head, N. Y.  1963  CCT370 no.29   
Education  Ross, Lenore G  The Development Of A Plan For Elementary Guidance  1966  CCT370 no.125   
Education  Prompitak, Supapan   Suggested Guidelines For Teacher-Guidance Counselors In Public Schools In Thailand  1965  CCT370 no.109   
Library Science  Sterling, Marie M  The Feasibility Of Using Photocopiers In High School Libraries Of Nassau-Suffolk Counties  1965  CCT020 no.95   
Science  Slater, Adelaide   William Cobbett On Long Island, 1817-1819: A Study Of His Literary And Publishing Activities  1966  CCT020 no.93   
Library Science  Silken, Sylvia B  A Reading Guidance Program The Reading Merit Badge Of The Boy Scouts Of America  1966  CCT020 no.92   
Library Science  Sage, Estelle J  Survey Of Library Services To Foreign-Speaking Students In Selected Secondary Schools In Nassau County, New York  1966  CCT020 no.91   
Library Science  Ritter, Alice B  Freedom Of The Press In Eighteenth-Century America And Its Defense By William Goddard, Printer Of The Maryland Journal  1966  CCT020 no.90   
Library Science  Robson, Clarice   Recruitment For Librarianship With Special Emphasis On The Undergraduate Library Program At C.W. Post College  1965  CCT020 no.71   
Library Science  Robinson, Ellen C  The Role Of The Librarian In The Elementary School Reading Program: Implications For Library Training  1965  CCT020 no.70   
Library Science  Roberts, Cecile   The Implications Of Using Watermarks Found In European Handmade Paper As A Bibliographical Aid To The Dating Of Books And Manuscripts Of The Thirteenth Through The Sixteenth Centuries  1965  CCT020 no.64   
Library Science  Forman, Lorraine S  Evaluation Of Juvenile Fiction About Post-War Europe Published Between 1946 And 1963  1965  CCT020 no.62   
Library Science  Serynek, William P  The First Fifty Years A History Of The Amityville Free Library From 1907 to 1957  1965  CCT020 no.58   
Library Science  Friedlander, Florence   Problems In American Family Life As They Are Reflected In Stories For Intermediate Readers  1965  CCT020 no.57   
Library Science  Seh, Patricia   The Whitaker Historical Collection Of The Southhold Free Library Southold, New York  1965  CCT020 no.55   
Library Science  Sanders, Judith   A Study To Determine The Need For A Union Catalog Of Medical Reference Books In Nassau County By Evaluating The Existing Collection Of Reference Books  1965  CCT020 no.51   
Library Science  Provenzano, James   An Evaluation Of Wilson Library Bulletin's "Display For The Month" 1959-1963  1965  CCT020 no.50   
Library Science  Schwartz, Marjorie J  An Inquiry Into Drama Periodicals As Media For Research In The College Library  1964  CCT020 no.26   
Library Science  French, Martha A  Procedures In Selecting A Basic List Of Books For Teachers To Read Aloud In The Locust Valley Elementary School  1963  CCT020 no.22   
Library Science  Sywak, Myron   Departmentalization Of Secondary School Libraries  1966  CCT020 no.106   
Library Science  Seaton, Elaine   Origins Of The Shelter Rock [New York] Public Library  1966  CCT020 no.101   
Social Science  Fullman, Murray   Mohandas K. Gandhi's Philisophy of Satyagraha  1963  CC T900 no.9   
History  Papadakos, Catherine P  Aristotle's Criticism of Plato's Republic in the Politics  1965  CC T900 no. 15   
History  Dennelly, Thomas E  The Religious Clause in the First Amendment  1966  CC T900 no. 13   
History  Paige, Joseph   Enlargement of Constitution: Treaties and Executive agreements  1963  CC T900 no. 10   
Humanities  DeNagy, Florence   The Existentialist Influence on Simone De Beauvoir  1963  CC T800 no. 4   
English  Palmer, Charlotte   The Theme of Illusion in the Plays of Eugene O'Neill  1964  CC T800 no. 15   
English  Ennis, Carol A  Heretical Implications in the Poetry and Letters of Emily Dickinson -- A Study  1964  CC T800 no. 11   
Business  Capozzi, Salvatore   Operating Leases in Business Equipment, As a Concept of Marketing  1965  CC T650 no.1   
Biology  Eismann, Abraham J  Development of Techniques for Cell Line Studies and Clone Culturing of Hemic Cells In Vitro  1964  CC T570 no. 6   
Biology  Elias, Julius M  The Cytochemical Demonstration of Some Enzymes in the Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte  1963  CC T570 no. 5   
Biology  Cohen, Milton M  The Collection and Separation of Hemic Cells  1966  CC T570 no. 46   
Biology  Criscolo Jr, John T  Plant Ecology of Fire Island Barrier Dunes  1966  CC T570 no. 35   
Biology  Court, Gladys   An Improved Method for the Isolation of the Genus Veillonella  1966  CC T570 no. 28   
Biology  Bay, Robert E  A Course Curriculum In Radio-Isotope Methods and Techniques in Medical Technology Based on an Analysis of Current Uses in Laboratory Medicine  N/A   CC T570 no. 22   
Biology  Cunningham, Kathleen J  Effects on Rabbits of Subcutaneous Ethionine Administration  1963  CC T570 no. 2   
Biology  Becker, Naomi L  The Utilization of Clone Cultures for the Study of the Effects of Antimetabolites on Hemic Cells  1966  CC T570 no. 19   
Biology  O'Neill Jr, James F  Kinetics of Cellular Proliferation of Hemic Cells in Vitro: 1. Development of Cloning Procedures  1965  CC T570 no. 16   
Chemistry  Persiani, Carmine   The Determiniation of Sodium and Potassium by precipation in semi- Aqueous media  1966  CC T540 no. 1   
Science  Bartolotta, Charles   Cold-Cathode Gas Discharge Vacuum Pump  1966  CC T530 no. 1   
Mathematics  Buianouckas, Francis R  The Theory of Generalized Functions and its Applications  1965  CC T510 no. 1   
Education  Pettersson, Ann H  Studying the underachiever: A review of related research in slected professional journals, Jan.1965- Dec. 1965  1966  CC T370 no122   
Education  Fang, Nightingale   A Survey of Current Guidance and Counseling Principles and Practices, with General Recommendations Concerning Improved Guidance Programs for Secondary Schools in Manila, Republic of the Philippines  1965  CC T370 no.81   
Education  Gross, Elizabeth   A Study of In-Service Education for Mathematics Teaching in Naussau County  1963  CC T370 no.30   
Education  Furman, Leo   A Curriculum For A Course in Marine Biology For Advance Students In Secondary School  1966  CC T370 no.112   
Guidance  Hayden, Catherine   The Role of The Job-Placement Counselor in Relation to Non-college-Bound Students  1965  CC T370 no.101   
Music  Nappi, Thomas L  An Instrumental Music Curriculum for the East Hampton High School  1965  CC T370 no. 92   
Music  Ostrander, Edmund W  The Adolescent Girl's Voice: A Study of Range and Its Relation to Vocal Technique  1965  CC T370 no. 77   
Music Education  Eastwood, Anthony D  A Resume of Studies Concerning the Ability or Disability of a Student to Play a Wind Instrument Relative to His Orthodontic Structure  1964  CC T370 no. 74   
Education  Donnelly, Jane K  An Eight-Week Unit Experimental Laboratory Curriculum for the Slow-Learner of 75-90 I.Q. in Eighth Grade General Science  1964  CC T370 no. 73   
Education  Burgmaster, Julia M  Criteria for the Placement of High School Students in the Chemical Bond Approach Course  1965  CC T370 no. 72   
Education  Bernstein, Julian L  A Study of Programmed Learning and Teaching Machines  1964  CC T370 no. 71   
Education  Bartul, John C  Design for a Training Program for Student Teachers in Social Studies Departments of Cooperating Junior-Senior High Schools, Based on a Survey of Practices in Fifteen Local High Schools  1964  CC T370 no. 70   
Education  Greenfield, Salem S  A Study of Curriculum Materials Centers in The New York Metropolitan Area for the use of students in College Courses In Education  1964  CC T370 no. 64   
Music Education  Garneau, Gerard J  Defining The Aural Comprehension of A Ninth Grade Music Class For Analytical Teachings of Appreciation  1964  CC T370 no. 63   
Education  Carreras, Emanuel   A Course Study and Workbook for Teaching General Music in the Elementary School  1964  CC T370 no. 60   
Education  Goksu, Selma   A Study of Modern Methods and Materials in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the Naval High School in Istanbul, Turkey  1963  CC T370 no. 59   
Education  Coleman, Richard B  An Evaluation of the Audio-Lingual Approach In Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Junior-Senior High Schools  1963  CC T370 no. 52   
Education  Hamilton, Josephine C  A Suggested Program for the Orientation of Sixth-Grade Students to Junior-High School in Central School District #3 Locust Valley, New York  1963  CC T370 no. 47   
Education  Eastburn, Phyllis E  A Study of Practices Employed in Ninth Grade English Programs that Promote Free Reading  1963  CC T370 no. 46   
Education  Becker, Walter G  The Place of Accounting on the Farm and in the Agricultural College Program  1963  CC T370 no. 44   
Education  Farrell, Helen D  An Analysis of the Role of the Attendance Teacher in the Current Concept of the Attendance Service  1963  CC T370 no. 43   
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Science  Iorsh, Michael   Gemcitabine-Mediated Cytotoxicity in HeLa Cells  1998     
Honors-Theatre  Kersten, Amy   Codified Catharsis  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Education  Kim, Chie Ja   Korean Children, Dropouts from American Schools  1993     
English  Klayman, Laura   Understanding Hemingway's Attitude Toward Women  1983     
Honors-Sociology  Kramer, Sharon   C. Wright Mills  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  McCormack, John   The Proliferation of Fraud in America  1996     
Public Administration  Novinsky, Steven   Nursing Homes: "The Supervisor"  1984     
Music  Post, Denise   On the Influence of Jazz in " La Creation Du Monde"  1990     
Criminal Justice  Sawyer, Leonard   Community Level Criminal Intelligence  1982     
Honors-English  Smiloff, Debbie   The Mystery Plot  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Wallace, Tanya   Work - Family Conflict and Stress  2006     
Public Administration  Weisfeld, Lori   Inservice: An Issue for the 80's  1988     
Honors-Theatre  Burns, Sarah   Searching for Clara  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Carr, David   Externalized Imagination  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Economics  DeFeo, Robert   EMU AND THE EURO  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  DeMaria, Douglas   Marx and Weber: Law Under Capitalism  1985     
Criminal Justice  Eiler Jr, Robert   Victim Precipitation: Does it Exist?  1996     
Honors-Special Education  Ferguson, Susanne   ADHD  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Fuchs, Michelle   R and M Sleep  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Garrett, Ashley   Low Vision Services  2014     
Honors-Biology  Kanani, Kyumars   Local Anesthesia  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Keenan, Laureen E.N.   An Analysis of Hospice Costs  1985     
Honors-Marketing  Kelly, Cindy   Health Cereal Boom  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Business  Leibrock, Michael   Friend or Foe?  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Psychology  Mills, Kevin   The Effect of Complete Subdiaphragatic Vagotomy  1980     
Nutrition  Tambe, Esther   Race and Detection of Eating Disorders in Women  2014     
Health Care and Public Administration  Zhang, Li   Social Anxiety in China  2011     
Honors-Special Education  Zuill, Terri Lynn   ADHD  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
History  Bales, Peter   Rockefeller and Moses and The Bridge That Never Was  1984     
Honors-Finance  Bebec, Aleksandra   Options Markets  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Blaettler, Joseph   Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement  1997     
Honors-English  Cheek, Eileen   Pride and Prejudice  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Theatre Arts  Cole, Joan   Thesis Production: Eleemosynary By Lee Blessing  1992     
Honors-Theatre  Curry, Jennifer   A Lie of the Mind  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  D'Eugenio, Daniel,   Stress and the Police Officer  1986     
English  Delaney, Lorraine   The Satirical Tradition in American Literature  1995     
Honors-Marketing  Foster, Chris   E-Commerce Primer  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Fuller, Joan   ICU Nurses Answer to Job Satisfaction  1986     
Honors-Theatre  Gerhiser, Laura   Unearthing Lilith  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Girdusky, Cindy   The Joint Commission  2014     
Honors-Special Education  Going, Carole   Inclusion  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Computer Science  Hack, Patrick   Chat Rooms  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Higgins, Patricia   Will Scarlett….  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Kash, Douglas   Counter Terrorist Units and Their Targets  1989     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Lanot, Paul   Police Stress  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Theatre  Mainhart, Derek   The Looking Glass  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Art  Morrison, Julie   Using Masks in Art Therapy with Schizophrenic Adults  1997     
Honors-Film  Muller, Christopher   End of the Night  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Media Arts  Roby, Kelly   With All Our Heart  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Rusciano, Susan   School Violence  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Schimidt, Jennifer   Fugue In A-Minor  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Schor, Garrett   Business Ethics  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Film  Silva, Tom   The American Film Industry  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Arts  Ting, Pei-Fang   An Analysis of Maurice Ravel's Piano Work "Sonatine"  1991     
Criminal Justice  Acosta, Anthony   Penology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow  1986     
Public Administration  Alston, Laura   Nursing Shortage in the United States  1983     
Honors-Psychology  Atria, Cathryn   Anorexia Nervosa  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Black, Lisa Marie   the Meta-Theatre  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Business  Cucci, Marco   Diversity Management  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Cunningham, Claudia   Sylvia Path's Search for Family Relationships  1982     
Honors-Biology  D'Amato, Camille   Multiple Sclerosis  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Sociology  Fowler, Karen   Education In Chains  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Gatto, Michael   Analysis of Nursing Decentralization  1983     
Honors-Music  Hecht, Daniel   The History of Timpani  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Howell, Mary Ann   Samuel Johnson and the Obligations of the Writer  2005     
Honors-English  Iovane, Vincent   Pocahontas Unbound  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Film  Javors, Jesse   My Journey to The Blues  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Lugosi, Katalin   Working Mothers  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-History  Monroe, Shannon   The Image of Turin  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Munz, John   Believe to Disbelieve  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Muschel, Sara   Job Burnout in The Health Professions  1986     
English  O'Brien, Susan   Ralph Waldo Emerson and The Essence of Divine Love  1989     
Honors-Political Science  O'Neil, Kelly   Thucydides  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Palazzo, Therese   Burnout- An Administrative Problem  1987     
Health Care and Public Administration  Puglisi, Gaylene   Turnover Of Nurses  1984     
English  Pyles, Amberley   Binocular Vision: A Study Of Alberto Rios' Poetry  1997     
English  Samuel, Allyson   The Colonial Mindset In The Works Of V.S. Naipaul  1992     
Psychology  Stern, Barry   Response Duration: Multiple Schedule Interactions  1981     
Arts  Tumminello, Robert   France and Britain and "The Common European Home"  1991     
Honors-English  Tyrrell, Jessica   The English Canon  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Auyeung, Marcus   Dietary and Lifestyle factors on Telomere Length  2015     
Honors-Finance  Carlino, Mary   A Level Playing Field  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Curcio, Anthony   Affordable Housing In America  2007    2 copies 
Honors-Biology  De Veaux, Margo   Mangrove Ecosystems  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Demirjian, Anitra   To Accompany Paintings  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Accounting  Eichele, Kelly   Sales and Use Tax  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Fleming, Brian   The Musical Form Rondo  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Gilbert, Sara   Reading Communities  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Education  Gonzalez, Laurie   Multicultural Education: An Integrated Approach  1987     
Honors-Film  Grimaldi, Angela   Quiet! He'll Hear You  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Gurr, Estelle   Job Satisfaction and Educational Level  1982     
Honors-Finance  Harley, Alexandra   The Glass Ceiling  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Kane, Melanie   Classroom Management  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Kolstein, Leslie   Maurice Merleau…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Krizek, Stephanie   It Takes a Village: Huckleberry Finn's Awakening  1999     
Nutrition  Marcus, Emily   Self-Reported Food Selection and Food Intolerances  2006     
English  O'Brien, Frances   Walt Whitman: Ralph Waldo Emerson's American Poet  1986     
Honors-Music Education  Osterhout, Diane   Folk Sonata  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  Renoud, Douglas   The Guitar And Its Music In The Years 1750 thru 1820  1987     
Health Care and Public Administration  Scappatore, Nicole   Childhood Obesity  2015     
Honors-Photography  Scott, Samantha   The View Camera  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Weiss, Mary Beth   Brand Preferences  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  Agresti, Robert   Before the Foundation  1989    Name on spine is spelled Agrestri 
Psychology  Allan, Robert   The Effects of Practice on Orientation Sensitivity  1987     
Nutrition  Aymelek, Gizem   Effects of Breastfeeding on Postpartum Weight Loss  2017     
Psychology  Bergey-Workman, Deborah   Effects of Trauma on a Victim's Siblings  1998     
Honors-Special Education  Browne, Francine   Inclusion  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Theatre Arts  Coker, Turkar   Dario Fo and Franca Rame: Their Lifes and Times  1987     
Honors-Marketing  Corbo, Gregg   Market Entry strategy…  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Edwards, Robert   Asian Organized Crime: An Emerging Menace  1994     
Honors-Philosophy  Frangas, Alexander   Pain Explained  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Gaucci, Michael   Stock Option Plans  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Psychology  Geraci, Danielle   Stepparent Roles  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Greaves, Denise   Raped Again  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Grimm, Charles   A Creative Experiment  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Henderson, Jeanne   Charlotte Bronte's New Feminism: Women En Revolte  1989     
Science  Kang, Seung Chul   Anthrax as a Potential Agent of Biological Warfare  1995     
Honors-Graphic Design  Mazza, Nicole   Editorial Design  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
English  Mendelsohn, Judith   John Milton's Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce  1968     
Psychology  Mendelsohn, Susan   The influence of a Community Training Program…  1985     
Criminal Justice  O'Donnell, Richard   Plea Bargaining: Justice by Negotiation  1982     
Honors-Biology  O'Haloran, Maureen   Acid Precipitation  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Pardio-Mallon, Deborah   MRSA Teaching -Learning Module  1992     
Arts  Purdy, Dilys   Female Genital Mutilation: Cultural Right Or Human Right?  1995     
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Racine, Tricia   Domestic Violence  1997     
Honors-Psychology  Ramos, Rose Maine   Stress and Women  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  Rubano, Deborah   An Analysis Of Texts Used In Teaching Music Education  1997     
English  Testa, Paul   Narration And Liberation In The Novels Of Graham Greene  1998     
Nutrition  Chopra, Vani   Dietary Protein Restricition and Diabetic Nephropathy  2009     
Honors-English  DeRosa, Jacqueline   Character Analysis  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Donnelly, James   A Survey of Health Services in Museums  1990     
English  Drucker, Amy   Patriarchal Domination in 19th century American Fiction  2010     
Honors-Photography  Guastella, Charlette   Art 389 Sec.1  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Film  Healy, Christopher   Acting '' Miss Julie''  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Kapur, Anu   Genetic Engineering: A Blessing or a Curse  2004     
Honors-Computer Science  Katrten, Donna   Computer Crime  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  Lee, Han Seon   A Comparison of 3 Performances of Beethoven Sonata Op 53  1988     
Health Care and Public Administration  Makowski, Christopher   End of Life Care  2001     
Honors-Marketing  Marinacci, Elena   Global Connections  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Newman, Stacy   Television Violence & Its effects on Children  1997     
Health Care & Public Administration  Roberts, Victoria   Affordable Health Care  2012     
Education  Rosa, Susan   Charles Dickens : His Progressive Presentation Of Evil  1983     
Honors-Music  Schuller, Kimberly   A Percussion Recital  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
English Literature  Sperduto, Karen   The Absurd Character From Kafka To Pinter  1993     
Nutrition  Swartz, Zachary   Lower Carbohydrate and Effect on Serum Cholesterol  2014     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Truicko, Annalisa   Child Abuse  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Yuengling, Daniel   Alternatives to Traditional Incarceration  1998     
Honors-English  Bisson, Avon   A Holy-Unholy Inquisition  1985    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Cohen, Lynn   Recurrent Imagery: Dante to Eliot, All Points to One End  1983     
Honors-Marketing  Ditrich, Jennifer   Sex in Advertising  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Donohue, Brian   Corporate Downsizing  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Dorrer, Amelia   RECYCLE  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Drastal, Heather   Creative Drama Odyssey  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Journalism  Fuschetto, Anna   Political Corruption  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Art  Gentin, Stella   Portrait Painting: An Expression of American Colonial Life  1995     
Health Sciences  Habash, Raymond Jubran   In search of Ebola's Natural Reservoir  1998     
Honors-Accounting  Holmes, Michelle   Marcs Depreciation  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Horn, Stephanie   Multiple Intelligence  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Political Science  Isaac, Gail   OSHA: An Analysis  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Landsberg, Bryan   Arts, Music, Motion  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Philosophy  Mankowitz, Rachel   Family Philosophy  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  O'Hanlon, Kelli   Retirement Pensions  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Ramon, Sebastian   Austistic Children and Their Nutritional Obstacles  2015     
Honors-Film  Sabatine, Charles Herbert Albert   Flypaper  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Sokol, Kathy   Art Crime: The Big Picture  2011     
Public Administration  Stahl, Ursula   "Nurse Retention In The Hospital Setting"  1987     
Criminal Justice  Verwer, Raymond   Using Polygraphic Evidence in Criminal Court  1982     
Honors-Mathematics  Viscome, Rosella   Dynamical Systems  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Warnock, Regina   Quality Circle - Application to Nursing  1985     
Health Care and Public Administration  Delaney, Andrea   Medicare Policy Analysis  2009     
Honors-Accounting  Di Marco, Paula   Business Combinations  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Eichenstein, Debra   Job Satisfaction and Locus of Control  1989     
Honors-Nutrition  Eisenberg, Carol   An Evaluation Of Diet  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Computer Graphics  Franks, Jamie   Magazine Layout  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Grant, Janine   Protein Needs of Adults Engaged in Resistance Exercise  2001     
Honors-English  Hanrahan, Jeanine   Faust to Frankenstein  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Jarush, Karin   The History of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center  1994     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Krigger, Nicolle   Biocriminology  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Theatre  Marshall, Robin   Victims of Circumstance  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Finance  Myrilla, Kerkyra   The Future of The Euro  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Padilla, Reginold   Performance Preparation  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Perkins, Bethany   Directing The Day Room  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Pomes, Bethany   3-D Graphics on the Internet  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Psaltakis, Anthi   Dietary Fiber and Constipation in the Elderly  1993     
Honors-Accounting  Purdy, Kristy   Tax Deferred Exchanges  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Smolinski, Albert   Crisis Management  1989     
Criminal Justice  Spinner, Aaron   Parole And Its Destructive Impact Upon Society  1981     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Trotter, Kim   Domestic Violence  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Unser, Jessica   Reflections on Mirrors  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Finance  Wicks, David   Mutual Funds - Then and Now  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Management  Basirico, Anthony   An examination of …  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
History  Beck-Clemens, Dianna   Henry A. Wallace and the Progressive Party of 1948  1983     
Honors-Psychology  Camaj, Tereza   Addictive Relationships  1994    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Campbell, Heidi   The Binomial Theorem  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Cassidy, Debra   Dissociative Disorders  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Political Science  Gattini, Jurate   Lithuania: The Path To Independence 1988-1991  2000     
Honors-Accounting  Gercken, Linda   The Materiality Dilemma  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Education  Hickey, Patricia   Children's Friendship  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Keating, Elizabeth   Dynamical Systems  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Arts  Kulis, Charles   Missa Brevis for alto solo, mixed chorus and piano or organ  1997     
Education  LaMarca, Christine   Parental Expectations for Learning in Kindergarten  1991     
Honors-Economics  Mulrennan, Amanda   Women of Afghanistan  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Papianou, John   Origin of the Round Table  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Paschaloudis, Stratos   Computer Crime  1996     
Health Care and Public Administration  Penson, Margaret   Nursing Job Satisfaction  1983     
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Rosen, Brad   Defining Organized Crime  1995     
Health Care & Public Administration  Rosen, Gregg   The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002  2014     
Honors-Media Arts  Small, Benjamin   Transcending the Game  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Zitti, Cathy   Gun Control Legislation Emotional or Substantive?  1995     
Honors-Finance  Assante, Layla   Investment in Mutual Funds  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Ayari, Pamela   "Self" in Travel Narratives  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Bongiorno, Amalia   The Role of Structure and Form in Chopin's OP. 31, NO. 2  1990     
Honors-Education  Bowe, James   Education vs Qualifications  1985    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Media Arts  Breen, Eamonn   Oxycontin: The Real Deal  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Interdisciplinary Studies  Canalini, MaryAnn   Earthquakes in Eastern North America  1991     
Health Sciences  Catania-Renter, Gina   The Effect of Anxiety on Weight Maintenance  1991     
History  Cipriani, Robert   Machiavelli and the Logic of American Constitutionalism  1997     
Criminal Justice  Coniglio, Barbra   Columbian Drug Lords and Their Use of Violence  1992     
Music  Conning, Paul   Teaching Synthesized Music in the Instrumental Music Program  1990     
Honors-Accounting  Friszell, Marie   Web Assurance Services  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
English Literature  Fritz, David   Chaucer's Theseus: Action Tempered By Compassion  1993     
Honors-Management  Insalaco, Doris   Stress in the Workplace  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Nursing  Johnson, Robert   Advanced Practice Nursing  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Kern, Laura   The posture of Beginning Violin  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Computer Science  Kozlowski, Gregory   Computer Crime  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-English  Lutz, John   I'll Be Seeing You, Big Cabbage  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Finance  Marr, Adelajda   The History of Hedge Funds  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  O'Donnell, Stacey   Auditor Independence  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Health Science  Polapink, Carol   Alzheimer’s Disease  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Polotaye, Kelli   Fermat’s Last Theorem  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Ribaudo, Madeline   Law Office Management  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Rossback, Keith   The interpretation and…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Rysztof, Agnieszka   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Schmidt, Denyse   Have You Seen My Room Yet?  1983    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Swamipersaud, Savitri   Alternative Medicine  2003     
Honors-Music Education  Uhl, James   The Violin ; A History  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Ward, Mary   Food: A Basic Imagery System in Three Novels By Marge Piercy  1982     
Honors-English  Baker, Laura   The History of American Slang  1990    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Baxi, Prachi   Consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Obesity  2007     
Honors-Fine Arts  Caiola, Flavia   In Search of the Absolute  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Doerr, Cheryl   Abuse, Social Support, and Adjustment in Lesbian Females  1998     
Honors-Graphic Design  Farino, Kathleen   My Family Ancestry  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Ferello, Diane   Constitutional Psychology  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Finelli, Marguerite   Expressing Happiness  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Hannon, Diana   Through the Eyes of a Child  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Hiotakis, Samantha   Genetic Enginneering's Impact on Society  2001     
Health Care and Public Administration  Jones, Adrienne   Juvenile Delinquency  2009    2 copies 
Honors-Mathematics  Joseph, David   On VanderWaal's Equation  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Kim, Sungju   Game Of War: A Study Of Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms  1988     
English Education  Lee, Yen-jung   Taiwan's Language Policies And Language Education  2005     
Health Care & Public Administration  Lord, Phyllis   Federal False Claims Act  2005    2 copies 
Political Science  Lucana, Adolfo   The Revolutionary Movement of Peru: Shining Rath  1988     
Nutrition  Martorano, Laura   Gastrointestinal Diseases and the Effects on the Brain  2015     
Honors-Management  Mascioverchio, Ralph   White Collar Crime  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Montelli, Nancy   Prescriptive Super Line…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Niven, Robert   Police Community Relations: A View from Experience  1982     
Honors-Nutrition  Ordon, Renata   A survey of the Attitudes…  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Quinn, Jennifer   Police Professionalism  1996     
Honors-Music  Rubano, Deborah   The Women of Stephen Sondheim  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Psychology  Silhan, Melissa   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
English  Stiller, Valerie   The Treatment Of Travel In Selected Works Of Saul Bellow  1991     
Nutrition  Timotheou, Maria   The Erogenic Effects of Caffeine in Endurance Exercise  2008     
Honors-Nutrition  Verbeck, Sheila   The Female Athlete Triad  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  White, Mark   Driving While Intoxicated A Law Enforcement Response  1997     
Honors-Health Science  Aquilino, Tami   Long Term care Reform  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Carman, Deborah   Thyroid Hormone Effects on Skeletal Muscle Gene Expression  1996     
Nutrition  Chen, Ying   Dietary Consumption, Diet Quality, and Frailty in the Elderly  2016     
Honors-Theatre  Chilia, Doreen   Merry Lovers, Midday Madness  1994    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Coscia, Susan   Improving the Quality of Nursing Documentation  1986     
Criminal Justice  D'Amico, Dennis   The Business of Crime: The Industrial Connection  1984     
Honors-Management  Desio, Joyce   Enterprise and Entreunership  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Detweiler, Edna   Employees Enrolled in HMO Use Less Sick Leave  N/A      
Education  Gelbart, Sharon   Comparison of Total Physical Response and the Silent way  1996     
Honors-Visual Arts  Gottesman, Jesse   Extreme to Mainstream…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Johnson, Mary Anne   DRG's and the Intesity of Skilled Nursing  1986     
Honors-Psychology  Johnson, Sylvia   The "Choose-Short" Effect  1983    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Judge, Richard   The Case For a New Intermediate Care Facility  1989     
Health Care and Public Administration  Kingberg, Melissa   Physician-assisted Suicide  2015     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Kirsch, Thomas   The American Dream  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Liz, Michelle   Probiotics and Prebiotics on Markers on Metabolic Syndrome  2016     
Honors-Economics  McCaffrey, Maureen   The Underground Economy  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Political Science  Menzies, Ted   The Theatre of Terror  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Education  Mertz, Paula   Literacy and Early Childhood  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Nutrition  Moodie, Donna   Changes in Patterns of Soy…  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Radiologic Technology  Polk, Steven   Acoustic Neuroma  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Presta, Gerard   Geriatric Emergency Departments  2018     
Honors-Political Science  Richards, Judith   Michael Gorbachev  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Antonoff, Steven   The Family Court and The Role of the Law Guardian  1989     
Honors-Communications  Becconsall, Lisa Ann   Media and Ethics  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Besendorfer, Scott   Are the Baby Boomers Ready for Retirement?  2001     
Honors-Accounting  Bourlis, Niki   Accountants Legal Liability  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Boyle, Kate   Psychology of Performing Arts  1995    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Brandt, Christine   The Forensic Accountant  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Carbino, Lisa   Accountants Legal Liability  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Carlsen, Rosemary   Suffolk County's Response to Battered Women  1991     
Honors-Biology  Cinelli, Jennifer   Memory Loss in the Elderly  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Colombo, Christine   The Violin ; A Brief History  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Nutrition  Conroy, Jacqueline   Fluid Balance, Hyponatremia, and Sodium in Triathletes  2015     
Health Care and Public Administration  Curcio, William   Wellness in the United States  2011     
Honors-Finance  DeRosa, Alison   Stock Options as Compensation  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Dehart, Cristina   Telemarketing Crime  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Desai, Heta   Barcode Medication Administration  2011     
Nutrition  Dholakia, Krishna   Vitamin A Deficiency in India: Obstacles and Strategies  2012     
Chemistry  Gavrilovic, Dragan   Synthesis of Dimethyl 2,3-Pleiadienedienedicarboxylate  1971     
Honors-Music  Hall, Meredith   The Bohemians Through the Arts…  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Karmen, Marcia Benham   Psychotropic Drug Misuse in the Elderly  1983     
Public Administration  Kelly O.T.R., Susan Eve   Back Injuries: An Occupational Hazard  1985     
Honors-Nutrition  Kyrriacou, Ekaterina   The Use of the Stage…  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Finance  Lande, Lisa   Asian Crisis of the Late 1990's…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Laurent, Anne   Alternate Level of Care: Administrative Outlook  1987     
Honors-Biology  Maroney, Enid   Analysis of Alkaline Phosphates  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
English  McLaughlin, Sandra   Joyce and Women: An Exploration of Their Identity  2000    2 copies 
Environmental Science  Morrissey, Susan   A Solid Waste Recycling Model for a Business  1992     
Honors-Education  Quinn, Joanne   Literature Based Instructing  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Dance  Randall, Sasha   Griot - Dance as a Storyteller…  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Ryan, Sean   The Maximum Entropy Principle  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care And Public Administration  Simmons, Jeanette   "Do Not Resuscitate" Orders  1984     
Honors-Mathematics  Vezina, Stacey   On Isoperimetric Problems  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Viscovich, Gregory   The Effect of Run Procedure on Reaction Time Variance  1996     
Health Care & Public Administration  Zhou, Yang   Analysis of China's One-Child Policy  2013     
Honors-Philosophy  Baldasare, Alison   Surrealism and C.G. Jung  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Bellem, Sonia   Franz Kafka and His Struggle for Identity as an Artist and Jew  1997     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Blaszczyk, Donna   Advertising Design  1995    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Brier, Ian   Stanley Kubrick: Literary Director  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Buono, Nikki   Outscoring for the Millennium  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Eggermann, Daniel   Jury Nullification  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Fairbrother, Michael   FASB Statement no.121  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Sociology  Gelman, Deborah   The American Power Structure  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Art Therapy  Giglio, Jamie   Can A Psychosis be Learned?  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Broadcasting  Glutz, Alison   The Evolution of TV Sitcoms  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Ingargiola, Robert   Consumer Participation in Health Care Policy  N/A      
Honors-Biology  Izzo, Julie   Equine Protzoal Myeloencephalitis  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Arts  King, David   The Effects of Pimozide Operant Responding Under a Yoking Procedure  1980     
Arts  Knopf, Theresa   The Reaction of the New York Times to the Pullman Strike of 1894  1981     
Arts  London, Joan   The Origins, History and Evolution of the American Musical Theater  1989     
Nutrition  Mascia, Jaclyn   Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Female Aesthetic Athletes  2010     
Honors-Computer Graphics  McElroy, Nora   Graphic Arts in Cinema  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  McLoughlin, Jennifer   Horror and Madness in Opera During the Early Romantic Era  1995     
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Montuori, Claudia   New Technology in Crime  1996     
Honors-Political Science  Moore, Richard   Gay Rights in America  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Biology  Nevins, Kyle   Transfusion Transmitted Diseases  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Pecan, David   Love's Broken Promise: Illness, Exile, and the Consolatio Genre  1999     
Honors-English  Petrakis, Domaskini   Images of a Virgin Martyr  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Communications  Rock, Thomas   A Study For Sensationalism  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Accounting  Scalzitti, Janet   Debt and Equity Securities  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Management  Serota, Scott   A Study of the Options Market  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Theatre  Shogren, Ryan   To Experience A Lie of the Mind  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Siegel, Arlene   The Financial Crisis In Health Care And Nursing  1987     
Honors-Education  Tynan, Tracey   Inclusion Does it Really Work?  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Health Science  Wozny, Raymond   Dental Caries Formation  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Zhao, Yanming   Comparison of Whey Protein and Soy Protein on Elderly People  2014     
English  Ayers, Judy   The Evolution of Women Characters in Thomas Hardy's Major Fiction  1999     
Health Care and Public Administration  Birring, Ramandeep   Managing a diverse workplace  2012     
Honors-Accounting  Blonder, Amanda   Divorce: Accounting and Law  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Boccio, Paul   An Analysis of Authenticity in the Works of William Butler Yeats  1980     
Honors-Accounting  Bradish, Angela   Current Issues in Tax Fraud  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Bruno, Kathleen   Accountants Legal Liability  1987    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Burns, Andrew   17th Century Anglican Verse Anthem  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Butts, Stephanie   Exctrenities Reflection Paper  1994    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Coen, Diana   Battered Women's Syndrome  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Colin, Thomas   Insider Trading on Wall Street  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Nutrition  Dadra, Kuldip   Omega-3 Fatty Acids in the Development of Alzheimer's Disease  2014     
Honors-Psychology  Dallal, Jamila   Meditation and Psychotherapy  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art Therapy  Donovan, Marilyn   The Art of Schizophrenics  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
public administration  Gladsky, Kristin   The effects of managed care on quality of care  1999     
Health Sciences  Hadaway-Mckenzie, Brenda   Mental Managed Health Care, Is There Parity?  2003     
Honors-Art  Hartness, Colin   Contemporary Japanese Architecture  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Howlin, Nora Joyce   The Reorganization of Nursing Administration  1984     
Health Care and Public Administration  Hsieh, Ching-Shan   Long term care in Taiwan, ROC  2000     
Honors-English  Koutrouby, Greg   The Writing of the Short Story  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Lebron, Melanie   Sleep Throughout a Lifetime  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Mann, Beverly   Propaganda As Etiology in the Poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay  1987     
Honors-Finance  Meyer, Christopher   The Foreign Exchange Market  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Moran, Caroline   Mexico; An Economy in Crisis  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Pedowicz, Cathy   Accounting For Income Taxes  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Film  Podell, Roger   Hiroshi Miyagawa ; Tale of a Samurai  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Politis, Deborah   Iterated Function Systems  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Rizea-Nenu, Ionel   Small Business Management  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Seong, Mira   A Study Of Beethoven's Piano Sonata no.31 In A-Flat Major, Opus 110  1998     
Honors-Theatre  Siglain, Laura   Demon’s Are A Girls Best Friend  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-History  Sparrow, David   Why the South Lost the Civil War  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Foreign Language  Squadrito, John   Pirandello e il Perido  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Nutrition  Tom, Lana   Effects of maternal diet and nutrition status on gender selection  2011     
English  Ward, Rhoda   Mark Twain's Use of Dialect in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  1981     
Honors-Accounting  Wawro, Sylwia   Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Nutrition  Wright, Josephine   Supplement Use, Body Image  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Nutrition  Zanetti, Lori   Eating Disorders and the Media  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Altman, Anna   Higher Education Tax Incentives  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Balcuk, Christine   Divorce in Monogamous Species  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Balestriere, Pasquale   Paths of Power, Paths of Love Autonomy and Self-betrayal  1993     
Honors-English  Beaumont, David   I'll Be Seeing You, Big Cabbage  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Blackwood, Althea   Social Security Family Maximum  2016     
Health Care And Public Administration  Caracappa, Lisa   Management Of Diverse Workforce  2005     
Honors-Photography  Colleary, Kathryn   Assemblage as the Subject  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Dubner, Brad   Ultrastructural Study of UVB Exposure on Keratinocytes in Culture  1991     
Honors-English  Fantz, Maureen   Cinderella ; From Myths to Movies  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Nutrition  Fitzpatrick, Erin   Food Insecurity and Childhood Obesity in the United States  2016     
Psychology  Gische, Lisa   Onformation Processing With Sequentially Presented Data Frames  1992     
Honors-Mathematics  Grimes, Colin   Maximum Entropy Wave Equations  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Music  Helvick, Lorraine   The Many Faces of Evil in Opera  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Hodge-Stair, Kari   Faith-Based Healthcare Program  2011     
Public Administration  Humphrey, Clayton   Brentwood: A Community Senior Citizens Center  1990     
Honors-Accounting  Katsch, Jennifer   Accounting for Income Taxes  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  McKenny, Laurence   Death; Aspects of the Last Act  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Finance  Okolski, Andrew   Fund Analysis: Fact or Fiction?  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Py, Laetitia   The Internationalization Of Surrealism, The Case Of Latin America  2005     
Honors-Radiologic Technology  Remenza, Rena   Computed Tonography  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Schiliro, Gary   Smoking In The Workplace A Managerial Perspective  1987     
Nutrition  Suriel, Yvelisse   Children's Malnutrition in a Third-World Country - Ethiopia  2009     
Honors-Education  Upadhyay, Shruti   The Issue of School Violence  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Watras, Beth   Mealtime Protocol for Nursing Homes  1985     
Psychology  Abrams, Mitchell   The Effects of an Anger Management Package on Male Athletes  1998     
Health Care & Public Administration  Auletta, Danielle   The Evolution of Hospital Mergers  2016     
Honors-Accounting  Baney, Brian   The History of Foreign Currency…  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Beitchman, Perry   Testosterone Propionate INDU 65  1983    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Bozzo, Katie   The Italian American Experience:Tradition and Symbolism in Fiction  2010     
Honors-Psychology  Calo, Gaetano   Technology and the Telecommuter  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Campbell, Robin   Paying For Health Care In The 21st Century  2006    2 copies 
Honors-Accounting  Contes, Natalie   Research and Development Costs  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Cruise, Sharon   The Public School System and the Non-Conforming Student  1980     
Honors-Mathematics  Federico, Jennifer   Fractals: Modeling Nature  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Finance  Gargurevich, Aurora   Long Term Capital Management  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Gentile, Elizabeth   The Correlation Experiment  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Political Science  Ginex, Laura   Witch Hunting in England…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Holmgren, Julie Anne   Prison Overcrowding-Alternatives to Incarceration  1991     
Health Care and Public Administration  Ingram, Crystal   Blindside of the Medical Industry  2015     
Honors-Political Science  Kaplan, Francine   The Evolution of Women  1985    Located in Humanites 201 
Arts  Kearney, Michael   The Horror: Gothic Elements in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness  1992     
Arts  Keating, Keith   The Elizabethans and Linguistics and Visual/Plastic Arts in America  1980     
Honors-Photography  Killenbeck, Brenda   Turning Eyes to the Normal  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Koch, John   Melville and the Individual in Society  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Management  Matulich, Anna   Corporate Social Responsibility  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Accounting  Murphy, Cathleen   Accounting for Pension Plans  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art Therapy  Murray, Sharon   Schizophrenia and Art Therapy  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  O'Donnell, Kathleen   The Effect of Noncontingency on Resistance to Extinction  1985     
Honors-Public Relations  Pannone, Lisa   Public Relations for Toys  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Phillips, Jennifer   Kodachrome, A Play in one act  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Raju, Uma   Mechanism by Which Calcium Reduces High Blood Pressure  1994    2 copies 
Public Administration  Scalesi, Maureen   Spirituality And Life Satisfaction In later Life  2005     
Health Care and Public Administration  Spinner, Aaron   Ethics And Government: An Analysis  1983     
Music  Van Popering, David   An Harmonic Analysis of Nuages from DeBussy's Three Nocturnes  1988     
Health Sciences  Wang, Soo-Fang   IL-8 Levels in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction  1995     
Criminal Justice  Zinbarg, Elayne   Runaways: A Breakdown of Communication A Cry for Help  1981     
Honors-Psychology  Abruscato, Maureen   Motivation in the Classroom  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Allogiamento-Balkman, Cheryl   Thyroid Hormone's Effect on Cardiac Gene Expression  1991     
English  Bozzo, Katie   The Italian American Experience: Tradition and Symbolism in Fiction  2010     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Catania, Donna   Posters of WWI 1914-1925  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Celentano, Sandra   International Market Research  1987    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Computer Science  Clarke, Michael   An Honors Program Thesis  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Colson, Colleen   Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Cullen, Cynthia   Child Maltreatment: What Are We Doing to Our Children?  1978     
Criminal Justice  Guerrera, Phillip   Ransom Kidnapping in America, in Two Selected Periods  1983     
Honors-Broadcasting  Halpern, Jessica   Psychics: Credible or Hoax?  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Arts  Kretov, Tracy   The Heroine and the Passive Victim in Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea  1998     
Health Care & Public Administration  Labos, Melissa   Obesity Epidemic in the United States  2014     
Nutrition  LiPera, Jaclyn   Is Sleep Deprivation a Critical Component of Childhood Obesity?  2017     
Honors-History  McCann, Fiona   Forms of Resistance in Nazi Germany  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Business  Oemcke, Dorene   The Sources and Uses of Junk Bonds  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Education  Pepper, Paige   Autism: Treatment / Interventions  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Petrone, Mark   Government Restructing in the intelligence community  2002     
Independant Research  Pinzone, Joseph   Employee Handbooks and Manuals: The at will Dilemma  1994     
Health Care & Public Administration  Rahamut, Hamid   The Evolution of Robotics in Medicine  2013     
History  Rice, Christopher   "Let Us Have War!": The XYZ Affair and the Case for War  2005    2 copies 
Honors-Accounting  Roppa, Elaine   The Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Shah, Mansi   Medical Tourism and Its Current Issues  2010     
Honors-Psychology  Tomel, Sarina   The Impact of Gender on Marriage  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Van Nostrand, George   The F.B.I. and Scotland Yard - A Comparative Study  1979     
Music  Wen-Ling, Liu   The Musicians of the Eighteen Century: Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven  1987     
Honors-Accounting  Wiedenkeller, MaryBeth   Alternative Tax Systems  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Wischhusen, Rene   Extending Product Life Cycles  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Almalki, Ahmed   Management Strategies in Public Sector  2016     
Honors-Physics  Anderson, Lori Beth   Fourier Transform Spectroscopy  1988    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Balilo, Ofelia Delos Reyes   Productivity Improvement  2011     
Honors-English  Barton, Thomas   Threshold ( An Original Screenplay)  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Blusonis, Melissa   Walden and the Reader's Response  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Philosophy  Cassese, Frank   The Phenomenology of Nothingness  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Chuan, Fen-Chi   Purification and Characterization of the Insulin Binding Inhibitor  1989     
Honors-Accounting  Cochran, Nicole   Accounting For Intangible Assets  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Education  D'Amico, Brynn   International Inclusive Education  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Diaz, Glennis   Managing Older Workers in Health care  2011     
Honors-Music  Erickson, James   The Waltz ; A History and Application  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Faqiri, Husna   The Evolution of the Patient Experience  2015     
Honors-Media Arts  Franceschini, Robert   The Art of the Music Video  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Garafalo, Jennifer-Marie   The Evolution of the Horse  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Nutrition  Gershowitz, Jenna   The Effects of Ghrelin in the Overweight and Obese Population  2010     
Honors-Sociology  Greenfield, Deborah   The Social Dimensions of AIDS  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Hluboky, Nancy   New York Policing Agencies  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Isser, Jeffery   The Treatment of Sex Offenders: A Historical Perspective  1981     
Honors-Education  Jerome, Jennifer   A survey of Classroom Management  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Science  Kallenos, Loizos   The Entrance of Cyprus Into the European Economic Community(EEC)  1991     
Criminal Justice  Kenny, Andrew Mel   Nightmare on Horton Road, The Death That Won't Go Away  1993     
Honors-Radiologic Technology  Messina, Richard   Computed Tonography  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Mlotkowski, Artur   Lilliput Bars and Restaurants  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Mohansingh, Natasha   Immigrant Access to Health Care  2001     
Art  Morales, Ann   Psychosocial Development of Deaf/ Blind Adults through Group Art Therapy  1988     
Nutrition  Negron, Valerie   Effects of Green Tea on Body Fat, Body Weight and Thermogenesis  2011     
Honors-Accounting  O'Keefe, Jane   FAS 106 ; Theory and Applications  1991    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Pakula, Adam   Issues In The Revitalization of Lower Manhattan  2006    2 copies 
English  Pallant, Cheryl   Operations in Criticism: A Scrutiny of the Structuralism Approach  1983     
English  Perera, Noel   Nine Stories: The Path to Eastern Enlightenment in the Western World  2005     
English  Salerno, Joseph   A Subjective Life: Understanding Truth In The Works Of Anais Nin.  1995     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Scorzelli, Linda   Will Women Even Be Equal?  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Torres, Chrystal   Analysis of Social Security  2006    2 copies 
Psychology  Torres, Elizabeth   Attribution of Responsibility to a Female Victim of Violence  1992     
Nutrition  Vespoli, Linda   n-3 Fatty Acids And Their Effects On Platelet Aggregation  1998    2 copies 
Nutrition  Washor, Jaclyn   The weight-independent anti-diabetic effect of bariatric surgery  2013     
Honors-Political Science  Wittig, William   Rebellion at Wounded Knee  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Public Relations  Adamo, Elizabeth   Hospital Public Relations  1987    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Communications  Beigay, Kara   The O.J. Simpson Case and Media  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Bruefach, Mathias   A Medical Response to Nuclear War  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Calzetta, Stephanie   The Optimal Stopping Problem  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Castaldi, Carol   Gender Issues in Math and Science  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Jacobson, Benjamin   Accountability-A Causation of White-Collar Criminality  1980     
Department of Heath Care & Public Administration  John, Shalom   Hospital Acquired Infections  2017     
Honors-Psychology  Jordan, Barbara   An Investigation into Inhibition  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Justian, Eric   Psycho Beach Party: A Personal Journal  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-English  Karcher, Julia   Robert Frost: The Reluctant Romantic  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Kim, Kwang-eun   Civil Liability Suits Involving Private Security Personnel  1989     
Honors-English  Knice, Richard   Tolkien, Campbell, Myths, and Heroes  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-History  Krivicich, Christine   Dr. Courtemanch: A Remembrance  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Political Science  Kuehn, Linda   The Symbolic Meaning of Money  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  Leopold, Judith   Vocal Chamber Music of the 18th and 19th Centuries A Summer Festival  1986     
Accounting  Neptune, Elesia   The effects of advances in information technology on accounting  2009     
Honors-Communications  Nunez, Aimee   Neonaticide Among Today’s Youth  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Okeke, Pamela   Bioterrorism as a Public Health Threat  2003     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Perlegis, Tina   New Horizons Travel Agency  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Ramazzotti, G.   Reality Orientation Program In A Nursing Home Setting  1991     
Honors-Education  Santopadre, Gina   High Achievement and Self-Concept  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Management  Schulte, Sarah   Labor and Management in the U.S.A.  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Servinskas, Eric   The US Supreme Court and…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Shami, Rawiah   Diarrhea And Nutrition Situation Of Children In Syria  1994    2 copies 
Honors-Computer Science  Tumberello, Margaret   Computers in Education  1983    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Professions  Vossinas, Margaret   Virologic Markers of HIV-1 Disease and Viral Latency  2000     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Weiss, Rachel   One House, A Thousand Homes  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Zebrowski, Caroline   Pop Art of the New Millennium  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Ashton, Lewis   How Has Pain Management Impacted Death and Dying  2000    2 copies 
Health Care & Public Administration  Bigelow, Gina   Race, Poverty and its Impact on Education  2013     
Honors-Accounting  Bogue, Kelly   Transactions Between Related Parties  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Casella, Denise   Avian Pox in Wild and Domestic Birds  1990    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Castillo, Diana   A Survey of Merchandising Leasing  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Communications  DeSena, Darlene   Twin Language: Does it Exist…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Communications  Di Girolamo, Matthew   Cameras in the Courtroom  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Political Science  DiTomasso, Melissa   The Legality of Napster  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Film  Gencarelli, Gina   Missing In Action: Genesis of the Film  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Gerrity, Williams   Musical Applications of the Computer  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Gray, Beth   The History of the Amagansett Free Library, New York 1916 - 1980  1982     
Criminal Justice  Hecht, Sheldon   Computerized Police Communications: Components and Concepts  1979     
Honors-Theatre  Holway, Lorelle   A Study of Theatrical Talent Agencies  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Ingram, Mary Jane   Home Sweet Home: Alternatives to Nursing Home Care  1984     
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Kane, Michael   The New Water Paradigm  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Kelly, Christina   Therapy with an Autistic Children  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Business  Levin, Melissa   Business Ethics and American Society  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Sociology  Lone, Kristen   The Evolution of The American Family  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Madsen, Elyse   Theater As a Collaborative Art Form  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration and Accountancy  McCarthy, Kim   The Issue of Elder Abuse on Long Island  1990     
Honors-Psychology  Micallef, Christina   A Review of Cognitive Therapy  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Political Science  Migdalen, Jeffrey   Machiavelli Then and Now  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Nealon, Karin   In Vitro Model for Assessing Cigarettes  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-English  O'Neil-Uhl, Jean   Little Women ; The Dream of a Family  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Management  Pedi, Theresa   Getting the Most From Your Employees  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Science  Razeq, Ja'Far   Induction Of Antibodies To Allogeneic Skin Transplants In Rats  1987     
Honors-Fine Arts  Rice, Diane   The Evolution of Landscape Photography  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Rosenblum, Jane   Mandatory Medicare Assignment: A Legislative Proposal  1989     
Honors-Theatre  Ruediger, Amber Lynn   Excuse Us A Minute ; Excrements  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Scheidel, Maria   Wives, Daughters, Mothers and Angels  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Finance  Sorrentino, Michael   An Analysis of the Fall of Enron  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Stewart-Rooney, Eileen   Aging, Dementia And Developmental Disabilities  2002     
Honors-Sociology  Story, Andrew   American Ideology and Welfare Reform  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Weston, Mary   Gender Differences in Substrate Utlization during Endurance Exercise  2006     
Honors-Communications  Adams, Bryan   Music Radio: The Sound of Success  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Alonso, Jelena   The Legal Environment of Accounting  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Bialek, Rita   Reader, I Married Him Feminine Ambivalence in Charlotte Bronte's Novels  1995     
Health Sciences  Chen, Xian   Characterization of rRNA genes in Gardnerella vaginalis by V2 PCR  1998     
English  D'Amato, Mary   The Perfect Union: An Examination of Marriage in Jane Austen's Novels  1995     
Honors-Elementary Education  DeGrace, Kristin   Caring in the Classroom  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Communications  Deffree, Suzanne   Television and the Presidency  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Computer Science  Di Francisco, John   Bathroom Schedule Builder  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Donohue, Laura   A definitive Guide to Social Phobia  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Edelman-Herbsman, Rosalind   National Study of Academic Centers on Aging  1990     
Honors-Education  Finochio, Jonelle   The Mathematically Gifted Student  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Goldberg, Amy   Supported Employment for Chronically Mentally iIl Adults  1990     
Honors-Fine Arts  Golden, Judithlee   Artist to Bed Maker and Back Again  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Management  Haerr, Alissa   What Makes a Small Business a Success  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Psychology  Harrison, Gabriella   Psychologists' Perception of Abuse and Neglect in the Elderly  1997     
Honors-Marketing  Hatton, Elizabeth   Promoting wellness to Wall street  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Hurtault, McDonald   Alternative Work Schedules in Nursing  2000     
Criminal Justice  Hwang, Guihwa   Evidentiary Rule on Rape Trials: Gap Between Myths and Facts  1992     
Science  Ioannides, Paul   Analysis of PCB Mixtures in Transformer Oils Using G.C. and H.P.L.C.  1984     
Public Administration  Jones, Brette Marie   The Impact of the Homeless on the City of New York  1985     
Honors-Philosophy  Kalafatis, Peter   Causalities of Capital Punishment  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Kaur, Kamalpreet   Dental Care Crisis in the United States  2017     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Kramer, Lisa   Euthanasia and the Right to Die  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Kronfeld, Janice   Life Satisfaction Among Elderly Nursing Home Patients  1986     
Music  Leahy-Barbaro, Karen   Chants Anciens For Mezzo-Soprano, Piano, Oboe, and Finger Cymbals  1988     
Public Administration  Letourneau-Dimeglio, therese   Utilization of Health Care By the Elderly  1988     
Honors-English  Nardiello, Cabiria   Edith Stein ; A 20c Seeker of Truth  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Political Science  Oshiro, Kazuno   Japan and World Stability: The Necessity of Non- Rearmament  1999     
Health Care & Public Administration  Panarese, Jane   Medicaid Revitalization in New York State  2016     
Criminal Justice  Passalagua, Frank   Fundamental Principles of Residential Burglary Prevention  1982     
Honors-Communications  Post, Steven   Daytime Tv's Dirty Little Secrets  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Department of Health Care & Public Administration  Rayavarapu, Vasudha   Virtual Senior Centers  2017     
Health Sciences  Reimels, Margherite   Test Utilization In Diagnosis Of Urinary Tract Infection  1998     
Honors-Psychology  Reynolds, Joanna   Journal Writing as a Method of ….  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Sceppa, John   Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide  2015     
Honors-Communications  Schmidt, Andrea   Does Kate Moss Make Us Starve?  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Slizewski, Karen   Matching Of Pictures And Music As A Function Of Musical Training  1988     
Public Administration  Sonthiwaranurak, Montree   Trade Deficit Between United States And Japan  1990     
Honors-Computer Science  Stainkamp, Frank   Object-Oriented Programming  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Van Liew, Denisha   The Effects of the Brown Decision  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Waters, Robert   Ethic and Liabilities in Accounting  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-History  Yantz, Cynthia   The Contemporary Role of Women in Japan  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Biomedical Sciences  Yilma-Kassaye, Meaza   Turnaround Time Management in Clinical Laboratories  2009     
Honors-Psychology  Bailey, Harper   Testing the Validity of Facilitated…  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Calabrese, William   Patient Acceptance of Physician Assistants Revisited  1984     
Honors-Journalism  Canni, Lynn   Third World News and the American Media  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Charles, Jean   A Critical Look At Earnings Per Share  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Conlan, William   The Development of a Personality...  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Dorsa, Tamralynn   The Evolution of Women in Shakespeare  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Fusillo, Mary Lou   The Financial Effects of Drugs on A Teaching Hospital  1987     
Honors-Psychology  Gaylord, Susan   Prozac ; The Medication and the Myth  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Glutz, Kimberly   The Art of Freelancing  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Harper, Susan   Eugene O' Neil ; Long Journey Into Night  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Education  Hasegawa, Ikuyo   Returnees in Japan: A Comparison of Japanese and American Education  2000     
English  Heffernan, Karen Price   The Search for Atonement in the Major works of Olive Schreiner  1989     
Health Care and Public Administration  Jospeh, Talma   Human papillomavirus and the HPV vaccines  2012     
Honors-Journalism  Kane, Betty   Mass Media, Children and Responsibility  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Kang, Fang   The study of the labor union system in China  2012     
Science  Katsanis, Kirt   The Role Glyocoproteins in the Replication of the Herpes Simplex Virus  1993     
Music  Kenny-Walden, Gail   A Chorus of Alien Gongs Part One and A Chorus of Alien Gongs Part Two  N/A      
Honors-Political Science  Kramer, Marc   The Wearing of Sheep's Clothing  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Ladensack, Karen   Juvenile Delinquency in a Suburban Setting: A Suffolk Study  1982     
Honors-Finance  Martakis, Christopher   Financial Planning For a Lifetime  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Mavretish, Barbara   The Use of Physical Restraints in Caring for the Ages  N/A      
Criminal Justice  McIntosh, Cheryl   Is the Community Service Sentencing Project Cost Effective?  1996     
Health Care and Public Administration  Montrose, Marie Carline   Stopping Elder Abuse in America  2012     
Psychology  Muskat, Yael   Social Information Processing in Batterers; a Treatment Outcome Study  1999     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Oldfield, Suzanne   Theories in Crime Causation  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Health  Pagan, Rosa   Affirmative Action is Still Necessary Today  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Perez, Michelle   Immigration in the United States  2009    2 copies 
Psychology  Pulewitz, Matt   The Link Between Trauma And Aggression Among Adolescent Outpatients  1998     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Purgar, Michael   The Blank ; One of Those Days  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Music  Robinson, Tiffany   Ten Blake Songs and the Journey of Man  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Rubin, Richard   Computers For Police Administrators  1994     
Honors-Political Science  Saladino, Kimanne   The Occult Roots of Nazism  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Sassano, Louis   A Study of Digital Signal Processing  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Political Science  Shim, Inseop   American Policy Toward Korea, 1943-1950 A Political Evaluation  1999     
Nutrition  Shiraishi, Atsuko   Antioxidants and markers of oxidative stress in dialysis patients  2010     
English Literature  Simone, Diane   Whitman's Vision Of Women And The Feminine In Leave Of Grass  1992     
Public Administration  Sullivan, Margaret   Health Care Of The Elderly An Administrative Problem  1985     
Nutrition  Swirson, Janie   Gluten Peptides and Celiac Disease: Gluten Intolerance and Threshold  2010     
Honors-Journalism  Vanderbrook, Nicole   Media as a Military Tool of War  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Vitale, Christina   The Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Willard, Richard   The Family, the Individual, and Hope in the Novels of Salman Rushdie  1996     
Criminal Justice  Branda, Richard   A Comprehensive Look at Gang Subcultures from Past to Present  1996     
Public Administration  Bynoe, Siela   The Black Market Of The Long Island Housing Industry  2006    2 copies 
Honors-Music  Castaldo, Carissa   Samuel Barber: The Man and Hermit Songs  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Coffino, Michael   The Success Ethic as Seen in the Plays of Sam Shepard and David Mamet  1995     
Honors-Mathematics  Cook, Lisa   "Hot Hands" in Basketball: Myth or Math?  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Cotty, Ann   From the Poets Eye to the Photragraphers Pen  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Coven, L.H.   Contemporary Terrorism: The Impact on Private and Public Sectors  1991     
Nutrition  Duran, Mauricio   Influence of Dopamine D2 Receptors on the Pathophysiology of Obesity  2015     
Honors-Psychology  Fowler, Kelly   Bullying Behavior in Elementary School  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Giron, Juan   Street Gangs: A Historical Outlook  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Goodwin, Cheryl   The History of the Equal Rights  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Accounting  Green, Cheryl   The Estate Tax - Is it In or Is It Out  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Grgas, Tanya   Iconography, A Graphic Art  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Grudzinski, Mary   The Diversity of Methods of Vocal Pedagogy A Description and Comparison  1983     
Psychology  Guttman, Jennifer   Cognitive-Behavioral Anger Control Treatment for Adolescent Girls  1995     
Honors-English  Haber, Sarina   Hamlet's Pause: A Modern Critical Dilemna  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Jennaco, Julie   Trends in Elementary Science Education  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Judge, Janet   Teaching Gifted Children in the Classroom  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Klein, Betty   The Use and Mis-Use of Physical Restraints in Nursing Homes  1987     
Arts  Kleinman, Dorothy   The Imperfect Subjunctive in English and French: A Comparative Analysis  1995     
Honors-Sociology  Lane, Robert   The Social Consequences of Telecommuting  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Lebi, Kehinde   An Analysis of U.S. Policy As Regards The War On Terrorism  2003     
Honors-English  Link, Kristen   Terror in Poe; Constructive or Destructive  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Mattiace, Christopher   Informants: Development, Use and Comparative Deployment  1980     
Health Care and Public Administration  McManus, Marybeth   Demystifying Electroconvulsive Therapy  2001     
Health Science  Michalik, Jennifer   Interleukin-6 as a Prognostic Factor in Renal Call Carcinoma  2000     
Honors-Management  Morelli, Charles   An Examination of the Music Industry  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Psychology  Moss, Patricia   Current and Emerging Trends in Autism  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Namahoe, Makamaekanani   Hawaii:Poster Child for Health Care  2017     
Honors-Art  Nicotra, Thomas   Design and Leisure: Problems of Materialism  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Panaro, Susan   Children's Literature for Social Studies  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Patel, Binita   E-Prescription System: Is It Coming of Age  2010     
Honors-History  Polley, Charles   Antebellum Defenses of American Slavery  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Vidal, Jacqueline   Chronic Recidivism in a State Hospital  1983     
Health Care and Public Administration  Whitley, Kevin   The Effective Use of Hospital Outsourcing  2012     
Psychology  Williams, Juliet   Utilizing Formal Characteristics of the Thematic Apperception Test  1998     
Honors-Accounting  Witt, Mary Rose   Employee VS.. Independent Contractor  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Wright, Edward   The Cost of Making Health Care Affordable  2012     
Health Care and Public Administration  Xu, Yang   The impact of China's Sina Weibo on individuals  2012     
Honors-Education  Alberti, Angela   The Metacognitive and Self-Assessment…  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-History  Beggen, Michael   German Invasion of France in World War 2  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Bhatt, Birju   Superbugs When science fiction becomes reality  2016     
Honors-Theatre  Callahan, Laurence   Costumes for Les Liaisous Dangerouses  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Civitella, Caryn   Search for a Serial Killer: Profiling the Green River Killer  1995     
Honors-History  Croton, Kevan   The Process of Revolution In Imperial China  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Education  De Bruin, Claire   The Syosset Humanities Program and the Social Studies: A Case Study  1974     
Honors-Education  Dowling, Susan   A Teacher and Student Centered Classroom  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Curriculum and Instruction  Frade, Maria   Inclusion: Does it Work?  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Genatt, Arlene   Short-Term Memory Deficits Producted by Cholonergic Agents in Pigeons  1991     
Theatre & Film  Hilburn, Jefferey Lee   Directing Dylan Thomas "Under Milk Wood" A Critical Thesis  1984     
Honors-Accounting  Izzo, Marc   FASB #116: Contributions Received and Made  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Arts Management  Kay, Meredith   The Stage Manager's Second Tool Box  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Psychology  Kiernan, Mary   Educating children of Divorced Families  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Lowry, Kevin   Street Gangs of New York City: A Comparision of the 50's and 70's  1980     
Health Care and Public Administration  Lyttle, Kenneth   The nursing shortage in the United States  2011     
Psychology  Marabito, Steve   The Role of Peripheral Circulation on Anesthesia in Male Wistar Rats  1998     
Health Care and Public Administration  Mathew, Asha   Health Information in Relation to Management  2015     
Criminal Justice  Mineo, Randolph   12 Hour Tours in Law Enforcement Expectation Versus Experience  1996     
Psychology  Morabito, Steve   The Role Of Peripheral Circulation On Anesthesia In Male Wistar Rats  1998     
Nutrition  Nelson, Ariella   Complementary Feeding Practices and the Development of a Food Allergy  2011     
Health Care and Public Administration  Orlowsky, Ira   Recreation Resource for Handicapped Persons  1982     
Honors-Psychology  Pagnotta, Dena   Treatment of Depression in Adolescents  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice & Public Administration  Pena-Davis, Sky light   Alternatives to Juvenile Justice  1995     
Honors-Psychology  Petillo, Ian   Educational Psych. Applied to Percussion  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Pezhmannia, Jonathan   Healthcare Policy and Medical Ethics  2017     
Music  Randell, Scott   transcription Fantasia: On Harpsicord Variations By John Munday For Guitar  1979     
Honors-Art  Raphael, Kara   The Development and Use of Character Animation  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Rayne, Margaret   Personality Differences Among Substance Abusers Utilizing The MCM-II  1999     
Honors-Media Arts  Romero, Judith   The Race for the US Senate Seat in NY…  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Sociology  Sapir, Cynthia   Three Dimensional Facial Reconstruction  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Schnall, Toby   Salary Reclassification In A Home Care Agency: A Case Study  1986     
Honors-English  Simone, Diane   The Road Back Home ; A Collection Of Poetry  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Singh, Deodat   Emergency Room Overcrowding In America  2005    2 copies 
Public Administration  Stern, Harriette   Objective: Choose The Right Candidate For The Right Job.  1986     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Storey, Shana   Reflections: A Study in Japanese  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Wahab, Yalda   Reimbursement Challenges in a Hospital Setting  2016     
Health Care & Public Administration  Wang, Wei-Na   Protectionism In China-US Textile Trade  2006    2 copies 
Public Administration  Zachary, Domna   For-Profit Hospital Corporations in the Health Care Market  1988     
Honors-Psychology  Boepple, Kathryn   The False Memory Syndrome Controversy  1995    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Bonavita, Maria   A Historical Evaluation of the Prioress's "General Prologue" Description  1991     
Honors-Art Therapy  Clark, Bethany   Art Therapy with the Mentally Retarded  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Gaul, Kenneth   DUE PROCESS FOR PAROLES NewYork's Response to Morrisey vs. Brewer  1983     
Health Care & Public Administration  Gordon, Rosemary   Overcrowding in the New York Shelter System  2013     
Honors-Accounting  Grossman, Laura   The Future of the Accounting Profession  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Communications  Gustavson, Denise   The Evolution of Print Journalism  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Library Science  Halligan, John Thomas   James Louis Gillis, Californian State Librarian, 1899-1917  1962     
Public Administration  Han, Moon Gi   Adaptation of the Western Merit Concept in a Korean Society  1988     
Public Administration  Henglein, James   Employee Motivation With A Hospital's Radiology Department  2007     
Criminal Justice  Hervey, Doris   The Grievance Procedure in the New York State Correctional System  1981     
English Education  Hock, Susan Winkelman   Fashion Consciousness and the Emerging Victorian Heroine  1993     
Public Administration  Jones, Greg   Improving Performance of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants  1983     
Honors-English  Kennedy, Nicole   Probing Toni Morrison's Female Characters  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Klein, Edith   A Study of Falls in a Population of Institutionalized Elderly  1987     
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Lazansky, Linda   The Medium is the Message  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Martin, Cheryl   Use of Fructose + Glucose and Protein + Glucose on Athletic Performance  2014     
Health Care & Public Administration  Mulani, Munira   Economic Evaluation of Health Care Technology  2013     
Honors-Computer Science  Mulvey, James   Prospective Faculty Database System  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Theatre  Porterfield, Melissa Rynn   Excuse Us A Minute ; Excrements  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Spevack, Tara   High Cost Prescription Drugs And The Elderly  2002     
Honors-Nutrition  Sweizer, Kevin   Fuel Metabolism and Exercise Performance  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Townley, Marylen   Decoding "The Second Death of Priscilla"  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Management  Weinberg, Aaron   Management of Mergers and Acquisitions  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Curriculum and Instruction  Aldrich, Beth   The Effect of Frustration…  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Anderson, Valerie   Pop Art and Computer Art: A Comparison  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Baker, Michael   Henry IV, Part One: A road map to the King  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Bardipurkar, Deepthi   The Impact of Telemedicine on Healthcare  2018     
Honors-Philosophy  Bashjawish, Khalid   How to Become an Authentic Christian  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Belmonte, Andrea   An Evaluation of the Technicon H-1 Automated Differential System  1990     
Honors-Psychology  Brophy, David   An Investigation of 5 Mind-Body Therapies  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Cataliotti, Bob   "All Busted Up and Ruined": Freedom, the Classroom, and Huckleberry Finn  1987     
Honors-Journalism  Colagiacomo, Suzanne   Breast Cancer : Not Just A Headline  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Music  D'Amico, Angela   Reflections of Society Through Western Music  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Daconto, Rosemarie   Photography and the Unconventional Portrait  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Visual Arts  Dowling, Joseph   Tales of Emily; The Aesthetics of Chaos  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Fava, Daniel   Creationism in a Modern World  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Ferreira, Lisbet   Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Communications  Fruchtnis, Stephanie   Media and Language Development  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Finance  Furlani, Dawn   Corporate Scandal: Past, Present, and Future  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Gardner, Vivian   Comparison of Two Rapid Methods for The Detection of Mycobacteria  1996     
Library Science  Goldberg, Martin   The History of the United States Merchant Marine Academy Library  1988     
Health Care and Public Administration  Harrigan, Noyes   Embryonic Stem Cell Policy Analysis:  2003    2 copies 
Honors-English  Johnson, Hardy   Multiple Views Enhance the Whole in Henry IV  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
health care and public administration  Kennedy, Marianne   Hospice care in a long term care facility  2000     
Music  Kim, Joan   Performance Practices as Relevant to Beethoven's Piano Sonata in Ab Major, op.110  1997     
Public Administration  Mashtakova, Olesya   Informational Terrorism: A Review of Issues and Concerns  2011     
Honors-Education  Matejov, Lauren   Child Abuse and The Effects on Education  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  McBreen, Elizabeth   The End of Romanticism and the Last Man  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Nguyen, Anh   Improving Foreign Aid for Healthcare in Vietnam  2015     
Health Care & Public Administration  Owuo, Rosemary   Analyzing the Delivery of Health Care in China  2017     
Honors-Psychology  Panaro, Debra   The Study of Computational Neural Networks  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Medical Biology  Phangmuangdee, Chanin   The Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Pupae of Culex Pipiens  1973     
Criminal Justice  Rivera, Angel   Capital Punishment, Deterrence And The Growing Juvenile Population  1996     
Criminal Justice  Riviere, Francis   Judicial And Non-Judicial proceedings In The United States Army  1980     
Honors-Psychology  Sacco, Melissa   An Empirical Evaluation of Touch Therapy  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Shah, Nimisha   Public Option: The Future of U.S. Healthcare?  2016     
Criminal Justice  Stephan, Vincent   Alternatives To Incarceration: Drug Offenders In Suffolk County  1996     
Honors-Mathematics  Swenson, Daniel   Home Runs: Is the Ball Being "Juiced"?  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care And Public Administration  Tarone, Vincent   Police-Community Relations In New York City  1980     
Health Care & Public Administration  Tharval, Pratima   Role of Information Technology in Healthcare  2017     
Nutrition  Valentine, Jessie   Breastfeeding and Childhood Obesity in the Hispanic/Latino Population  2017     
Health Care and Public Administration  Wall, Kerryn   Cultural Competence in Healthcare Organization  2015     
Public Administration  Banatte-Schuster, Margarette   Health Care In America A Comparison with Canada  2002     
Honors-Forensic Science  Bergmann, Lauren   Skeletal Analysis and Bone Trauma  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Public Relations  D'Antonio, Adam   Public Relations Crisis Management  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  DeZorett, Casey   Social Security: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow  2014     
Honors-Communications  Del Piano, Karen   Involvement in the Nonprofit Sector  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Dempsy, Patrick   Cosmic Irony in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegart  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Durney, Joanne   The computerization of a radiology department  2012     
Health Sciences  Exarhos, Evgenia   The Effect of LIF on the CD34 and bcl-2 expression in HL-60 Cells  1997     
Honors-Journalism  Feuer, Marrell   Discrimination Against Women in Journalism  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Marine Science  Gerrish, William   Chromosomal Analysis of A Previously Unidentified Spartina species  1979     
Criminal Justice  Gitman, Esther   Is the Family Responsible for the Deviant behavior of its Memebers  1979     
Health Care & Public Administration  Hayhurst, Meghan   A Discussion on Insurance Coverage for Autism  2016     
Health Care and Public Administration  Izevbehai, Temitope   Challenges for the Future of Gerontology  2015     
Nutrition  Katsaras, Mona   Childhood Obesity in Greece and the Abandonment of the Mediterranean Diet  2012     
Public Administration  Klein, Jon   Land Use Planning in the Adirondacks: A Public Policy Perspective  1982     
Honors-Education  Koryga, Teal   All day Kindergarden vs Half Day Kindergarden  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-History  Lemire, Christopher   Sandanistas Triumph Over Reagan Doctrine  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Mauro, Thomas   Crisis Intervention: Police Officer Survival in Family Disturbances  1981     
Nutrition  Miny, Kevin   Effect of creatine supplementation on soccer-specific skills and performance  2013     
Health Care and Public Administration  Motley, Christopher   Social Security: A Necessary Entitlement  2012     
Public Administration  Nathanson, Marguerite   Epidemiology: Infection Control of Nosocomial Diseases  1982     
Honors-Management  Nonomiya, Ritsuko   Tax Treatment of International Business  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  O'Brien, Kerri   Quality of Care in New York Safey Net Hospitals  2017     
Honors-Advertising  Oltchick, Caryn   Ah So….You Want to do Business in Japan?  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Education  Polleti, Lori   Employer Supported Child Care on Long Island  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Ray, Samuel   Institutional Vs Home Care For The Urban Elderly  1984     
Health Care and Public Administration  Schaeffer, Amy   Global Concerns Re: Sars Becoming an Epedemic  2003     
Psychology  Stamatopoulos, Panagioula   Slope Transitions As A Measure Of Information Processing Time  1995     
Psychology  Szulc, Jolanta   The Effect of Immigration on Self-Esteem of Adolescents of Polish Origin  1998     
Honors-Education  Tedeseo, Monica   Mathematics Through Children’s Literature  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Williams, Tasha   May Day ; Lost Religion, Surviving Tradition  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Curriculum and Instruction  Zaback, Jill   Reading Literacy Instruction  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Accounting  Bennett, Joy   A Discussion of APB-11, FASB-96 And FASB-109  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Cannillo, Pamela   A Marketing Profile of the Mature Segment  1988    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Ciccosillo, Kelly   Gender Discrimination in the Work Place  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Cramer-Woll, Regina   A Diverse Collection of Info for the Painters  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Early Childhood Education  Favicchia, Jennie   Journey Towards Equality  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Fenyo, Caroline   Robert Browning and T.S. Eliot Monologue of the Soul; Variations on a Theme  1982     
Public Administration  Fuchs, Fabian   The Impact of Medical Technology Innovation on Health Care Cost  2004     
Honors-Biomedical Science  Fuchs, Jonathan   Hepatitis C: Treating the Disease  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Communications  Giorgio, Kristin   The Language and Literacy Connection  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
public administration  Goldenberg, Michelle   Telemedicine as an effective delivery method of medicine  1999     
Library Science  Gutmaker, Ruth   A Study of The Children's Television Workshop Series "Sesame Street"  1971     
Health Sciences  Haberman, Deborah Lynn   Evaluation of Serum Cholesterol Screening in Children  1998    2 copies 
Honors-Accounting  Hugh, Gretchen   Auditor's Independence: Non-Audit Services  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Hyland, Jocelyn   Roles of Women in the Celtic, Roman and Medieval Cultures  1986    NOT ON SHELF (6/17) 
Science  Johnson, Gerard Phillip   Perturbation of the Solubilized Insulin Receptor by Chemical Probes  1981     
Honors-Film  Konstantatos, Agatha   The Making of the Video: Digging for China  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Political Science  Kwang-Ho, Hyun   Peaceful Unification of Two Koreas (Problems and Future Prospects)  1986     
Music  Lin, Chin-Mei   A Survey of Methods of Piano Instruction From the baroque Period To the Present  1993     
Public Administration  Marra, Lena   Social Support: The Effect on Blood Pressures Among Men and Woman  2003     
Honors-Marketing  McGuigan, Deborah   Golf Sponsorship ; More, Fore, or a Bore?  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Music  Ng, Carol   Research in Methods For Teaching Young Children Piano  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Papazoglou, Petia   Business And Marketing Plan For Heart Failure Clinic  2005    2 copies 
Public Administration  Pelc, Stanley   Absenteeism in The Suffolk County Department of Social Services  1988     
Health Professions  Proux Jr, Yvon   The Relationship Between Interleukin-6 And non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma  1997     
Science  Quagerelli, Phil   Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Consequence Of Teenage Sexual Intercourse  1991     
Health Sciences  Romano, Maurizio   Safety: A Management Approach To Compliance And Accident Reduction  1993     
Honors-Education  Sangulin, Natalie   Inclusion in Elementary School Education  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Sayre, Lorianne   The Utility of Serum Prealbumin Concentration in the Nutrition Assessment  2012     
English  Scoma, Andrea   The Critic as Lord Henry: Oscar Wilde's Defense in The Picture of Dorian Gray  2002     
Honors-Political Science  Stellmaszyk, Marie   Solidarity ; Poland's Revolution  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Graphic Design  Strawsacker, Loraine   LI, Its Land, People and History  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Todman, Natalie   "An Examination of the New York Urban League"  1998     
Health Sciences  Tseng, Ling-Fang   Antiviral Susceptibility Testing of Cytomegalovirus to Ganciclovir  1992     
Health Care and Public Administration  Valvo, Stephanie   Guided Change in a Pediatrics Group Practice  2010     
Biology  Welikson, Robert   Procedures in the Isolation of Yeast Dihydrofolate Reductase Messenger RNA  1987     
Honors-Accounting  Alluise, Kimberly   Accounting for Environmental Liabilities  1995    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Business  Amorso, Lawrence   Assignment Overseas: The U.S.A. Expatriate  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Belevich, Rosemary   A Study of Patient Falls and The Ingredients for Prevention  1985     
Criminal Justice  Bravy, Christine   The Death Penalty: A Debate Over Deterrence and Cost Effectiveness  1996     
Honors-Mathematics  Cancellieri, Robin   Gender and Attitude Toward Mathematics  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Chassagne, Evelyn   Elder abuse and cultural perspectives  2008    2 copies 
Education  Chen, Cheng-Chih   A Profile of Communicative Competence and Communicative Language Teaching  1991     
Health Care And Public Administration  Cherepashensky, Stella   Hide And Seek: Can You Find The Nurses?  2005     
Health Care & Public Administration  Cheriyan, Gregory   Impact of Wellness Programs on Employee Health  2016     
Honors-Sociology  Connell, Tacy   Latin American Day Workers and Migrants on LI  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Crichlow, Hadiya   Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in a Maintenance Hemodialysis Population  2011     
Music  De Gregorio, Marilyn   The Influence of the Council of Trent on Palestrina's Pope Marcellus Mass  1990     
Health Care and Public Administration  Desai, Shreya Sunil   Issues surrounding stem cell policy making  2012     
Nutrition  Ferguson, Alyssa   Effectiveness of a 6-Week Diabetes Self-Management Education Class Series  2010     
Biomedical Sciences  Fiorillo, Annette   Expression Of Bcl-2 And The Presence Of The Epstein Barr Virus  1999     
Health Care and Public Administration  Forrester, DeAnna   Fundraising and the current economic climate  2012     
Honors-Accounting  Funai, Frank   The Controversy Surrounding Earnings per Share  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Gallo, Lorren   Breast Cancer Care Versus United States and Canada  2014     
Criminal Justice  Grant, Inez Lelia   Probation Department Administers: A Methadone Maintenance Program  1982     
Honors-Media Arts  Hanlon, Stephanie   Web Journalism, the Citizen's Profession  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Lin, Chia-Jung   A survey Of Nurses Job Satisfaction In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C  1982     
Health Care and Public Administration  Lo, Yiman   Nationalized Health Care in the United States  2008    2 copies 
Honors-Accounting  McCabe, Kevin   Residential Rental Property As an Investment  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  McCann, Kenneth   The Need for Gun Control in New York City  1996     
Public Administration  McFadden, Catherine   The Effect of Primary Nursing: A Study of Job Satisfaction  1987     
Honors-Psychology  Muslih, Alia   Aggressive Behavior in Romantic Relationships  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Journalism  O'Keefe, Michele   The Print Medias Portrayal of Donald Trump  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Economics  Passalacqua, Stephen   Capitalism's Effect on American Values  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Penny, James   the Phenomenology of the Religious Experience of a Person with Schizophrenia  1999     
Honors-Management  Raviv, Danganit   The Effectiveness of SMWT In Organizations  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Sharma, Sunil   The Mughals And The Europeans. 1580-1658: A Bibliographical Encounter  1991     
Honors-Sociology  Smarrelli, Jill   Socialization Process of Non Human Primates  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Information Transfer  Steinbuch, Donna   Privacy in Digital Environments  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Teel, Zarida   Spirituality As it Relates to Psychopathology  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Treanor, Karen   Autobiographical Elements in the Works of Tennessee Williams and Dylan Thomas  1984     
Health Care & Public Administration  Van Luvanee, Roy   Expenditure Trends in Health Care and Radiology  1986     
Nutrition  Wang, Chenjing   The effect of L-thenanine and caffeine on cognitive performance and anxiety  2013     
Public Administration  Weinreb, Ruth   The Court Employment Project's Youth Employment Training Program  1983     
Honors-Finance  Wysocki, Agnieszka   The Stock Market Crach of October 19, 1987  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Yeung, Yovanne   International Accounting Standard Committee  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Photography  Youmans, Lois   Infrared Photography: Science or Surrealism  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Chemistry  Barrett, Chameeka   A Molecular Mechanics Study of Cyclohexane  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Berkowitz, Matthew   The Solution is Universal Health Care  2009    2 copies 
Health Sciences  Blanchet, Angela   A Soluble Fiber Supplementation in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes  1999     
Honors-English  Capasso, Marie   Fusing Harry: Gender in the Harry Potter Series  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Cassagne, Robert   Police Discretion: The Decision Not to Invoke the Criminal Process  1979     
Health Care & Public Administration  Combs, Jacquelyn   Dementia Care Units in Long-term Care Facilities  2013     
Honors-Political Science  Cox, Judy   An Analysis of America's Certain Minorities  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
English  DeVito, Jeanne   After the Dance Critique of Slow Dance on the Killing Ground By William Hanley  1981     
Honors-Foreign Language  DiPaola, Jesse   A Reflection of an Author and His Work  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Espinoza, Stephen   Marijuana ; History and Controversy  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Frawley, Dawn   Family Values and Relationship in 20c literature  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Gerakios, Kaliope   The Study and Research of Alzheimer's Disease  2011     
Public Administration  Green, Mary   Collective Bargaining and Nursing Attitudes: Administrative Changes  1987     
Public Administration  Harvey, Ronald   Assessment of Life Satisfaction in the Institutionalized Elderly  1985     
Honors-Management  Komar, Tomasz   Making The Grade at Symbol Technologies, inc.  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Macaluso, Lisa   Patient noncompliance in individuals with Epilepsy  2014     
Health Care and Public Administration  Mahendru, Nitu   E-Healthcare and The Doctor/Patient Relationship  2002     
Public Administration  Meeks, Merle   Understanding The Effects of Culture on Nurses' Perception of Pain  1989     
Biology  Messera, Desiree   The Antibacterial and Anticoagulating Properties of DABCO Modified Chitosans  2006     
Medical Biology  Mudarris, Ayad   The Effects of Hypophysectomy on Intestinal Calcium Absorption in Rats  1980     
Public Administration  Munshine, Esther   Gene Therapy: Implications for Public and Health Care Policies  1986     
Honors-Journalism  Norcross, Nancy   Transactional Analysis and the Stage Manager  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Music  Opatow, Mark   A Few Words On Transcribing For The Classical Guitar  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Psychology  Reisner, Dana   Methods of Stress Reduction in The Work Place  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Sansone, Rosalia   Popular nutritional erogenic aids and their impact on exercise performance  2005     
Criminal Justice & Security Administration  Simonson, Robert   Tawana Brawley: A Case Of Lies And Deceit  1989     
Education  Spitz, Joan   Development Of An Instrument To Assess Linguistic Sequencing And Blending Skills  N/A      
Nutrition  Termotto, Andrea   The association between dietary factos and the developmen of acne vulgaris  2015     
Honors-Mathematics  Vercillo, Charissa   Nuclear Decay and the Liquid Drop Model  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-International Studies  Voroba, Katharine   Women in International Politics  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Psychology  Wisotsky, William   Effects of Eye Reflectance on Tonic Immobility in White Carneaux Pigeons  1996     
Biology  Wuest, Shin-Ru   A Genomic Fingerprint Analysis of Twenty Biotype One Gardnerella Vagin Strains  1995     
Nutrition  Alli, Miriam   Effect of Physical Activity and Dietary Intervention on Gestational Weight Gain  2012     
Music  Bell, Christine   Twentieth Century Chamber Music: The Literature for Soprano with Small Ensembles  1982     
Nutrition  Bencich, Martha   Stages of Change in Restricting Fluid Intake in Hemodialysis Patients  2001    2 copies 
Public Administration  Bryant, Mildred   Fingerprints: The Missing Link in the Search of Missing Children  1983     
English  Chi-Chuan, Steven Chen   The Experience of Nature in the Romantic Vs. Taoist-Buddhist Traditions  1992     
Honors-Journalism  Christy, Suzannee   A Political History of American Journalism  1984    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Cline, Christina   An Analysis of Inappropriate Use of Hospital Emergency Services  1986     
Interdisciplinary Studies  Curatolo, Joe   Strategies in Purchasing Management in the Global Market Place  1993     
Honors-Graphic Design  Dwyer, Eileen   A Sports Advertising and Marketing Campaign  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Flynn, Jennifer   Geometric Constructions of Regular Polygons  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Gardenhire, Shirley   Administration of Nutrition in the Third World  1981     
Nutrition  Goebel, Donna   Potassium Supplementation for Protection Against Bone Loss from an Acidic Diet  2010     
Public Administration  Green, Beverly   Deinstititionalization - "The Dream That Turned into a Nightmare"  1983     
Public Administration  Green, Norman   Nassau County Department of Mental Health A Historical Perspective  1983     
Biology  Hashemian, Elaheh   Effects of sulfhydryl Inhinitors on Yeast Dihydrofolate Reductase Activities  1993     
Honors-Psychology  Heavey, Deborah   Women, Higher Education and Sexual Harassment  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Herbert, William John   Practices and Principles of a Hazardous Material Emergency  1985     
Arts  Jospey, Staci Andrea   Where Blood Ran and a Tide Turned: Race, Power, and Politics in South Africa  1995     
Honors-Political Science  Kohansev, Laura   The Jewish American Socialist Movement  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Koromi, Louise-Ann   Arson: An Investigative Perspective  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Elementary Education  Kutscher, Alethea   Implementing a Caring Curriculum  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
English Literature  Lutz, John   A Window to the "Other" : The Quest for the Creative Self in Kafka Woolf  1991     
Honors-Management  Martella, Joseph   The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Monteleone, Toni Ann   Accounting Far Mergers and Acquisitions  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Information Systems  Napiza, Randy   802.11 Wireless Networking and Security  N/A     Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Parksuwan, Kamoltip   AIDS and Dental Management: Legal, Ethical and Social Issues  1988     
Honors-Marketing  Pezzuto, Michael   The Automobile Industry in Developing Nations  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Rappaport, Glenn   Creation And Implementation Of An Adult Day Care Program  2004    2 copies 
Honors-Photography  Roberts, Deliah   Through MY Eyes: Rehabilitative Art Therapy  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Foreign Language  Scordino, Amy   The Effects of Immigration on Legislation  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Health Education  Sposato, Thomas   Doctor-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Toumaras, Elena   Factors affecting physical activity in adults with Typer 2 Diabetes Mellitus  2015     
Honors-Computer Science  Van Ryn, Suzannah   The World of Location-Based Services  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Warbritton, James   A Comparison of Salaries for Male and Female MPA-HCA Graduates  1987     
Honors-Computer Science  White, Jr, Donald   Playtime ; A Radio Program Scheduler  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Al-Sakran, Mohammad   Impact of Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Radiology Department  N/A      
Psychology  Barone, Anna   The Effects of the Number of Distracters on False Recognitions in a Memory Task  1992     
Honors-International Studies  Belouet, Nathalie   The Impact of the European Union  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
health care and public administration  Birt, Tara   Managed care and it's impact on the elderly population  1998     
Honors-Education  Bradley, Tara   Violence in Our Schools ,,, Is There a Solution?  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Cantone, Barbara   The Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood: Painting and Paradox  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Sociology  Cromwell, Heather   A Sociological History of the American Family  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Downer, Dana-Jeanne   The Administrative Financial Process for Orthognathic Surgery  2002     
Health Care and Public Administration  Duggan, Theresa   Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities  2009    2 copies 
Public Administration  Erasme, Dominique   The Need for and the Impact of Employee Training on Performance  1994     
Public Administration  Esposito, Albert   Ambulatory Surgery: Impact and Role in Today's Changing Society  1987     
Psychology  Frank, Barbara   Retroactive Interference On A Single Attribute Of A Multidimensional Stimulus  1991     
Honors-Mathematics  Garofalo, Nicole   Continied Fractalsin the Fibonacci Sequence  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Gonzalez,, Moises   A Conjuecture on the Nature of Music: How we Perceive it and how it Affects us  1990     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Gucciardo, Paul   The Relationship Between Drugs and Crime  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Business  Herr, Katherine   Foreign Trades Role In Shopping The U.S. Economy  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Political Science  Lidner, Blain   Political Activity of Youths in Democratic and Non-Democratic Countries  1986     
Criminal Justice  Lincoln, Lerae   Alternative Sentencing for Juveniles or Incarceration in Adult Prisons?  1997     
Honors-Mathematics  Lorusso, Andrea   Mathematical Modeling of Population Genetics  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Mangini, Mary   Predicting Length of Stay at Sagamore Children's Psychiatric Center  1992     
Public Administration  Martin, Catherine   Stress Management: A Necessity for the Health Care Professional  1987     
Honors-English  Murphy, Laurie   Marlowe, Shakespeare and the Politics of Kingship  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-History  Oliveras, Tricia   The Spanish Conquest of Mexico and the Effect….  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Theatre  Pace, Joseph   Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I: AN Actor's Discovery  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Pascucci, Melissa   How Consumers Evaluate Cobranding Extensions  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Pastor, Eleanor   Nurse Staffing Study on Cost Containment and Quality Patient Care  1987     
Health Care & Public Administration  Payne, Jason   The Aging Nurse in Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Homes  2016     
Music  Petruzzi, Leon   Melodic structural development in the jazz improvisational technique of woody shaw  1986     
Interdisciplinary Studies  Pollack, Stephanie   Building Community Through Experiential Education Projects  2000     
Honors-Political Science  Porter, Jennifer Lynn   Presidential Character Revisited  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care And Public Administration  Rivera, Bryan   Trouble Funding New York City Public Schools  2006    2 copies 
Music  Schubert, lawrence   Sonata In One Movement: Brief Background And Analysis Of Melodic Relationships  1999     
Health Care and Public Administration  Shah, Kinnary   Lighting The Way Epilepsy Foundation Of Long Island  2002