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Library Science  Abate, Dorothy L  The Treatment of Prisoners of War in World War II As Depicted in Works of Fiction  1969  020 no. 276   
Honors-Education  Abbatiello, Vincenza   Using the Constructive Approach in Creating a Positive Learning Environment  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Abbitt, Viola I  A Content Analysis of Selected Titles Used in Fund Raising Research and Some Applications  1987     
Honors-Film  Abbott, Derek F  Worried Blues  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Abel, Francis S  The European Migration of Afro American Musicians  1986     
Psychology  Abrams, Mitchell   The Effects of an Anger Management Package on Male Athletes  1998     
Honors-English  Abrams, Laura   The Biggest Thing New York has Seen: The 92nd Street YM-YWCA  1983    Located in Humanities 201 
Science  Abreu, Dionysius A  Growth Inhibition of Some Marine Phytoplankton By Dialyzable Water-Soluble Petroleum Components  1972  574 no. 98   
Honors-Psychology  Abruscato, Maureen   Motivation in the Classroom  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Abul-Huda, Ahmad W  The Viability of Selected Gram Positive Cocci Preserved in Various NaCl Concentrations  1987     
Public Administration  Accardi, Thomas C  The Relationship of FAA Adverse Safety Inspection Findings During In-Depth National Inspections and an Air Carrier’s Financial Conditions  1989     
health care and public administration  Acevedo, Kenneth C  Health carefraud and abuse: Perpetrators, costs, and attempted remedies  2000     
Library Science  Ackerman, Carolyn   History of the Publishing House of Fredrick A. Praeger Inc., 1950-1965  1966     
Criminal Justice  Acosta, Anthony   Penology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow  1986     
Library Science  Ada, Shirley   A Survey of Attitudes to the Public Library Among Twelfth Grade Students in the Farmingdale High School, Farmingdale, New York  1971  020 no. 628   
Honors-Public Relations  Adamo, Elizabeth   Hospital Public Relations  1987    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Adamo-Billi, Susan   Survey of Hospital Personnel on the Understanding of the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome  1987     
Honors-Communications  Adams, Bryan   Music Radio: The Sound of Success  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Adams, Robert C  The Biochemical Study of Arginine Binding to Liver Cell Membranes  1978  570 no. 175   
Health Sciences  Adams, Patricia E  A One-Year Follow-Up Study to Ascertain Problems Directly Associated with Enteral Feedings  1989     
Political Science  Adams, Gerald M  The International Search for Peace  1971  320 no. 28   
Political Science  Adams-Kaden, Debbie   Education Policy Making at the Local Level Why Do School Boards Fail?  1998     
Public Administration  Adamson, Keisha   Job Satisfaction Is Inversely Related To Shortages And Patient Workload For Certified Nursing Assistants'  2005    2 copies 
Public Administration  Adamson, Phyllis C  The Impact of DRGs on Readmission of Medicare Patients at LaGuardia Hospital  1987     
Speech  Addis, Judith Merle Theodore   Relationship Between Treatment Program for Central Auditory Language Dysfunction and Student’ Academic Achievement  1983     
Health Sciences  Adekunle, Temitayo B  The Effect of Hemolysis as an Interfering Substance in Commonly performed Chemistry Profiles Using the Hitachi 736 Discrete analyzer  1996     
Criminal Justice  Adekunle, Ebenezer O  Criminal Justice in Nigeria Trends and Problems in A Decade of Freedom  1979     
Health Care and Public Administration  Aden, Warsan   Universal healthcare: Comparative healthcare systems Sweden and the United States  2013     
Criminal Justice  Adler, Howard   The Indicting Grand Jury: Has it Outlived its Purpose and Usefulness?  1976  364 no. 85   
Public Administration  Adler, Paul W  Trend Analysis to Assess the Impact of Relocation Stress on the Residents in a Metropolitan Nursing Home During a Strike  1982     
Public Administration  Adlerstein, Helene   The Modernization of a Food Service Delivery System. The Need for Evaluation of The Effects of this Change  1988     
Health Sciences  Afonso, Orquidea M  Transduction of cells with IL-2 Cytokine Gene Induces an in Vivo Antiturmor Immune Response Thereby Inhibiting Tumor Growth  1998     
Health Care and Public Administration  Agarwal, Ashish   Euthanasia  2012     
Marine Science  Aghajanian, John G  The Effects of Temperature and Salinity of the Red Alga Seirospora sierosperma (Harvey) Dixon  1972  574 no. 92   
Health Sciences  Aglio, Linda S  Vitamin Synthesis By The Symbionts In The Fat Body Of the House Fly, Musca Domestica  1979     
Health Care and Public Administration  Aglio, Joshua S  Ensuring Viability in the Changing Healthcare Market and the Implications for Healthcare Consumers  2016    2 copies 
Art  Agnello, Glenis D  Art Therapy Syllabus: A Curriculum Incorporated The Therapeutic, The Behavior Modifications, and The Educational Models within the Schools  N/A      
Criminal Justice  Agovino, Joseph   New Role Models for Probation Officers  1975  364 no. 38   
Nutrition  Agresta, Eleni   The Effectiveness of Weight Management Interventions With or Without the Use of Medication in Adolescent Females with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  2017     
Music  Agresti, Robert   Before the Foundation  1989    Name on spine is spelled Agrestri 
Health Sciences  Ahearn, Mark J  Some Effects of Larval Density of Psychoda Sp.  1978  570 no. 176   
Criminal Justice  Aherne, John W  Crime: Its Agenda for Change: The New York City Crime Prevention Program  1976  364 no. 162   
Honors-Art Therapy  Aherns, Caitlin   A Case Study of Studio Art Therapy and its Ability to Increase Self-Esteem in Schizophrenics  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Ahmed, Jimmie   Administrative Remedies for Controlling MRSA Infections  2001     
Library Science  Ahmed, Khalil   Library Education in West Pakistan at the Universities of Karachi, Peshawar, and Punjab  1970  020 no. 570   
Health Care & Public Administration  Ahmed, Rehana   A Critical Analysis of Performance Improvement/Quality Assessment in Healthcare: Current Issues  2016     
Public Administration  Ahmed, Margaret A  A Sustainable Alterantive: Transit Villages; Building Healthy And Livable Communities  2006    2 copies 
Honors-English  Ahrens, Donna   Perish the Thought; A Comparative Study of the British and German Responses to the Despair of WWI  1994    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Ahrens, William C  Production of an Audio-Visual Package as an Introduction to Libraries  1969  020 no. 277   
Health Care and Public Administration  Aiello, Anthony P  Falls, Injuries and the Mortality Rate Associated with the Elderly in Long Term Care Facilities  2005    2 copies 
Department of Health Care & Public Administration  Aievoli, Allison   The Challenges of Patient Flow in the Emergency Department  2017     
Public Administration  Ajayi, Abigail M  Attitudes of Professional Nurses Towards The Changing Roles and Responsibilities of the Contemporary Nurse  1987     
Health Care and Public Administration  Akbar, Celestina   Alzheimer's Disease: A Growing Health Care Issue Among the Elderly  2005     
Art  Akel, Catherine S  The World, The Flesh and The Devil in Sir Gawain And the Green Knight  1985     
Criminal Justice  Akingboju, Stephen O  The Criminal Justice System and the Problem of Criminality in Nigeria Since Independence  1981     
Music  Akins, Helen   Analysis of Two Transcriptions  1977  780 no. 69   
Criminal Justice  Akinsogba, Rufus U  Individual Rights and Freedoms in Nigeria (A Comparative Study of Nigeria and the U.S.)  1977  364 no. 222   
Music  Akkan, Zeynep Z  A Study of Mid-Eastern Music Between 600-1600 A.D. As Demonstrated in Turkish, Persian, and Arabic Music  1991     
Health Care & Public Administration  Akong, Antoinette C  Should the Government be a Close Uncle or Distant Relative  2014     
Political Science  Aksel, Munur   International Terrorism  1994    2 copies 
Public Administration  Al-Dosari, Hamad Sh   The Acceptance of Humanistic Management and its Application to Management in the Arab World  1987     
Public Administration  Al-Sakran, Mohammad   Impact of Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Radiology Department  N/A      
Health Sciences  Al-Samadisi, Morsy A  Fibronectin Levels in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells From Osteoarthritis Patients in the Presence of Various Stimuli  1991     
Speech  Alabaster, Gloria R  Erwin Piscator and the Dramatic Workshop  1973  808.5 no. 4   
Health Science  Alaeddine, Nada Mohamed   An Evaluation of Prostate Acid Phosphatase and Prostate Specific Antigen as Tumor Markers in Prostate Cancer  1993     
Nutrition  Alahmadi, Nedaa S  Fructose Consumption and Metabolic Responses  2014     
Department of Health Care & Public Administration  Alamer, Abdulaziz   The Culture of Administrative Corruption in Saudi Government Departments  2017     
Biology  Albakri, Asad A  Partial Purification and Characterization of Human Placental Membrane Derived Phosphatase Enzymes  1993     
English  Albaum, Charlet   The Political Thought of Percy Bysshe Shelley  N/A   800 no.47   
Criminal Justice  Albert, Sinclair   Deterioration and Overuse of Police Officers for Community Service Jobs: The Institution of the Patrol Agent  1979     
Education  Albert, Debrah S  The Problem of Attrition Through Voluntary Withdrawals At C.W. Post College  1973  370 no. 210   
Honors-Education  Alberti, Angela   The Metacognitive and Self-Assessment…  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Albrahim, Dalal   The Incidence and Effect of Nutrient Deficiencies after Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve Surgeries in Obese Patients: A Systematic Review  2017     
Library Science  Albright, Helena   History of the Research Library of Brookhaven National Laboratory  1968  020 no. 278   
Criminal Justice  Albury, Nicholas A  Terrorism: The Ideologies Behind the Creation of Terrorist Groups  1979     
Honors-Curriculum and Instruction  Aldrich, Beth   The Effect of Frustration…  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Alek-Finkelmann, Candis L  An Analysis and Discussion of the Song Cycle of Emily Dickinson  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Economics  Aleman, Sandri   Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Historical Theory, Economic Motives, and Repercussions  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Aleryani, Mohammed   Leadership Management and Its Effects on a Police Department  2016     
Criminal Justice  Alessio, Diana J  The Jury System: Another Look at Supreme Court Decisions Allowing Six Member Jury Panels And Majority Decisions Among Twelve  1986     
Public Administration  Alex, Margaret C  Comparative Analysis of Nurses with Children and Nurses Without Children in the Areas of Absenteeism and Occupational Stress  1988     
English-Theatre Arts  Alexander, Ted   Howdy a Play  1971  800 no. 83   
Music  Alexander, Sylvia   A Look at Three Contemporary Flute Compositions  1977  780 no. 71   
Public Administration  Alexander, Louise A  Development and Implementation of a Perioperative Nursing Program  1988     
Public Administration  Alexander, Stanley H  The Role of Timing as the Critical Independent Variable in the Cross Sound Bridge Proposals  1982     
Health Care and Public Administration  Alexander, Anthony L  Finding Ways to Reduce Staff Turnover in the NonProfit Sector  2011     
Health Care & Public Administration  Alfano, Jamie   The Importance of Patient Satisfaction on Reimbursement and Employee Satisfaction and Ways to Improve Low Survey Scores  2018     
Public Administration  Alfano, Anthony A  Motivating the Disenchanted Employee (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs)  1983     
Nutrition  Alharbi, Shahd S  Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Platelet Aggregation, Endothelial Function and Blood Pressure Among Cardiovascular Patients  2014     
Criminal Justice  Ali, Debra   Child Abuse and Neglect  1993     
Health Sciences  Ali, Alim   Fibronectin Isolation and Purification  1994     
Library Science  Alksne, Lois   A Survey of Efforts Made by the Branch Libraries of the New York Public Library to Attract the Non-User  1971  020 no. 676   
Psychology  Allan, Robert   The Effects of Practice on Orientation Sensitivity  1987     
Political Science  Allan, Gordon M  Peron's Acquisition and Maintenance of Power: The Labor-Army-Church Trilogy of Manipulation  1988     
Honors-Psychology  Allard, Kandel A  The Impact of Stress on Children's Lives  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-International Studies  Allegrucci, Lisa J  Glasnost, Gorbachev- Style : Reality or Rhetoric?  1990    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Allen, Katrina A  The Effectiveness of Fleroxacin over Amoxicillin in the Treatment of the Infections associated with Chronic Bronchitis  1994     
Health Sciences  Allen, Kathleen A  Evidence that C-reactive protein and Immunoglobulin G are of Predictive Value in Determining the Severity of Sickle Cell Anemia  1994     
Public Administration  Allen, Eileen T  Successful Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines Will Improve Patient Outcomes  2002     
Health Care and Public Administration  Alleyne, Ayesha K  Homeless Families in Suffork County: The Journey to Self Sufficiency  2015     
Criminal Justice  Alleyne, Nancy M  Criminal Justice Sensitivity Will Prove To Be Beneficial For The Victims Of Domestic Violence  1997     
Nutrition  Alli, Miriam   Effect of Physical Activity and Dietary Intervention on Gestational Weight Gain  2012     
Biology  Allogiamento-Balkman, Cheryl   Thyroid Hormone's Effect on Cardiac Gene Expression  1991     
Honors-Accounting  Alluise, Kimberly   Accounting for Environmental Liabilities  1995    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Ally, Ifaz   A Comparison Between the Calculated Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Using the Friedwald Formula and the Sigma Diagnostics Direct Method for the Assay of LDL  1995     
Health Care & Public Administration  Almalki, Ahmed   Management Strategies in Public Sector  2016     
Public Administration  Almskog, Douglas I  An Examination of the Relationship of the Investigative Process and the Police Investigation to the Career Success of the Police Candidate  1986     
Nutrition  Almuwallad, Khetam K  Highlighting the Factors Influencing Weight Gain Among Saudi Women and Their Practices for Weight Loss  2015     
Health Care & Public Administration  Alnemer, Laila A  Accessibility to Health Services in Saudi Arabia  2018     
Biology  Aloisi, Ralph M  A Study of the Effect of Chloroquine on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus In (NZB/NZW) Mice  N/A   570 no. 115   
Health Care and Public Administration  Alonge, Stephanie R  Issue, Concerns and Remedies of Abuse in Nursing Home Institutions  2011     
Honors-Accounting  Alonso, Jelena   The Legal Environment of Accounting  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Alpert, Janice   The "Coming of Age" Process of African-American Women: Depicted in Toni Morrison's novels: The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Beloved  1995    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Alqarni, Latifah A  The effect of parental interventions on pediatric overweight and obesity: a systematic review  2017     
Health Sciences  Alshameeri, Rasheed S  Effect of Hormonal Contraception on Platelet Physiology and the Molecular Markers of Hemostasis Activation In-Vivo  1994     
Health Care & Public Administration  Alsheikh, Norah   The Economic Impacts of the Empowerment of Women in Saudi Arabia  2018     
Nutrition  Alster, Danielle   Dietary Supplementation of Leucine and its Metabolite, Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB) on Body Composition in the Elderly  2015     
Public Administration  Alston, Laura   Nursing Shortage in the United States  1983     
Nutrition  Alsultan, Alhanoof A  Factors that Affect Diabetes Management among People Diagnosed with Diabetes in Saudi Arabia (Eastern Region)  2017     
Biology  Altavilla, Joseph C  Survival of Colpidium Campylum and Euglena Gracilis Following Freezing  1970  570 no. 104   
Library Science  Altin, Ruth E  A Content Analysis of Selected Adult Fiction on Methods of Treating Mental Illness  1970  020 no. 629   
Honors-Accounting  Altman, Anna   Higher Education Tax Incentives  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Altman, Burton   A Description of Reference Resources, Facilities, and Services of the Locust Valley (New York) Public Library  1974  020 no. 794   
Criminal Justice  Altman, Sherrill M  The Adopted Child Syndrome and Violent Crime  1994     
Honors-Journalism  Alwine, Andrea   The Positive and Negative Effects of Changing Technology on Television News  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Aly, Hisham A  Importation of Prescription Drugs  2004     
Health Care and Public Administration  Amadike, Cynthia   Effectiveness of mammography in breast cancer screening: Do the benefits of mammography outweigh the risk?  2012     
Criminal Justice  Amaditz, Carl W  The Witness Security Program: An Examination and Critique  1980     
Library Science  Amat, Darinka M  History of Early Printing in Croatia  1970     
Honors-Marketing  Ambrogio, Joseph   C.W. Post College Students Choice Criteria of Credit Card Brands  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Ambrosini, Michael   Public Pharmaceutical Insurance Programs in New York and New Jersey  1988     
Health Care and Public Administration  Amedeya, Koffi-Kouma   What Political Regime Can Work Better For Peace and Development in Africa?  2009    2 copies 
Public Administration  Amirault, William J  Transportation Services For the Developmentally Disabled Adults in Rockland County  1984     
Library Science  Amison, Sister Mary Veronica   A Study of Madeleine L' Engle's Life and her Contributions to Literature  1987     
Honors-Management  Amitrano, Yvette   Passive activity Loss Rules and the Effect on Real estate  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Amlani, Pajnikant N  Quality Control in the Hematology Laboratory  1983     
Health Care And Public Administration  Ammirati, Virginia A  Organ Transplants A History And Discussion Of Current Issues  2005    2 copies 
Psychology  Amodie, Janet S  The Relationship Between Disclosure or Confrontation and Adult Adjustment for Survivors of Incest  1998     
Criminal Justice  Amore, Agnes   Partner Abuse: Analysis and Treatment  1991     
Honors-Business  Amorso, Lawrence   Assignment Overseas: The U.S.A. Expatriate  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Amper, Linda E  A Study of Blood Donor and Nondonor Motivation on Long Island And Queens  1985     
Honors-Finance  Ana, Rodriguez   An Investigation of the Relationship Between Commercial Banks and Their Business Customers  1990    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Anand, Khooshbu   The prescription of generic drugs: Do profit incentives outweigh  2012     
Honors-Accounting  Anastasakis, Etrel   Economic and Legal Effects of Leverage Buyouts in the US  1990    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Anastasia, Catherine   Distributing Charitable Disaster Relief Aid to Victims: The Effectiveness of an Unmet Needs Roundtable  2003     
Honors-Physics  Anderson, Lori Beth   Fourier Transform Spectroscopy  1988    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Fine Arts  Anderson, Valerie   Pop Art and Computer Art: A Comparison  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Anderson, Karen   The Development of Creativity in Gifted Children  1982    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Anderson, Teresa   "Rememory" Revision and Religion: Rewriting Wowem's Lives In Toni Morrison, Grace Paley and Mary Gordon  1997     
Psychology  Anderson, James A  Free Recall as a Function of Category Cue Placement  1973  150 no. 30   
Honors-Health Science  Anderson, Keri L  The Parent/Child Interactive Coloring Book: an evaluation of the potential  1995    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Anderson, Bruce W  Amendment 4050 to New York State Education Law 260: An Historical Investigation of Library Legislation Affecting School District Public Libraries  1970  020 no. 571  Two Copies 
Health Care and Public Administration  Andreano, Noelle G  An Analysis of Student Loan Reform as Part of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010  2015     
Criminal Justice  Andrews, Denise M  Prison Nurseries  1995     
Criminal Justice  Andricosky, John J  Corruption of the Uniformed Police Officer  1978  364 no. 278   
Public Administration  Andruzzi, Robert W  A Study of Senior Citizens' Awareness of Federal, County and Town Entitlement Programs  1983     
Nutrition  Angadi, Lisa Marie   High-intensity Interval Training Effects on Weight Loss and Body Composition in Overweight and Obese Adults  2016     
Honors-Political Science  Angert, Anna   The Cold War Revisited: A View From the Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Anglim, Patrice   Depression in the Elderly  1986     
Library Science  Anhalt, Lenore   The History, Development, and Organization of the Record Collection of the Great Neck (New York) Library  1969  020 no. 279   
Health Care & Public Administration  Annan, Kwamena   Care of the Elderly: A Comparative Analysis between Ghana and the United States. A Case study in the Mfantsiman District of the Central Region  2013     
Speech  Annucci, Carolyn A  A Study of Arthur N. Kruger's Treatment of Causal Reasoning in Argumentation and Rhetorical Discourse  1975  808.5 no. 12   
Library Science  Anselmo, Dorothy A  An Analysis of Books About Computers for Young People  1971  020 no. 677   
Honors-Accounting  Antin, David E  The Flat Tax  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Antol, Michelle   The Effectiveness in Reducing the Symptoms Associated with Following a Low FODMAPs Diet  2013     
Public Administration  Antomez Jr., Herbert   The New York City Police Department Needs An Effective Affirmative Action Program for Blacks, Hispanics, and Females  N/A      
Health Care & Public Administration  Antonacci, Maria   How Will Ambulatory Care Facilities Affect the Health Care System in the United States?  2014     
Criminal Justice  Antoncic, Nicholas J  The Constitution, Courts and Corrections: A Non-Traditional Alliance in the Inmate Disciplinary Process  1978  364 no. 276   
Criminal Justice  Antonoff, Steven   The Family Court and The Role of the Law Guardian  1989     
Criminal Justice  Antonucci, Anthony   An Overview of the High-Performance Movement and its Implications for Law Enforcement  1996     
Public Administration  Antonucci, Karen M  Seven Deadly Sins: How The Mass Media Commandeers The General Consensus And Manipulates Public Administrators  2005    2 copies 
Criminal Justice  Antonucci, Joseph T  Safeguarding Trade Secrets: A Management Perspective  1984     
Health Sciences  Anusornpanich, Nitaya   Agarose Gel Disc Electrophoresis of a Mucopolysaccharide from Neurospora  1973  610 no. 15   
Health Sciences  Anyanwu, Paul E  Validation of Quantitative Assay of Benzodiazepines by HPLC Method  1988     
Criminal Justice  Anzalone, Karyn L  Police Brutality  1998     
Biology  Anzelone, Michael   Growth Responses of Hydroponically Grown Triticum Aestivum (Cultivar Rideau) Under the Influence of a Single Audible Sound Frequency  1971  570 no. 61   
Nutrition  Apicella, Antonella   The Effectiveness of Menu Labeling in Influencing Dietary Choices Among Adults  2012     
Music  Apollo, Anne-Marie E  A Comparative Analysis of the First Movements of Two Beethoven Piano Sonatas, OP. 2 NO. 1 and OP. 101  1989     
Psychology  Aponte, John E  Is Short-term Batterers' Intervention With Latino Males Effective in Decreasing New Incidents of Domestic Violence?  1999     
Public Administration  Appel, Rhoda   The Effectiveness of Governor Mario Cuomo's Nutrition Education Program in Increasing the Awareness of all Food Policy Programs and Promoting Better Nutrition for all the Poor, Frail Elderly, and Homeless Population of New York State and Rockland County  1989     
Honors-Art History  Applegate, Barbara A  The Landscapes and Narrative Paintings of Robert S. Duncanson  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Appleget, Norma   The "Grand Old Lady of Grand Street" A History of the White Plains (New York) Public Library From 1812 to 1969  1969  020 no. 459   
Honors-Special Education  Appleman, Kimberly   Interventions and Treatment Options for Autism  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Applewhaite, Frank O  Methods of Antibody Detection  1968  570 no. 65   
Honors-Health Science  Aquilino, Tami   Long Term care Reform  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Argentieri, Dennis C  Antibody Production in Strain 13 Guinea Pigs Immunized with 2,4-dinitrophenyl 10-Guinea Pig Albumin  1977  610 no. 35   
Health Science  Arias-Henderson, Brenda J  Long Term Health Care Training and Career Development  2003    Missing 
Marine Science  Arieti, David F  A Study of Malate Dehydrogenase and Lactic Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes in Selected Species of Marine Algae  1974  574 no. 125   
Health Sciences  Ariza, Elmer E  Proficiency Assessment in the Clinical Laboratory and the Impact of In-Service Education at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center  1994     
Health Care & Public Administration  Arlic, Shashank S  The Comparison Between Biomedical Waste Systems of the USA and India  2017     
Biomedical Sciences  Armel, Rise   The Correlation Between Traditional Measurements of Blood Lipid Components and Plasma Homocysteine Levels in the Prediction of Cardiac Risk  2000     
Public Administration  Armellino, Donna   Infections Associated with Hemodynamtic Monitoring Devices in Adult Intensive Care Units  1990     
Criminal Justice  Armet, Harold R  Critique on Our American Bail System  1980     
Social Science  Armstrong, Elizabeth   The Contemporary Constitution and Government of the International Typographical Union  1961  T900 no. 3   
Public Administration  Armstrong, Monica E  Turnover Among Nurses  1986     
Honors-Psychology  Arnau, Michele L  The Insanity Defense ; A Review of History and Current Issues  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Art Therapy  Arnold, Tracy M  "Art Therapy Career Development: A Survey of Individual Pathways Toward Professionalism"  1988     
Science  Arnold, Angelo N  A New Method of Double Fluorescent Staining for the Automated Reading of Microcytotoxicity Trays  1979     
Public Administration  Arnold, Richard W  The Effectiveness of the Crime Prevention Unit for Senior Citizens  1983     
Public Administration  Arnstein, Kevin M  Dentall: A Capitation Dental Program Reviewed By the Consumer  N/A      
Honors-Management  Aron-Bayof, Lesley   The Olmstead Story & the Public Provision of Services in the Community  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Aronica, Frank R  The Origin of the Alveolar Hypophase  N/A      
Science  Aronica, Michele T  "Attitudes of Catholic Female Parishioners Toward Women Who Receive Dispensations From Perpetual Vows: A Case Study"      330 no. 10 
Criminal Justice  Arrington, Tracy Y  Gun Control and It's Affects on Serious Crime  1995     
Public Administration  Arslanian, Joan   Sources of Stress for Staff and Patients in an Out-Patient Dialysis Facility  1986     
Honors-Journalism  Arthur, Michele   The death of Women in Top Management Positions on Newspapers  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Political Science  Arthus, Gerald A  Science, Technology, and Public Policy in the People's Republic of China After Mao  1992     
Public Administration  Artinian, Shake Z  Cost Comparison of Three Intravenous Admixture Systems In a Hospital Pharmacy  1990     
Nutrition  Asencio, Jason   Documentation Efficiency of the Electric Medical Record for Inpatients by Registered Dietitians in an Acute-Care Community Hospital: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study  2013     
health care and public administration  Ashby, Claudia B  A comparison of the records of an independent medical laboratory with the data claims made by a new methodology  1999     
Public Administration  Ashton, Lewis   How Has Pain Management Impacted Death and Dying  2000    2 copies 
Chemistry  Ashton, John S  Photochemical Reactions of Phenanthrenequinone with Dienes  1975  540 no. 30   
Library Science  Ashwick, Marion   The Role of Periodicals in the Elementary School Library  1964  T020 no. 28   
Public Administration  Aslam, Syed M  Voluntary and Municipal Hospital Pharmacies and their Utilization of Pharmacists: An Analysis of Selected Activities  1987     
Honors-Finance  Assante, Layla   Investment in Mutual Funds  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Astemirov, Taguir   Russian Organized Crime and Corruption: Global Analysis and Technique Recommendations to Hinder its Extent  1998     
Library Science  Astor, Mary   Library Instruction Through Closed-Circuit Television  1964  T020 no. 40   
Criminal Justice  Atako, Geoffrey C  The Machinery of Justice in Nigeria  N/A      
Political Science  Atherton, Gregory J  Reconciling Civil Liberties, Civil Society & Domestic Security: A Comparative Study Of The Early Cold War & The Early War On Terror  2008     
Political Science  Atherton, Gregory J  Reconciling civil liberties, civil society & domestic security: A comparative study of the early cold war & the early war on terror  2008     
Education  Atkins, Lucy O  An Investigation of the Language Laboratory: Its Effect on Achievement and Attitude  1970  370 no. 183   
Public Administration  Atkinson, Ethel   Analysis of the Controversy Over A Proposed Medical School for the Borough of Queens and its Effects on the Community: A Case Study  1989     
Honors-Psychology  Atria, Cathryn   Anorexia Nervosa  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Attias, Carole   Meindert Dejong: An Analysis of His Works  1971  020 no. 678   
Public Administration  Attison, Daniel J  The Aging and Elderly Developmentally Disabled: Demographics and Projections for the Long Island Population  2003     
Nutrition  Aubel, Keith   Effects of the Wrestling Weight Certification Program on the Use of Rapid Weight Loss Techniques by High School and College Wrestlers  2008     
Criminal Justice  Auerbach, Alan R  Securing the Skies from Terrorism  1991     
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Honors-Philosophy  Baldasare, Alison   Surrealism and C.G. Jung  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
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Public Administration  Banatte-Schuster, Margarette   Health Care In America A Comparison with Canada  2002     
Public Administration  Bandura, Michael   The Effectiveness of a Financial Bonus Incentive Plan to Help Alleviate the Nursing Shortage  1990     
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Science  Bartolotta, Charles   Cold-Cathode Gas Discharge Vacuum Pump  1966  CC T530 no. 1   
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Honors-Philosophy  Bashjawish, Khalid   How to Become an Authentic Christian  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
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Honors-Management  Basirico, Anthony   An examination of …  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
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Honors-Education  Battaglia, Michael   Does the Deficiency of Male Elementary Teachers Pose a Problem in Our Society?  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
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Honors-Communications  Becconsall, Lisa Ann   Media and Ethics  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
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History  Beck-Clemens, Dianna   Henry A. Wallace and the Progressive Party of 1948  1983     
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Marine & Environmental Science  Beckley, Brian D  Numerical Analysis of a Submerged Alternating Diffuser in a Tidal Estuary  1982     
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English  Bedell, Barbara   Alienation in the Early Works of Faulkner 1929-1932  1970  800 no. 66   
Health Care And Public Administration  Bedell, Christopher   The Evaluation Of Current Anti-Corruption Policies And Procedures Within The New York City Police Department And Their Effectiveness  2005     
Honors-Arts Management  Bednarski, Ashley E  Planned Giving in Nonprofit Organizations  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Education  Beeman, Jane   Teaching Self-Control A Study of the Effectiveness of Motivation Training  N/A   370 no. 200   
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Honors-Communications  Beigay, Kara   The O.J. Simpson Case and Media  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Health Care Administration  Beigay, Kristin   The Changing Role of Nurses in a Managed Care Setting  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Beitchman, Perry   Testosterone Propionate INDU 65  1983    Located in Humanities 201 
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Public Administration  Bell, James T  Examination of the U.S. House of Representatives 1984 Vote to Reauthorize the "Superfund" Program  1985     
Medical Biology  Bella, Carol Ann   Preservation of Cultural Characteristics of Fungi as a Diagnostic Aid in Identification  1981     
English  Bellem, Sonia   Franz Kafka and His Struggle for Identity as an Artist and Jew  1997     
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Health Sciences  Belmonte, Andrea   An Evaluation of the Technicon H-1 Automated Differential System  1990     
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English  Bozzo, Katie   The Italian American Experience: Tradition and Symbolism in Fiction  2010     
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Health Care and Public Aministration  Browne-Prince, Kamilah   Meeting the long-term care needs of an elderly population  2008    2 copies 
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Psychology  Brownstein, Robin B  The Role of Instructions and Self-Statements in the Assessment of Assertive Behavior  1978     
Honors-Biology  Bruccoleri, Marlowe   Reproductive Biology of the Kihansi Spray Toad and the Golden Coqui Frog  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
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Mathematics  Burns, Anne   Some Aspects of Banach Algebra Theory with Applications  1971  510 no. 4   
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Library Science  Burston, Madeline H  Current Applications of Full-Size Photocopying Machines in Library Reference Service  1966  T020 no. 76   
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Library Science  Bush, Laura   Illustrations of Negro Children in Selected Picture Books Published Both Before and After the Supreme Court Decision of 1954  1969  020 no. 298   
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English  Butler, William E  The Entertainments of Graham Greene: A Descent into Pessimism  1970  800 no. 79   
Criminal Justice  Butler, Kathleen G  Violence in America: An Historical Survey and Cultural Analysis  1980     
Criminal Justice  Butler Jr, John J  Terrorism and Executive Protection  1979     
English  Butscher, Edward   Sylvia Plath's Poetry and World: The First Phase  1970  800 no. 68   
Honors-Theatre  Butts, Stephanie   Exctrenities Reflection Paper  1994    Located in Humanities 201 
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Criminal Justice  Buzan, Sandra A  Child Abuse and Its Prevention: A Community Approach  1979     
Public Administration  Byers Hannan, Carolyn M  Characteristics and Biodegration of Cosmetic Manufacturing Waste Water  1974  574 no. 122  Missing 
Public Administration  Bynoe, Siela   The Black Market Of The Long Island Housing Industry  2006    2 copies 
Honors-Media Arts  Byrne, Grainne   In Transit  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
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Health Sciences  Byrne-Mannella, Barbara E  Effects of a Fiber Supplemented Liquid Nutritional Formula on Bowel Function in the Institutionalized Elderly  1990     
Music  Byrnes, Josepth D  A Composition 'For Flute, Viola and Guitar'  1988     
Honors-Computer Science  Cabra, Brian   The Application of Computer Gaming in Educational Environments  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
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Public Administration  Cafaro, Antoinette   Primary Care: It's Relationship to Quality Care and Job Satisfaction  1983     
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Education  Cagney, Julia T  Children of Alcoholics and Teenage Suicides Is There a Relationship?  1992     
Honors-Journalism  Cahall, Aaron   First Amongst Media: An Argument for the Sustainability of Newspapers into the 21st Century  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Cai, Jia   Comparison Between the Organ Donations in United States and China  2011     
Honors-Fine Arts  Caiola, Flavia   In Search of the Absolute  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Calabrese, William   Patient Acceptance of Physician Assistants Revisited  1984     
Honors-Theatre  Caldwell, James R  The Process of Creating a New Role: Jacqueline in Russell Davis' The Second Death of Priscilla  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Califana, Anthony L  Fingerprints  1977  364 no. 208   
Public Administration  Calixte, Marie N  Is the Child Health Insurance Program Working?  2000     
Honors-Theatre  Callahan, Laurence   Costumes for Les Liaisous Dangerouses  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Callard, Jennifer   Vaccine Shortages and the Roles and Responsibilities of the Public and Private Sectors  2008     
Public Administration  Callender, Urma   A Comparison of Teenage Mothers and Nonmothers on Frequency of Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use  1989     
Criminal Justice  Callo Jr, Joseph R  Consolidation: The Feasibility of a County Police Force in Dutchess County, New York  1979     
Honors-Psychology  Calo, Gaetano   Technology and the Telecommuter  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Calo, Courtney   Nutrient Composition and Supplement Timing Post Resistance Training for Muscle Hypertrophy  2016     
Honors-Mathematics  Calzetta, Stephanie   The Optimal Stopping Problem  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Calzolari, Edith   Library Service in a Boy's Club; Suggested Criteria for a Voluntary Program  1970  020 no. 633   
Health Sciences  Camacho, Ramon E  The Effects of Growth Hormone Secretagogue on Bone Marrow Transplantation in SCID Mice  1997     
Honors-Psychology  Camaj, Tereza   Addictive Relationships  1994    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Camarda, Samantha   Three Ways to Save Social Security from Extinction in America  2016     
Criminal Justice  Camera II, John A  The Use of Dogs in Law Enforcement  1980     
Health Care and Public Administration  Cameron, Melissa R  The Misuse of the Emergency Department  2015     
Health Care and Public Administration  Cameron, Kelly V  Preventing Patient Falls: Best Practices in a Hospital Setting  2014     
Public Administration  Cammarata, Peter   The Impact of a Psychiatric Hospital Outpatient Clinic on Rates of Recidivism  1989     
Health Sciences  Cammarats, Robert F  Carotenoid and Relatdd Pigments of Mycobacterium ayium-intracellulare Complex  1988     
Public Administration  Campa, Nancy   A Case Study: Nassau County Medical Center as a Public Hospital Adapting to the Changing Healthcare Environment  2000     
Health Care and Public Administration  Campa, Nancy   A case study: Nassau county medical center as a public hospital adapting to the changing healthcare environment  2000     
Honors-Mathematics  Campbell, Heidi   The Binomial Theorem  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Campbell, Robin   Paying For Health Care In The 21st Century  2006    2 copies 
Public Administration  Campbell, Madge   Unequal Struggle for Opportunities and Power by Black Women in Health Care Organizations  1985     
English  Campbell, Amanda-Beth   "Give us also the right to our existence!" Sexual Simulacra and Stone Butch Erotics in Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness  2011     
Health Care and Public Administration  Campbell, David A  Diversity issues in higher education the quest to find a contemporary framework  2009    2 copies 
Public Administration  Campbell, Deborah M  Will the new internet system for tracking overprescribing plan (I-STOP) legislation manifest a significant reducation in prescription drug abuse/ addiction?  2012     
Music  Canaday, William   Cassandra  1971  780 no. 13   
Interdisciplinary Studies  Canalini, MaryAnn   Earthquakes in Eastern North America  1991     
Honors-Mathematics  Cancellieri, Robin   Gender and Attitude Toward Mathematics  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
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Biology  Candiloro, Carl W  Techniques in the Implantation of Dorsal Lip Material in Rana Pipiens  1968  570 no. 67   
Theatre Arts  Canestraro, Mike P  An Evening with Noel Coward  1992     
Health Sciences  Cannavo, Donna M  Evaluating Knowledge and Weight Status as a Measure of the Effectiveness of a Nutrition Education Program in Use at Health Insurance Plan Centers  1990     
Honors-Psychology  Cannella, Dolores   The Relationships of Childhood Attachment and Love to Adult Styles of Loving Relationships  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Journalism  Canni, Lynn   Third World News and the American Media  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Cannillo, Pamela   A Marketing Profile of the Mature Segment  1988    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Cantone, Barbara   The Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood: Painting and Paradox  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Canty, Mary   An evaluation of the extent of effectiveness of a food-nutrition program at a psychiatric day care center  1981     
Criminal Justice  Caparco, Randy M  Peace Officer V. Police Officer The Controversy  1980     
Honors-English  Capasso, Marie   Fusing Harry: Gender in the Harry Potter Series  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Capezza, Jennifer   Breaking the Cycle: Why Primary Prevention Is The Only Way to Treat Intimate Partner Violance  2013     
Library Science  Capitanio, Renee E  A Survey of the Programs and Services for Young Children in the Public Libraries of Nassau County, New York  1982     
Library Science  Caplan, Francine M  The Phonograph Record Collection, John Herrick Jackson Music Library, Yale University--A Study, 1969  1970  020 no. 508   
Criminal Justice  Capobianco, Robert C  Work Release  1979     
Honors-Education  Capogna, Stephanie   Testing and Assessment in the Classroom Trends and Issues  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Marine Science  Caponi, Frank R  The Effects of Monochloramine and Temperature Stress on the Diatom Thalassiosira Pseudonana Hasle and Heimdal (CN Clone), and their Recoverability Potential After Such Exposure  1980     
Business  Capozzi, Salvatore   Operating Leases in Business Equipment, As a Concept of Marketing  1965  CC T650 no.1   
Public Administration  Cappuccino, Elaine M  Abortion: Its Psychological Sequelae and the Effect of Counseling in Women Following Induced Abortion  1983     
Marine Science  Caprioglio, Louis V  The Seasonal Fluctuations of the Bacteria of the Nitrogen Cycle and their Substrates in Oyster Bay, Long Island  1972  574 no. 87   
Criminal Justice  Capuano, Joseph S  Municipal Police: History, Progress and Future  1980     
Honors-Accounting  Caputo, Michael J  Accounting Software  1987    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Caputo, Joseph R  Public Purchasing  1985     
Honors-Political Science  Caraballo, Mellissa   The Underrepresented of Women in the American Political Arena  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care And Public Administration  Caracappa, Lisa   Management Of Diverse Workforce  2005     
Honors-Accounting  Carbino, Lisa   Accountants Legal Liability  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
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Marine Science  Carbon Jr, John R  The Synchronization of the Molt Cycle in Palaemonestes pugio  1975  574 no. 153   
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Psychology  Cardieri, Catherine M  Vicarious Traumatization among Male Versus Female Trauma Therapists: Assessing the Deleterious Effects of Working with Trauma Survivors  1998     
Criminal Justice  Cardone, Anthony F  Firearm Control  1977  364 no. 179   
Marine Science  Caretsky, Steven   The Effects of Herbicides on the Ecology of Vietnam  1977  574 no. 192   
Health Sciences  Carey, Sean P  Characterization and Recovery of Helicobacter pylori from Coccoid Forms  1999     
Criminal Justice  Carey III, Thomas J  The New York National Guard Counterdrug Program  1998     
Public Administration  Carfora, Alfred J  Status of Nursing: The Need for Standardized Education and Leadership Training in the Nursing Profession  1984     
Psychology  Cargiulo, David   Indirect Effects of the Type A Behavior Pattern on Coronary Heart Disease Risk  1987     
Psychology  Cariello, Richard P  Resistance to Extinction Following Different Patterns of Reinforcement  1976  150 no. 51   
Psychology  Carlin, Martha A  Death, Bereavement and Grieving: A Group Intervention for Bereaved Individuals with Cerebral Palsy  1998     
Honors-Finance  Carlino, Mary   A Level Playing Field  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Carlino, Joseph A  Graded Levels of Fiber in the Diet of Diabetic Rats: Effects on Glucose and Calcium Balance  1981     
Public Administration  Carlsen, Rosemary   Suffolk County's Response to Battered Women  1991     
History  Carlson, Eleanor   The Palestinian Arabs  1960  T900 no. 2   
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Biology  Carman, Deborah   Thyroid Hormone Effects on Skeletal Muscle Gene Expression  1996     
Health Care & Public Administration  Carman, Jacqueline   Should We Pull the Trigger on Gun Control Reform? A matter of Constitutionality vs. Public Safety  2014     
Psychology  Carney, Susan A  The Study of Specific and General Anxiety Management Training Stimuli for the Reduction of Test Anxiety  1986     
Criminal Justice  Carney, John F  Juvenile Firesetters Detection and Intervention  1998     
Criminal Justice  Carney, William G  Capital Punishment: An Exploratory Study of Attitudes and Knowledge  1974  364 no. 17   
Library Science  Carney, Mark G  The Contributions of Millicent E. Selsam to Children's Science Literature  1969  020 no. 299   
History  Caro, Ina J  Building a Public Works Project in a Democracy: The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge  1974  900 no. 98   
Health Care and Public Administration  Carozza, Richard A  Public Education in NYS: Bloated Budgets and a Statewide Crisis  2011     
Honors-Psychology  Carpenter, David   Americans On the Move: Residential Mobility as a Developmental Influence  1988    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Carpenter, Tyler J  An Experimental Study of Hallucinoid Phenomena  1975  150 no. 46   
Criminal Justice  Carpentier, Glenn C  A Comparative Study of Awards and Denials of Claimants with the New York State Crime Victims Compensation Board based on the type of assistance given at time of filing. Legal, Non-Legal and No Assistance  1979     
Honors-Art  Carr, David   Externalized Imagination  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Marine Science  Carr, Richard F  A Literature Review and Anatomical Study of the Silver Hake, Merluccius bilinearis (Mitchill, 1814) with Comparisons to the Atlantic COD, Gadus morhua, and the Ling, Urophycis chuss  1979     
Public Administration  Carras, Anita B  An Incentive Program to Reduce Absenteeism  1989     
Education  Carreras, Emanuel   A Course Study and Workbook for Teaching General Music in the Elementary School  1964  CC T370 no. 60   
Honors-Theatre  Carrie, James   Acting Method: On Archetypes and Psychologically Real Characters  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Carrigan, Philip F  The Acquisition and Extinction of Free-Operant Light Avoidance  1977  150 no. 66   
Marine Science  Carroll, Susan E  Occurrence and Distribution of the Adult Stages of the Crustacean Parasites of Mytilus Edulis Linne in Oyster Bay  1979     
Marine Science  Carroll, William F  A Study of the Fish in the Wet Spaces of Huntington Township, Long Island, New York  1977  574 no. 187   
Criminal Justice  Carroll, Dennis J  Nigerian Organized Crime as it Relates to the United States  1992     
Library Science  Carron, Howard B  A Study of the Use of the Services, Materials, Equipment, and Facilities of the Instructional Materials Center By the Faculty and Studentry of the Howard B. Mattlin Junior High School, Plainview, New York  1968  020 no. 300  (Two Copies) 
Criminal Justice  Carson, Joseph Y  Cargo Theft in the American Trucking Industry  1981     
Music  Carter, John   Two Pieces for Three Pianos  1994     
Health Sciences  Carter, Lynda R  In Vitro Activities of Newer Quinolone Agents and Ciprofloxacin Against Clinical Isolates of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and Mycobacterium Avium Complex  1992     
Library Science  Cary, Carol E  A Plan for the Development of an Audiovisual Center at the East Hampton Free Library, East Hampton, New York  1970  020 no. 575   
Public Administration  Case, Joseph   The moral dilemma facing physicians at nassau county medical center when a request is made by a terminal patient for assisted suicide  N/A      
Honors-Biology  Casella, Denise   Avian Pox in Wild and Domestic Birds  1990    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Casella, Roberta L  Sexual Ethics in Selected Sex Education Materials for Adolescents: A Content Analysis  1969  020 no. 301   
Criminal Justice  Cassagne, Robert   Police Discretion: The Decision Not to Invoke the Criminal Process  1979     
Honors-Philosophy  Cassese, Frank   The Phenomenology of Nothingness  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Cassidy, Debra   Dissociative Disorders  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Castagnaro, Joseph P  Evaluating a New Criteria-Based Employee Performance Appraisal System at Brunswick Hospital Center Laboratory  1993     
Honors-Education  Castaldi, Carol   Gender Issues in Math and Science  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Music  Castaldo, Carissa   Samuel Barber: The Man and Hermit Songs  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Computer Graphics  Castandeda, Oscar   Artistic Temperament and Bipolar Disorder  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Marine Science  Castiglione, Louis J  In Situ Study of the Natural Population Absorption Spectra in the Great South Bay, L.I., N.Y.  1969  574 no. 26   
Honors-Management  Castillo, Diana   A Survey of Merchandising Leasing  1992    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Castillo, Jonathan P  Development of an Antigen Capture ELISA for Detection of Immunoglobulin M using a Recombinant Outer Protein C (OspC) for Borrelia burgdorferi  1996     
Public Administration  Castioni, Anne M  Emergency Medical Services Utilization: An Assessment of Inappropriate use and Unmet Need  1992     
Library Science  Castleman, Mildred   The Portrayal of the Negro in Selected Novels for Junior High School Students Published Between January 1, 1962 and April 15, 1965  1966  T020 no. 82   
Psychology  Castles, Martha   The Effects of Telephone Training on Pediatric Residents Telephone Behavior and Parental Distress Relief  1996     
Health Sciences  Castro, Jacqueline C  Correlation of Allergen Stimulation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Asthmatics with Concomitant Production of Interleukin-8  1997     
Public Administration  Castro, Marva H  Evaluation of an Adoptive System  1983     
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Castro, Dina M  Internet and Photography- the World at a Click  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Criminal Justice  Cataldo, Amanda K  Criminal Forensic Profiling: Is it an effective means of identifying a serial killer?  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Cataliotti, Bob   "All Busted Up and Ruined": Freedom, the Classroom, and Huckleberry Finn  1987     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Catania, Donna   Posters of WWI 1914-1925  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Catania-Renter, Gina   The Effect of Anxiety on Weight Maintenance  1991     
Public Administration  Catapano, Christopher L  The Impact of the Pryor Bill Upon VA Drug Prices  1993     
Public Administration  Cauthen, Bobbie J  Homeless in New York City: Are the Needs of the Families Being Met?  1990     
Interdisciplinary Studies  Cavalier, James S  Cognitive Aspects of Decisions In Management  1993     
Health Care & Public Administration  Cavalieri, J.D., Danielle S  Evaluation of the New York State Compassionate Care Act  2016     
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Public Administration  Ceballos, Sandra   The Impact of a Laboratory Information System on the Efficiency of Operations of a Clinical Laboratory  1989     
Health Care and Public Administration  Cecchino, Carole A  Some Impacts Of The Internet On HealthCare: Use Of The Internet By Patients And Health Care Professionals For Medical Resources And Information  2004     
Honors-Marketing  Celentano, Sandra   International Market Research  1987    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Celerin, Fabius A  An Impression Analysis of the City of New York - Department of Education Teaching Fellows Program  2004    2 copies 
Criminal Justice  Ceneviva, Mark W  Police-Orientated Crime Prevention  1980     
Biology  Centkowski, Barbara M  Historical Characteristics of the Developing Thymus in the Playfish, Xiphophorus Maculates, the Swordtail, X. Helleri, and their Hybrid  1987     
Biology  Cerchia, Renee   HML-1 in Crohn's Disease  1996     
Honors-Accounting  Cerini, Kenneth   Interval Control of the Honor's Celebrity Auction  1986    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Cerky, John   Contemporary Youth Gangs of New York City  1976  364 no. 100   
Library Science  Cerrone, Joan   A Content Analysis of Selected Non-Fiction Books for Young Adults Dealing with Narcotic Addiction and Drug Abuse  1970  020 no. 510   
Criminal Justice  Cerullo, Vincent   Techniques of Criminal Investigations as Applied to the Investigations of White Collar Crimes  1978  364 no. 257   
Public Administration  Cesar, Melissa P  Living Wills and an Indviduals Right to Die: The Facts, Issues, and Opinions  2006    2 copies 
English  Cesari, Francesco   Displacement in the Alexandria Quartet  1989     
Nutrition  Cetoute, Marlyse B  Different Strategies that cna help reduce iron deficiency anemia among Haitain Young Children  2010     
Library Science  Chachakis, Frederick D  A Case Study of Programs for Adults in Selected Suffolk County Public Libraries  1971  020 no. 634   
Library Science  Chachra, Bhushan B  A History of the Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre from 1952 to 1968  1969  020 no. 302   
Public Administration  Chait, Jill R  Consumer Experience With Managed Health Insurance  2001     
Chemistry  Chalmers, Robert S  Bidentate Dihydroxy Complexes of Vavadium IV  1972  540 no. 17   
Music  Chamberlain, Cynthia   An Analysis of Solo Recital Performed November 1974  1975  780 no. 55   
Honors-Public Relations  Chambers, Patricia   Developing a PR Program of a LI College  1984    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Chamoff, Lisa   The "Long Foreground": Whitman's Journalism and Leaves of Grass  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Chan, Leslie   Chinese Illegal Immigrants in Connection with Asian Gangs and Issues on the Rights of Political Asylum  1995     
Health Sciences  Chang, Ching-Fen   Differences in Self-Reported Eating and Exercise Behaviors Between Obese and Nonobese Chinese-Americans  1991     
Library Science  Chang, Raymond J  The Flowering of Printing in Ancient China (1403--1620 A.D.)  1965  CC T020 no. 65   
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Library Science  Chapin, Vivian J  A Historical Study of the Origins of the Library in Huntington, Long Island, New York 1759--1929  1966  CC T020 no. 60   
Education  Chapman, Alice C  A Study of the Conversion from Traditional to Audiolingual Methods of Foreign Language Instruction Viewed as a National Historical Trend and Investigated Currently in Four Local Secondary Schools  1963  CC T370 no. 42   
Education  Chapple, Maureen S  Traditional Indian Education in the Modern Context: The Contribution of Tagore, Gandhi and Aurobindo  1982     
Library Science  Chariton, May   A Survey of Provisions for Service to Senior Citizens in the Public Libraries of Nassau County, New York  1967  020 no. 141   
Criminal Justice  Charland, Robert S  The Theft of Service from Utilities  1978  364 no. 274   
Honors-Accounting  Charles, Jean   A Critical Look At Earnings Per Share  1993    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-History  Charley, Jennifer L  Gender and Sexual Reform in Weimar Germany: The Rise and Fall of a Movement  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Charlton, Karen A  An Evaluation of Health and Regulatory Issues of Consumers Regarding Selected Genetically Engineered Products  1997     
Health Care and Public Administration  Chassagne, Evelyn   Elder abuse and cultural perspectives  2008    2 copies 
Criminal Justice  Chatham Jr, Charles T  An Inductive Analysis of an Upstate New York Murder Trial: The Case as it Relates to the Socio-Economic Status of the Defendant and his Ability to Attain Quality Legal Counsel to Discredit the Alleged Eye-Witness  1991     
Library Science  Chauhan, R.P.S.   A History of the Delhi Public Library from 1951 to March 1967  1968  020 no. 303   
Health Care and Public Administration  Chava, Rajitha   "Synergized Medicine" in Gats Dominated Global Economies: Creating opportunities for India to attract foreign partners  2011     
Honors-Economics  Chavez, Monica   Economic Consequences of World War II in the U.S.  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Chayban Abdul Massih, Ana Karen   The use of zinc supplementation to manahe altered taste perception in humans: a systematic review  2017     
English  Checke, Roger A  Dreams of Beauty the Poems and Letters of John Keats  1967  800 no. 33   
Honors-English  Cheek, Eileen   Pride and Prejudice  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Marine Science  Chelius, George F  Use of Infrared Radiation for the Study of Brachydanio Rerio  1967  574 no. 2   
Music  Chen, Sho-Yin   Back to the Dream for Piano  1994     
Nutrition  Chen, Ying   Dietary Consumption, Diet Quality, and Frailty in the Elderly  2016     
Health Sciences  Chen, Xian   Characterization of rRNA genes in Gardnerella vaginalis by V2 PCR  1998     
Education  Chen, Cheng-Chih   A Profile of Communicative Competence and Communicative Language Teaching  1991     
Health Care and Public Administration  Chen, Jingjie   Social Media, Censorship and Sustainable Development  2014     
Library Science  Chen, Kaan-Sheng   History of the National Central Library, Taiwan, China (1933-1968)  1969  020 no. 304   
Health Sciences  Chen, Shufen   Characterization of V2 Primers Based 16S rRNA of Gardnerella vaginalis By Polymerase Chain Reaction  1997     
Health Sciences  Chen, Su-Hui   Eating Attitudes and Dieting Behaviors in Young Native Chinese as Compared to American-born-Chinese Girls  1992     
Library Science  Chen, Jing Y  The Current Trend of Converting DC to LC Classification Among Academic Libraries  1971  020 no. 683   
Honors-Psychology  Cheney, Kristen   Serial Killers: The outer limits of antisocial personality disorder  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care And Public Administration  Cherepashensky, Stella   Hide And Seek: Can You Find The Nurses?  2005     
Health Care & Public Administration  Cheriyan, Gregory   Impact of Wellness Programs on Employee Health  2016     
Honors-Education  Chernofsky-Saltiel, Sheryl   The Great English Debate: Immersion or Bilingual Education  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Chewning, Alice C  Content Analysis of Nonfiction Books for Children Pertaining to the Treatment of Apartheid in Books on South Africa  1969  020 no. 305   
Marine Science  Chezar, Bart   Multifarious Power Plant Water Intake Structure (MWIS) A Design Concept to Reduce the Environmental Effects of Cooling Water Intake Structures  1976  574 no. 169   
English  Chi-Chuan, Steven Chen   The Experience of Nature in the Romantic Vs. Taoist-Buddhist Traditions  1992     
Marine Science  Chiang, Kei C  Effects of Population Density on Growth and Mortality of Palaemonetes pugio Holthuis 1949  1971  574 no. 61   
Honors-Computer Graphics  Chiaramonte, Joanne   Advertising: Designing and Marketing (A Successful Advertisement)  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Chiba, Yukie   Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices of Japanese Women Regarding Child-feeding Practices  2003     
Library Science  Chichester, Marion   Library Service for a Growing Population a History of the Massapequa Public Library 1953-1965  1966  020 no. 116   
Health Sciences  Chien, Hui-Jung   A Comparison: Attitudes of Immigrant Chinese and American Parents Toward Nutrition in Child Care Settings  1996     
Biology  Chiger, Martin C  On the Issue Specificity of Histone in the Root Tip of Allium Cepa as Demonstrated by Ammoniacal Silver  1969  570 no. 86   
Honors-Theatre  Chilia, Doreen   Merry Lovers, Midday Madness  1994    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Chimenti, George   A Review of Capital Punishment  1983     
Library Science  Chin, Jaylene   A History of School Library Standards Published by the American Library Association  1969  020 no. 308   
Library Science  Chipkin, Shirley   The Role of the Mother as Portrayed in Selected Children's Fiction Published from 1959 Through 1969  1969  020 no. 467   
Nutrition  Chipperfield, Dawn M  The Impact of Oral Liquid Nutritional Supplements on Undernourished Nursing Home Patients  2009     
Music  Chiu, Yu-Chih   Butterfly  1998     
Education, Information and Technology  Chiu, Christina L  The External Factors That Influence a Country's Inclusion of Multiple Intelligence Theory in Their Education Policy  2017     
Education  Choi, Kyungsuk   Acquisition of English Idioms by Korean ESL Junior and Senior High School Students in the USA  1995     
Library Science  Choi, Yang Ja   A Content Analysis of Selected Korean Short Stories in English for Young Adults  1971  020 no. 635   
Health Care and Public Administration  Choi, Hyejung   The study of group tax exemption for oneness of remnant unity training center (RUTC)  2012     
Political Science  Chong, Tae-Hwa   The Unification of Korea  1968  320 no. 16   
Nutrition  Chopra, Vani   Dietary Protein Restricition and Diabetic Nephropathy  2009     
Music  Chou, Ya-Jung   Debussy's Piano Music Three Preludes from Book 1  1990     
Honors-Journalism  Christy, Suzannee   A Political History of American Journalism  1984    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Chu, Ching-Man   HIV Coat Protein gp120 Fragments Induce the Production of Nitric Oxide and Apoptosis in Normal Mononuclear Cell Cultures  1997     
Biology  Chuan, Fen-Chi   Purification and Characterization of the Insulin Binding Inhibitor  1989     
Marine Science  Chuchla, Joseph J  Spectral Reflectivity from Various Water Samples  1969  574 no. 27   
Library Science  Chuene, Magdeline M  Decentralized Collection Development: University of the North Case Study  1987     
Health Care and Public Administration  Chuk-Ozuku, Susan   The effects of restraints on the geriatric population in a long term care facility and a search for alternatives  2000     
Library Science  Chun, Won S  A Content Analysis of Selected Adult Fiction in English About Korea Published from 1950 to the Present (1968)  1969  020 no. 309   
Library Science  Chung, Young J  An Analysis of the Korean Collection in the East Asian Library of Columbia University  1969  020 no. 142   
Honors-Psychology  Churchbuilder, Caren   We All Fall Down: A Psychoanalytic Look at Childhood Experience and the Serial Murder  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Ciampa, Donna L  The Visual Arts and D.H. Lawrence  1992     
Biology  Ciampo, Tracey J  Investigations into the Feasibility of Colonization of Gardnerella Vaginalis in the Rat Vagina  1990     
Public Administration  Ciampolillo, Ann   An Analysis of Operating Characteristics Made Between a Suffolk County Shelter and a New York City Shelter's Burgeoning Homeless Population  1990     
Library Science  Ciavarelli, Michael P  A Bibliography of Media on German Expressionists for High School Students  1971  020 no. 684   
Honors-Criminal Justice  Cicciari, Kristina   Probation and Parole: Reinventing Community Corrections  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Ciccosillo, Kelly   Gender Discrimination in the Work Place  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Ciceron, Takisha W  The United States Department of Veterans Affairs  2016     
Biology  Ciminera, Peter F  The Protection Afforded the Immune Response by Dopamine in Balb Mice Given 573 Roentgens of Total Body X-Irradiation  1968  570 no. 79   
Criminal Justice  Cincotta, John J  Capital Punishment: The Ultimate Dilemma in American Jurisprudence  1981     
Honors-Biology  Cinelli, Jennifer   Memory Loss in the Elderly  1989    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Cinotti, Brenda   National and International Terrorism  1997     
Health Care and Public Adminstration  Cintron, Paul J  Patient Barriers at Two Primary Care Centers  2004     
History  Cipriani, Robert   Machiavelli and the Logic of American Constitutionalism  1997     
Criminal Justice  Cipullo, Ernest J  The Suburban Police Function Police Department- Garden City, N.Y.  1982     
Library Science  Cirino, Paul John   The Use of Criteria By Librarians for the Selection of Detective Novels  1965  CC T020 no. 67   
Library Science  Cirino, Paul J  The Detective Novel; Implications for the Librarian Concerning the use of Criteria for its Evaluation  1965  CC T020 no. 67P   
Health Care and Public Administration  Ciserano, Jesse   Methods for Improving the Elderly Population's Quality of Life in Nursing Homes in the United States  2016     
Health Care and Public Administration  Citerman, Stephanie   Influence of Physician Demographics on Provision of Reproductive Health Care Services to Adolescents  2008     
Criminal Justice  Civitella, Caryn   Search for a Serial Killer: Profiling the Green River Killer  1995     
Library Science  Clancy, Kathleen   The Development of a Career Resource Center in a Community College Library  1980     
Honors-Art Therapy  Clark, Bethany   Art Therapy with the Mentally Retarded  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Clark, Neal   Using the C.A.P. Workload Recording Method to Make Staffing Decisions in Two Hospital Laboratories  1994     
Library Science  Clark, Carol A  A Study of the Farmingdale Public Library Controversies from 1963 to 1969  1970  020 no. 468   
Education  Clark, Margaret C  Investigation of a List of Class Derived Usage Problems of College Bound Seniors: A Comparison, Identification, and Treatment of Comparable Lists from Major Handbook Sources  1977  370 no. 238   
Criminal Justice  Clark, Joseph J  Community Profile as a Needs Assessment in Policing Various Communities  1980     
Library Science  Clark, Charlotte L  A Descriptive Study of the Library-Go-Round: A Branch of the Queens Borough Public Library, Jamaica, New York's Operation Head Start Program  1969  020 no. 310   
Honors-Philosophy  Clark, Theresa M  Just War Theory and the Vietnam War  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Clarke, Betty   The Efficacy of Transitioning Nursing Personnel to Non Service Oriented Positions Within Hospitals: Specifically an Assessment of the Use of Nursing Personnel in the Department of Finance at One City Hospital  1985     
Honors-Computer Science  Clarke, Michael   An Honors Program Thesis  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Clarke, Judith C  A Content Analysis of Children's Fiction About the Migrant Families in the United States  1970  020 no. 511   
Biology  Clarke, Eric E  The Role of Platelets in the Increased Levels of Plasma Acid Phosphatase Activity in Late Pregnancy and Pre-Eclampsia  1969  610 no. 4   
Marine Science  Clarke, Douglas G  The Sensitivity of the Trunk Lateral Line System of the Winter Flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, to Hydrodynamic Stimuli  1973  574 no. 113   
Library Science  Clawson, Elizabeth K  The Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins and the English Collections of Voyages  1963  CC T020 no. 16   
Honors-Earth and Environmental Science  Clay, Joan   Wetlands and Mitigation Banking  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Cleary, James J  The Disciplinary System of the New York City Police Department  1975  364 no. 64   
Criminal Justice  Cleaver, William F  Causes and Prevention of Violent Crime in America  1997     
Honors-Accounting  Clements, Mary E  The History of the Cash Flow Statement  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Clerici, Regina   The Ability of Dialysis Facilities to Meet Government Standards Under the End-Stage Renal Disease Program  1985     
Health Care & Public Administration  Clermont, Nancy   The effects of emergency department overcrowding on length of stay, ambulance diversion, and patient satisfaction: A comparative analysis  2016     
Public Administration  Cline, Christina   An Analysis of Inappropriate Use of Hospital Emergency Services  1986     
Psychology  Close, David   Measuring Schizophrenics' Gender Differences in Concept Formation Utilizing the Wisconsin Card Sporting Test  1999     
Public Administration  Close, Catherine A  How Can Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center Continue to Give Quality Care Without the Excessive Use of Overtime?  1985     
Public Administration  Coakley, Roy W  The Prison Crisis: A Study of its Causes and Consequences  1985     
Honors-Theatre  Coates, Chad O  Oh! Les Beaux Jours (Happy Days)  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Cobden, Adelin B  The Grand Jury- Its Use and Misuse  1974  364 no. 16   
Honors-Political Science  Cochens, John   The Soviet Confederacy : A Plan Which Will Fail  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Accounting  Cochran, Nicole   Accounting For Intangible Assets  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Marine Science  Cocoros, Glenn E  Mercury Contamination of Plankton Feeding Fish: Experimental Studies on the Atlantic Menhaden, Brevoortia Tyrannus  1971  574 no. 80   
Public Administration  Cody, Mary J  Cost Effectiveness of Air-Fluidized Beds in a Hospital Setting  1989     
Honors-Film  Coe, Michelle   One  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Coello, Stephanie   Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis  2016     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Coen, Diana   Battered Women's Syndrome  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Coffey, Hertha C. E.   A Study of the Relationship of Alcohol on Wife Beating in Suffolk County  1978  364 no. 273   
Public Administration  Coffin, Joann M  The Effectiveness of Education Programs in Increasing Medical Record Coding Accuracy  1988     
English  Coffino, Michael   The Success Ethic as Seen in the Plays of Sam Shepard and David Mamet  1995     
Sociology  Cofone, Albin J  A Research into Transportation Facilities on the North Shore of Nassau County New York  1968  300 no. 4   
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English  Cohen, Lynn   Recurrent Imagery: Dante to Eliot, All Points to One End  1983     
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Criminal Justice  Cohen, Jeffrey   Historical Development of the Juvenile Justice System and the Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents by States  1995     
Library Science  Cohen, Lucille   A Content Analysis of Historical Fiction for Children about American Pioneer Life During the Westward Movement  1969  020 no. 311   
Health Care & Public Administration  Cohen, Leonard   A Policy Analysis: Does the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 Represent a True Benefit for the Senior Citizens of Long Island  2004    2 copies 
Criminal Justice  Cohen, Stuart A  An Argument for the Legalization of Heroin  1979     
Honors-Political Science  Cohen, Marc A  The Political Elite  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
Education  Cohen, Elizabeth A  Increasing Spontaneous Conversation in Autistic Individuals with a Nonhandicapped Peer  1989     
Psychology  Cohen, Laura A  Information Processing Time in Serial and Spatially Distributed Displays Using an Arithmetic Task with Two Levels of Difficulty  1990     
Speech  Cohen, Jeffrey A  An Investigation to Determine the Present Status of Speech Arts, Theater Arts, and Communications Programs in Nassau County High Schools  1976  808.5 no. 19   
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Speech  Cohen, Carole J  Directing Children's Theatre, As Exemplified by the Direction of the Emperor's New Clothes  1975  808.5 no. 14   
Music  Cohen, David M  Song for Tenor and Chamber Ensemble  1973  780 no. 43   
Biology  Cohen, Milton M  The Collection and Separation of Hemic Cells  1966  CC T570 no. 46   
Criminal Justice  Cohen, Melvin M  Vehicle Theft and Insurance Fraud: Pro-Active and Re-Active Techniques in Policing and Investigation  1996     
Biology  Cohen, Joseph P  A Correlation Between Morphology and Pattern of Cell Wall Synthesis in Neurospora  1974  570 no. 139   
Honors-Marketing  Cohen-Arazi, Marcello   How to Access The German Telecommunications Market  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Cohn, Pamela E  The Effects of New Radiographic Equipment on PTCA  1992     
Theatre Arts  Coker, Turkar   Dario Fo and Franca Rame: Their Lifes and Times  1987     
Honors-Journalism  Colagiacomo, Suzanne   Breast Cancer : Not Just A Headline  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Colantoni, Stephanie   Providing basic healthcare for all americans, is it feasible?  2000     
Public Administration  Colantonio, Stephen J  Municipal Liability Involving Police Pursuits  1989     
Theatre Arts  Cole, Joan   Thesis Production: Eleemosynary By Lee Blessing  1992     
Honors-Computer Science  Cole, Dennis   Compliers- Breaking Down High Level Language  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Biology  Cole, Justin   Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM): A comparison between CAM practices and conventional medicine as it applies to…  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Cole, Ford W  The Evolution of Police Training In the United States  1977  364 no. 230   
History  Coleman, Esther   Three Contemporary Witnesses View The Ciompi Revolt  1972  900 no. 86   
Education  Coleman, Richard B  An Evaluation of the Audio-Lingual Approach In Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Junior-Senior High Schools  1963  CC T370 no. 52   
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Library Science  Coles, Jayne P  A Study of Library Personnel in the Public Elementary Schools of Suffolk County, New York  1966  020 no. 117   
Honors-Criminal Justice  Coletti, Peter M  Plea Bargaining in the American Judicial System  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Colfin, Allison   Examining Healthcare and Health Services Resource Adequacy Among Incarcerated Populations  2016     
Honors-Management  Colin, Thomas   Insider Trading on Wall Street  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Photography  Colleary, Kathryn   Assemblage as the Subject  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English  Colleta, Jennifer   The Hideous Progeny: Biographical Patterns in Frankenstein  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Biology  Colletti, Rosemarie   Ultra Structural Study of Acute and Chronic UVB Exposure on the Skins of Hairless Mice and the Protective Effect of Free Radical Scavengers and Antioxidants  1990     
Music  Colletti, Joseph A  Adolphe Sax and His Brass Instruments  1989     
Nutrition  Colletti, Jennifer A  The Effects of Resistance Training on Weight Management  2007     
Criminal Justice  Colletti, Francis A  "Nutting Up" The Socialization of the Correction Officer by the Correction System  1980     
Physics  Collica, Carl J  Handbook of Medical Nuclear Technology  1971  530 no. 6   
Library Science  Colodny, Sherley   A Centennial History of an Association Library in Lenox, Massachusetts, 1856-1956  1969  020 no. 306   
Honors-Music  Colombo, Christine   The Violin ; A Brief History  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
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Public Administration  Colonis, Mary J  The Role of Complementary Alternative Medicine in Health Care  2002     
Public Administration  Colonna, Gregory A  Health Care Reform and the Impact of Consumerism on the Health Care Economy  2001     
Health Care and Public Administration  Colonna, Michael F  Unification of Suffolk County transit and Huntington area rapid transit buses to the MTA system  2006    2 copies 
Honors-Biology  Colson, Colleen   Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Health Sciences  Colucci, Randall A  Current Eating Behaviors and Social Adjustment of Adolescents with a History of Eating Disorders, Not Otherwise Specified  1988     
Health Care & Public Administration  Combs, Jacquelyn   Dementia Care Units in Long-term Care Facilities  2013     
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Criminal Justice  Compas, George   Computers: Their Use in Law Enforcement  1978  (Two Copies)   
Honors-Arts Management  Comstock, Jennifer E  Jan Van Eych ; Light and Space in Selected Marian Paintings  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Marine & Environmental Science  Conant Jr, Richard D  The Assimilation of Nutritive Particles by Four Species of Marine Demospongiae in Biscayne Bay, Florida  1981     
Public Administration  Congiusta, Susan   The Study of the Effects of Educating Staff in Scripting Key Behaviors, Key Words and Key Tones on Patient Satisfaction  2003     
Criminal Justice  Coniglio, Barbra   Columbian Drug Lords and Their Use of Violence  1992     
Music  Conlan, Cynthia   Piece for Solo Flute  1977  780 no. 81   
Honors-Management  Conlan, William   The Development of a Personality...  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
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Criminal Justice  Connaughton, Michael P  Ultimate Terror: Terrorists With High-Technology Weapons  1980     
Honors-Sociology  Connell, Tacy   Latin American Day Workers and Migrants on LI  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
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Music  Conning, Paul   Teaching Synthesized Music in the Instrumental Music Program  1990     
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Honors-Communications  Deffree, Suzanne   Television and the Presidency  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Enviromental Science  DeFlon, Anton   The New Town : Its Use as A Beneficial Planning Concept  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Defreitas, Janice Lynn   A Psychological Study of Anorexia Nervosa  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Elementary Education  DeGrace, Kristin   Caring in the Classroom  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  DeGrace, John   The Need for High School Equivalency Programs within Minimum Security Correctional Facilities  1975  364 no. 41   
Honors-Music  Degregorio, Marilyn   The Use of Popular Music as a Tool in the Education of General Music Classes At the Junior High School Level  1984    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  DeHart, Cristina   Telemarketing Crime  1995     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Dehart, Cristina   Telemarketing Crime  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Biology  Dejoie, Marjorie   The Accounting and Antagonistic Effects of Cardiotoxin on Crotoxin  1991    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  Del Orfano, Eric D  Seven Bagatelles for Trombone and Piano  1992     
Honors-Communications  Del Piano, Karen   Involvement in the Nonprofit Sector  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Del Priore, Rhonda S  Battered Wives, Self-Defense and Double Standards of Justice  1984     
Public Administration  Del Rosso, Katherine   The Relationship Between Self Concept, Stereotypes of Aging and Depression  2001     
Honors-Communication Sciences & Disorders  Del-Cid, Melissa   Communication Disorders Related to Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Delaney, Lorraine   The Satirical Tradition in American Literature  1995     
Health Care and Public Administration  Delaney, Andrea   Medicare Policy Analysis  2009     
Honors-History  Delano, Alicia A  Conformity or Resistance?: An Analysis of the People's Response to the Reformation in England  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Delanty, Cynthia A  A Study to Explore the Use of Electronic Full Text Databases by Undergraduate Researchers  1992     
Honors-Biology  Delaportas, Jennifer   Bone Marrow VS Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Library Science  Delbosco, Alice   A Content Analysis of Selected Non-Fiction Books on Conservation for Children  1969  020 no. 318   
Health Care & Public Administration  Delehanty, Courtney   Effectiveness of Community Health Needs Assessments in Nonprofit Hospitals and Community Demographics  2016     
Honors-Health Education  DeLessio, Angela Marie   Advances in AIDS Therapies- Cure of False Sense of Security  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Dell, Melanie   Analyzing Diversity Management Theories and the Effect of Intrinsic Motivation  2016     
Public Administration  Dell Uomo, Paul   The Impact of a Comprehensive Poison Prevention Education/Awareness Program in the Seven County Hudson Valley Region  1983     
Library Science  Dell' Unto, Teresa   A Content Analysis of Spanish Language Books to be Used by Children Studying Spanish  1967  020 no. 146   
Criminal Justice  Della Penna Sr., Alfred J  The Right to Die  1976  364 no. 122   
Nutrition  Dellacona, Jacqueline   Vitamin E supplementation in the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy  2001     
Health Care and Public Administration  Delligatti, Steven   Examining implementation of the workforce improvement act in Massapequa, NY  2013     
Criminal Justice  DeLong, James F  Arson and Arson Investigation the Battle Against Arsonists  1979     
Criminal Justice  Delph, Michael A  Security Management: A Review of Some Critical Issues  1979     
Honors-History  DeLuca, Jesse   The Evolution and Application of Military Air Power Through World War II  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  DeLuca, Arthur J  Police Stress: An Inside Look  1984     
Sociology  DeLury, Bernard E  Towards Eliminating Sex Discrimination in Employment: New Enforcement Directions within the Employment Standards Administration, U.S. Department of Labor  1974  300 no. 42   
Health Care and Public Administration  DeMadaler, Elyse   The Perceptions of Two Groups; Continuing Treatment Center Staff and Home Care Operators Care For Mentally Ill  1985    2 copies 
Public Administration  DeMarco, Sheri   A Study of the Effectiveness of Residents' Councils in Proprietary Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Borough of Queens  1988     
Criminal Justice  DeMaria, Douglas   Marx and Weber: Law Under Capitalism  1985     
Honors-Accounting  Demartino, Lisa   The Accounting Profession : A History of Regulation  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Biology  DeMaso, Catherine M  The Isolation and Characterization of Human Trophoblast Cells  1990     
Criminal Justice  DeMayo, Steven T  New York Times Homicide Coverage: Newspaper Emphasis on Law Enforcement-Related Killings  1991     
Public Administration  Demeo, Maryann   The Relationship of Nurse Staffing to Adverse Patient Outcomes in a Community Hospital  2001     
Library Science  Demerjian, Bonnie   A History of the Irene Ingle Public Library (Wrangell, Alaska) 1921-1986  1987     
Honors-Accounting  Demetriou, Athos   Worldwide Accounting Standard Diversity and Accounting Standard Harmonization  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Art  Demirjian, Anitra   To Accompany Paintings  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Political Science  Demner, Maury   Cohen Third Parties are Electorally Successful  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  DeMott III, Edwin   The effect of w-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPAm on the expression of adhesion molecules and other markers responsible for monocyte recruitment by vascular endothelium in response to proatherogenic, inflammatory stimuli  2007     
Criminal Justice  Dempsey, John S  Philosophical, Organizational and Procedural Changes Within the New York City Police Department as a Result of the Serpico-Dirk Allegations of Police Corruption and the Knapp Commission  1978  364 no. 279   
Psychology  Dempsky, Joseph F  Probability Learning in Concurrent Chain Schedules  1980     
Honors-English  Dempsy, Patrick   Cosmic Irony in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegart  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Humanities  DeNagy, Florence   The Existentialist Influence on Simone De Beauvoir  1963  CC T800 no. 4   
Honors-Political Science  Denery, Emma   The Development of the Legislative Branch of the United States from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
History  Dennelly, Thomas E  The Religious Clause in the First Amendment  1966  CC T900 no. 13   
Library Science  Dennis, Ruth R  Historical Development of the Reference Services of the East Meadow (New York) Public Library  1971  020 no. 686   
History  Dennis, Eleanor S  The Town of Huntington During the War of Independence A Political and Social Study  1962  T900 no. 6   
Education  Dennis, Patricia V  Sentido Mistico En Las Obras De Ricardo Guiraldes  1968  370 no. 149   
Criminal Justice  Dent, Bleaker C  Treatment Services for the Youthful Drug Users  1983     
Public Administration  Denton, Patricia A  Blueberry Hill and Hud  1986     
Health Sciences  DePalma, Antonette   The Efficacy of Prenatal Breastfeeding Education on Success and Duration of Breastfeeding  1988     
Health Sciences  DePass, Denise R  A Comparison of Dietary Iron Intake of College Women Athletes and Non-Athletes  1993     
Health Care and Public Administration  Depena, Biena   Affordable Housing: Myth or Reality and its Impact on the Millennials  2015     
Criminal Justice  DePietro, Michael A  Good Time and Conditional Release Under New York State Indeterminate Sentencing  1979     
Music  Derienzo, Stephen   A Piece for Flute and Piano in Two Movements  1977  780 no. 74   
Honors-English  DeRosa, Jacqueline   Character Analysis  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Finance  DeRosa, Alison   Stock Options as Compensation  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Political Science  Derosa, Donald M  A Study of the Contemporary International Political Ideology of Terrorism 1965 to 1980  1980     
Public Administration  Deroux-Smith, Waitline   Factors Contributing to Nursing Retention: A Comparative Study of Two Outpatient Dialysis Centers  2002     
Honors-Mathematics  des Estages, Renee   Elliptical Curves and The Discrete Logarithm Problem  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Political Science  des Etages, Anthea   The Diplomatic Origins of World War I  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
History  des Etages, Anthea M  Curbing Sibling Rivalry in the United Nations: Another Perspective on Security Council Reform  1997     
Health Care and Public Administration  Desai, Heta   Barcode Medication Administration  2011     
Health Care and Public Administration  Desai, Shreya Sunil   Issues surrounding stem cell policy making  2012     
Health Care and Public Administration  Desai, Palak   Electronic Medical Record: Implementation Process and Cost Saving Factors  2010     
Marine & Environmental Science  Desai, Anand   Effect of Temperature and Salinity on Embryonic and Early Larval Developmental Rates and Yolk-sac Absorption in Sphoeroides maculatus (Bloch and Schneider)  1977  574 no. 183   
Honors-Communications  DeSena, Darlene   Twin Language: Does it Exist…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Sciences  Desiata, Theresa   Determining a Need for Aggressive Diet Intervention for the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patient  1998    2 copies 
Biology  Desiderio, Diane M  The Effects of Serial Exposure of Group A Streptococci to Sublethal Concentrations of Penicillin  N/A   570 no. 160   
Public Administration  DeSimone, Vincent   Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill and the Community Residence Model of Care: Is the Target Population Being Served?  1990     
Honors-Management  Desio, Joyce   Enterprise and Entreunership  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
English  Desmond, Theresa M  The Breakdown of the Family in American Drama  1990     
Criminal Justice  DeStefano, Marco   Job Stress and the Police Officer  1979     
Health Care & Public Administration  Destinville, Nicolas   The Impact of Medicare Policies on Skilled Nursing Facilities Operation  2013     
Public Administration  Desulme, Marie   The Relationship Between Cardiov connect Ascular Disease and Exercise  2004     
Public Administration  Detweiler, Edna   Employees Enrolled in HMO Use Less Sick Leave  N/A      
Public Administration  Deutsch, Maurice J  Unit Management- Does it Help Relieve the Nursing Shortage? And Development of an Effective Program  1989     
Criminal Justice  DeVecchio, Lindley R  Loansharking: A Major Component of Organized Crime  1977  364 no. 167   
Honors-Mathematics  Devenuti, Joseph   Math A Assessment: New Graduation Requirements  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Devine, Matthew F  Hypothetical Test Case: Do Attractive Defendants Get Lighter Jail Sentences?  1979     
Public Administration  Devine, Arthur M  The Issue of Long Island's Affordable Housing Problem  1989     
English  DeVito, Jeanne   After the Dance Critique of Slow Dance on the Killing Ground By William Hanley  1981     
Public Administration  Devito, Joseph A  A Study and Proposal for Providing Public Housing to Welfare Recipients  1989     
English  Dewey, Laura H  The Development of the Concept of Love in Life and Works of Leo Tolstoy  1971  800 no. 80   
Health Care & Public Administration  DeZorett, Casey   Social Security: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow  2014     
Medical Biology  Dhagat, Parag H  A comparative study of the common modes of IL-2 administration and dosage effect on the treatment of renal cell carcinoma  1996     
Nutrition  Dholakia, Krishna   Vitamin A Deficiency in India: Obstacles and Strategies  2012     
Honors-Psychology  Di Benedetto, Enza   Theoretical Perspectives On The Dreams of Freud, Sullivan And Jung  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Computer Science  Di Francisco, John   Bathroom Schedule Builder  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Communications  Di Girolamo, Matthew   Cameras in the Courtroom  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Accounting  Di Giulio, Julie A  The Corporation and Built In Gains  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Public Administration  Di Lorenzo, Margaret   Evaluating Health Education  1983     
Honors-Political Science  Di Maggio, Adriana   The Expansion of Legislative Powers of the Presidency From the Pre-Constitutional Era to Post WW2  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Accounting  Di Marco, Paula   Business Combinations  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Political Science  Di Mascio, John P  The Relativistic and Utilitarian Foundation of the Political Ethics of Thomas Jefferson  1976  320 no. 49   
Honors-Political Science  Di Meo, Carmela   The Italian Immigrant Family Experience ; Community and Idealism as a Means to Preserve Ethnic Identity in the U.S.A  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Marine & Environmental Studies  Di Nardo, Gerard T  The Movement and Production of Fundulus Heteroclitus in Berrys Creek, A Polluted Estuary  1982     
Criminal Justice  Di Paola, Eugene F  Privacy and Security of Personal Information in Criminal Justice System  1977  364 no. 140   
Honors-Education  Di Pasqule, Elaine M  Language and its Development in Children  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Di Pierro, Katherine   A Study of Raoul Pleskow's Two Pieces for Flute and Piano  1972  780 no. 19   
Honors-Health Science  Di Stefano, Gina   The Oncogene Theory and the Effects on the Hematopoietic System  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Di Toro, Edward A  Functional Unit Management in the Federal Prison System: Its Evolution, Implemention and Evaluation  1978  364 no. 251   
Biology  Diamond, Bruce   Placebo Triggered Stress Reaction  N/A   570 no. 94   
Library Science  Diamond, Beatrice   The History of Frothingham's Long Island Herald  1963  CC T020 no. 21   
Health Care and Public Administration  Diaz, Glennis   Managing Older Workers in Health care  2011     
Health Care And Public Administration  Diaz, Thomas   Program Evaluation Of A Mammography Patient Tracking System  2006     
Political Science  Diba, Ahad Z  Iranian Economic and Technological Development Pre and Post-Revolution  1981     
History  Dicarlo, Douglas   The Religious Mind-Set of Samuel Buell, Clergyman of Eighteenth-Century Long Island  1994     
Biology  Dick, Charles J  The Use of Polyacrylamide Gel Disc Electrophoresis for the Study of Protein-Amino Acid Interactions  1974  570 no. 138   
Honors-English  Dickerson, Judy G  The International Theme in Henry James  1986    Located in Humanites 201 
Psychology  Dickinson, Christopher A  Superstitious Behavior: An Historical Review and an Experimental Analysis  1996     
Public Administration  Dickson, Jean M  An Instructor's Guide for Senior Fitness in a Hospital Setting  1986     
Public Administration  Dieterich, Lisa   Absenteeism In Twelve Hour Shifts in Comparison to Eight Hour Shifts  1985     
Honors-History  Diffley, Patricia Mary   Tammany Hall ; A study of a Political Machine  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  DiFilippi, Joseph   Research Proposal A Comparison of the Timeliness of HIV Testing and Counseling  1990     
Psychology  DiGenaro, Florence D  Effects of Video Modeling on Spontaneous Play Initiations and Conversational Speech in Children with Autism  2000     
Library Science  Diggory, Elliott D  The Theories of Marshall McLuhan Concerning the Printed Media  1967  020 no. 148   
Library Science  Dilbert, Bernard   An Evaluation Study of Selected Novels by John Buchan with Regard to the High School Library Collection  1969  020 no. 319   
Library Science  Dileo, Jeanne A  A Description and Evaluation of the Library as an Aid to Rehabilitation in the New York State Prisons  1971  020 no. 638   
Honors-Music Education  Diliberto, Dena   Gordon, Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Suzuki: The Musical Learning Approaches Explored  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Dilos, Demetrios   Effect of Input Device on Response Time in Practiced and Unpracticed Subjects  1996     
Political Science  DiMaggio, Adriana   The Expansion of the Legislative Powers of the Executive A Case Study of the Carter and Reagan Administrations  1994     
Health Care & Public Administration  DiMaio, Angelina C  Adults Living with Mental Illness and Addiction Disorders in New York and the Care Available to the Population  2017     
Interdisciplinary Studies  DiMarco, John   A Plan for Growth and Progress… Business Plan, Website, and Marketing Brochure for DiMarco Designs  1998     
Marine & Environmental Science  DiMarco, Paul F  Effects of Methallibure on the Ontogeny of Agonistic Behavior in the Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens  1981     
Political Science  Dimopoulos, Christos   The Cyprus Problem  1987     
Health Care & Public Administration  DiNovi, Karen   Managed care plans verses indemnity insurance: Are managed care plans more feasible?  1999     
Honors-Foreign Language  DiPaola, Jesse   A Reflection of an Author and His Work  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  DiPaolo, Anthony C  A Test for the Presence of Bias in the Test Selection Criteria of Criminal Justice Educators  1995     
Public Administration  DiStasio, Carmine R  Measuring Effectiveness of Drug Treatment Programs  1987     
Honors-Political Science  DiTomasso, Melissa   The Legality of Napster  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Marketing  Ditrich, Jennifer   Sex in Advertising  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Divello, Douglas F  Freestanding Emergency Center: A Feasibility Analysis  1987     
Psychology  Diviney, Elizabeth A  Acquisition and Generalization of Social Skills for Bowling by Learning Disabled Young Adults  1982     
Criminal Justice  Dmuchowski, Robert A  Crisis Intervention and Conflict Management  1976  364 no. 141   
Library Science  Dodd, Mildred R  The Extent and Use Being Made of Periodicals in the Elementary Schools with Particular Emphasis on the Primary Level  1964  CC T020 no. 34   
Health Care And Public Administration  Doerler D'alimonte, Laurie A  Stem Cells: An Examination Of Ethical, Political And Economic Views  2005    2 copies 
Psychology  Doerr, Cheryl   Abuse, Social Support, and Adjustment in Lesbian Females  1998     
Public Administration  Dogiakis, Helen   Denial Rates for Managed Care Patients in an Acute Care Facility Specializing in Palliative Care  2004     
English  Doherty, William   A Study of Violence in the Early Works of Richard Wright  1970  800 no. 69   
Criminal Justice  Doherty, John F  Hostage Negotiations: A Program for the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department  1979     
Psychology  Doi, Nancy N  Child Care Workers and Anger: Assessment and Treatment in a Residential Program  1997     
Education  Dolak, Edward D  An Examination of the Views of School Counselors Concerning the Role of the Classroom Teacher in the Affective Development of Junior and Senior High School Pupils  1971  370 no. 199   
English  Dolan, Ross J  The Lonely Voice of Frank O'Connor A Study of the Short Story Theory and the Short Stories of Frank O'Connor  1973  800 no. 108   
Public Administration  Dolan, Susan M  Marketing in Health Care  1985     
Education  Dolega, Stanley J  Techniques and Methods for Homogeneous Grouping of Students from the Sixth to Seventh Grade  1965  CC T370 no. 113   
Education  Dolgin, Adrienne   A Scaffolding View of Mother-Child Interaction During Joint Picturebook Reading  1995     
Public Administration  Dombrowski, Cynthia F  Cesarean Sections in Women with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Preeclampsia, the Hellp Syndrome, and Eclampsia  1990     
Public Administration  Domeischel, Joseph R  Diagnostic-Related Groups -- Panacea or Fuel for Controversy? Implications for the Health Care Supervisor  1986     
Medical Biology  Domenech, Eliza   Establishment of Essential Nutrient Requirements of Selected Dematiaceous Fungi  1974  610 no. 16   
Medical Biology  Dominguez, Paul J  Cytokine, Chemokine and Nitric Oxide (NO) Release in Stimulated Small Airway Epithelial Cells (SAEC) Treated with B2-Agonist Enantiomers of Albuterol and Formoterol  2000     
Honors-Art  Dominy, Erika   Applying Art Therapy Into the Learning Process of the Mentally Retarded  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Interdisciplinary Studies  Domon, Yuko   Japanese Women in the United States: The Conflicts Between the Two Cultures  1993     
Biology  Donahue, Brenda C  Detection of Classical Swine Fever Virus (CSFv) During the Course of Infection with Low, Moderate and Highly Virulent Strains-An Evaluation of Different Diagnostic Methods  2008     
English  Donahue, Charles S  The Flawed Defoe  1988     
Library Science  Donaldson, Kathryn   Critical Bibliographical Essay on Reference Materials on the Literature of Oceanography  1969  020 no. 320   
Library Science  Donath, Ethel L  A Content Analysis of Children's Literature in the Hungarian People's Republic  1970  020 no. 577   
English-Music  Donato, Jodi   The Operatic Faust: Enriching Contradictions Supporting Materials in Comparison of Literature and Musical Opera in Conjunction with the Prologue to Goethe's Faust Gounod's "Faust" and Boito's "Mefistofele"  1985     
Interdisciplinary Studies  Donnellan, Anne M  Information Brokers and Academic Librarians: The Issue of Access  1987     
Public Administration  Donnelly, James   A Survey of Health Services in Museums  1990     
Library Science  Donnelly, Caren   Cooperation of Public Elementary School Librarians and Public Libraries in Nassau County, New York  1968  020 no. 149   
Education  Donnelly, Jane K  An Eight-Week Unit Experimental Laboratory Curriculum for the Slow-Learner of 75-90 I.Q. in Eighth Grade General Science  1964  CC T370 no. 73   
Honors-Management  Donohue, Brian   Corporate Downsizing  1996    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Psychology  Donohue, Laura   A definitive Guide to Social Phobia  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Donohue, Donald S  The Informer in Organized Crime Investigations  1991     
Honors-Art Therapy  Donovan, Marilyn   The Art of Schizophrenics  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Donyo, Adam M  The Consolidation of Local Governments: An Examination of the Impact On the Taxpayer and Transparency of Government  2009     
Honors-Biology  Donzella, George A  Experimental Testing of a Horizontal Minigel  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Marine Science  Dooley, Dennis W  A Preliminary Investigation of the Sediments of Shinnecock Bay, Long Island, New York  1974  574 no. 138   
Library Science  Doorey, David F  Methods and Techniques Used By High School and Public Librarians in Providing Resource Materials for Mass Assignments in Nassau County, New York  1966  020 no. 118   
Public Administration  Dopwell, Andrea S  Federal Regulations Impact Of The E.S.R.D Program Emphasis: Cost Containment  1989     
Health Science  Doran, Cynthia A  Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase Level as a Useful Addition to Existing Systems of Diagnostic Indicators for Acute Leukemia  1992     
Criminal Justice  Doran, Richard J  The Gypsy: His Impact on the New York City Police Department  1976  364 no. 123   
Public Administration  Dorfman, Jody S  Misleading Labels on Over-the-Counter Drugs  1985     
Honors-Communications  Doria, James B  The Effects of Television ; Apathy, Conformity, and Paranoia  1988    Located in Humanites 201 
Political Science  Dorie, Major Arthur F  The Dispute Over the Eastern German Territories: A Study of the Political Aspects of the Origins and Evolution of the Dispute During its First Two Decades  1965  320 no. 3   
Marine Science  Dorn, Philip   The Feeding Behavior of Mytilus edulis in the Presence of Methyl Mercury Acetate  N/A   574 no. 62   
Library Science  Dornbush, Rhoda   Available Material for the Teaching of Library Skills at the Elementary School Level  1968  020 no. 221   
Criminal Justice  Dorne, Clifford K  The Injustice of the Insanity Defense: The Legal Metamorphosis of Psychiatry  1980     
Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Dorrer, Amelia   RECYCLE  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Dorrian, Jeanne M  Personalized Care Model  1989     
Psychology  Dorry, George W  The Effects of Faded Pretraining on Later Reading - Vocabulary Acquisition  1972  150 no. 25   
Public Administration  Dors, Joanne L  Teenagers' Perception of Prenatal Care  1985     
Honors-English  Dorsa, Tamralynn   The Evolution of Women in Shakespeare  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Dorsett, Floyd W  The Effect of Diversionary Programs on Adolescent Recidivism  1981     
Criminal Justice  Dorsett Jr, Thomas J  Arsonists Profiling: An Investigative Aid  1982     
Honors-Theatre  Dos Santos, Aguinaldo   Monica  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Psychology  dos Santos, George C  Superstitious Stimulus Control In Humans  1970  150 no.15   
Nutrition  Dougherty, Christine   Why Aren't Dietitians Doing Research? Research experience and barriers to research participation among members and non-members of the dietetics practice-based research network of the academy of nutrition and dietetics  2015     
Criminal Justice  Dougherty, William M  Criminal Recidivism: Parole Supervision as its Antagonist  1978  364 no. 264   
Biology  Dougherty, Lois M  The Effect of Staphylococcus Aureus and Staphylococcus Epidermidis on Tetrahymena Pyriformis  1967  570 no. 52   
Public Administration  Douglas, Anita B  How Are Lawsuits and Legislation Affecting the Bottom Line for HMO's?  2002     
Public Administration  Doulos, Christopher   The Implementation and Impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  2005    2 copies 
Health Care and Public Administration  Dounelis, Maria C  Aging and Developmental Disabilites  2003     
Library Science  Dove, Gladys   A Critical Bibliography of Instructional Materials for High School Environmental Studies  1971  020 no. 758   
Biology  Dowd, Marylou   Multiple Schedules of Response Duration  N/A      
Honors-Education  Dowling, Susan   A Teacher and Student Centered Classroom  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Visual Arts  Dowling, Joseph   Tales of Emily; The Aesthetics of Chaos  1990    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-English  Dowling-Magill, Carol   New Country, New Identity. Emigration and Exile in Literature  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Public Administration  Downer, Dana-Jeanne   The Administrative Financial Process for Orthognathic Surgery  2002     
Public Administration  Downey, Helen   A Comparison of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Adolescents (13-19 Years) in Rockland County  1989     
Public Administration  Downs, Lin   Adolescent Suicide Prevention An Analysis of a Community Education Program  1986     
Public Administration  Downs, Eugene   A Survey of Major Mechanical Complications Secondary to Central Venous Catheterization with Research and Policy Implications  1989     
Library Science  Downs, Myrna W  The Emergence of a Philosophy of Librarianship in the United States  1969  020 no. 321   
Criminal Justice  Doyle, Patricia E  The Use of Erhard Seminars Training (est) in Prisons  1979     
Health Care and Public Administration  Doyle, Timothy J  Nurses' Use of Hospital Pharmacists as a Primary Source of Drug Information  1990     
Public Administration  Doyle, Arthur V  The Significance of Law Related Education at the Secondary Level  1986     
Honors-Computer Graphics  Drake, Lynne   A design and Promotion Campaign for LI Wine  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Marine Science  Dranoff, Raymond W  A Comparison of Molting Activity, Growth Patterns and Ingestion Rate of Juvenile Homarus Americanus Stages IV Through X  1980     
Honors-Theatre  Drastal, Heather   Creative Drama Odyssey  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Drew, Frederick C  Plain Clothes Anti-Crime Teams An Innovative Approach to Combat Street Crime  1975  364 no. 66   
Marine Science  Drillings, Michael   Anticoagulants from Marine Life  1969  574 no. 28   
Psychology  Drivas, Anna   A Signal Detection Analysis of the Oblique Effect Measured with an Orientation Recognition Task  1978     
Honors-Elementary Education  Drost, Nicole   Edu. Technology in the Constructive Classroom  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
English  Drucker, Amy   Patriarchal Domination in 19th century American Fiction  2010     
Marine & Environmental Science  Drucker, Barry S  Distribution and Economic Analysis of Selected Heavy Minerals in the Inner New York Bight  1978  574 no. 197   
Education  Dube, Thomas M. T.   A Selection of Textbooks and Supplementary Teaching AIDS Recommend for the Teaching of English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Geography in the Southern Rhodesia African Secondary Schools  1963  370 no. 53   
Biology  Dubin, Ronald   A Study of the RH - HR Isoantigenicity of the Red Blood Cells of the Bone Marrow During Erythropoiesis  1972  610 no. 8   
History  Dubitsky, Douglas B  The Stalinization of Russia: The Second Russian Revolution  1994     
Biology  Dubner, Brad   Ultrastructural Study of UVB Exposure on Keratinocytes in Culture  1991     
Criminal Justice  DuCharme, Denise J-A.   Is There a Place for the Insanity Defense in the Juvenile Justice System?  1987     
Medical Biology  Duff, Karen   A Comparison of Anaerobic Susceptibility Testing Methods with Regard to Their Accuracy and Reliability for Specific Antibiotics  1975  610 no. 17   
Honors-Education  Duffy, Donna Marie   Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory Application And Effect  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Duffy, Michael J  Experimentation of Specialty Squads in the New York City Police Department  1981     
Honors-English  Duffy, Thomas J  The Effects of the 1916 Easter Rising on Works of Modern Irish Fiction  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Duffy, Kenneth M  In-Service Training For Police - An Overview  1982     
Health Care and Public Administration  Duggan, Theresa   Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities  2009    2 copies 
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Criminal Justice  Fertal, George E  Video Techniques Applied To Police Training  1982     
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Arts  Feuerstein, Joel   A Study Of Vibrato In Art And Science  1977  780 no.82   
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Health Care & Public Administration  Gangaram, Dale   Examining the Impact of Several Socioeconomic Factors on Advance Placement Scores  2014     
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Honors-Biology  Garafalo, Jennifer-Marie   The Evolution of the Horse  1996    Located in Humanites 201 
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Honors-Theatre  Garayua, Gloria   Unfolding Me  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
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Honors-Finance  Gargurevich, Aurora   Long Term Capital Management  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
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Honors-Psychology  Garner, Cheryl   Issues of Race and Culture in Mental Health Field  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Mathematics  Garofalo, Nicole   Continied Fractalsin the Fibonacci Sequence  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-English Education  Garofalo, Adrienne   A Comparison of Coming-of-Age Stories  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Garofolini, Ann A  The Family And Socialization of the Child As Causes of Juvenile Delinquency  1980     
Honors-Biomedical Science  Garratt, Kelli   The Complex Interplay of the Genetic Anomalie in the Life of a Child with Partial Trisomy Eleven  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
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History  Garro, Anthony   The American Preparedness Movement 1914-1917  1970  900 no. 62   
Honors-Finance  Garvey, Francis   Causes and Response to Stock Market Crash in 1987  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Curriculum and Instruction  Garvin, Jane   The Effects of Divorce on the Academic Success of Children  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
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Public Administration  Gatto, Michael   Analysis of Nursing Decentralization  1983     
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Honors-Accounting  Gaucci, Michael   Stock Option Plans  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
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History  Geiger, Marianne B  The American Career of George Whitefield In a Transatlantic Perspective  1970  900 no. 63   
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Education  Gelbart, Sharon   Comparison of Total Physical Response and the Silent way  1996     
Health Professions  Gelfand, Bryan J  The Effects of antibiotic Prophylaxis on Infective Endocarditis  1999     
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Honors-Sociology  Gelman, Deborah   The American Power Structure  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Psychology  Gelman, Sharon   The Barnum Effect as a Function of Source of Profile C.W.Post College  1993    Located in Humanites 201 
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Honors-Chemistry  Gembinski, Catherine   Is Puerto Rico the New Leader in Science Education  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Biology  Gemmer, Deborah   the Purification and Characterization of a Phosphtyrosyl Protein Phosphatase From Human Placenta  1993     
Psychology  Genatt, Arlene   Short-Term Memory Deficits Producted by Cholonergic Agents in Pigeons  1991     
Honors-Film  Gencarelli, Gina   Missing In Action: Genesis of the Film  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Computer Science  Gendron, Joseph J  Artificial Intelligence  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Music  Gengarelly, Bruce J  An Analysis of three German Art Songs  1989     
Political Science  Gennarelli, Michelle Mallon   The Political, Legal, And Social Philosophy of Luis D. Brandies  1986     
Honors-Mathematics  Gentile, Elizabeth   The Correlation Experiment  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
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Art  Gentin, Stella   Portrait Painting: An Expression of American Colonial Life  1995     
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Political Science  Gerardi, Kathleen H  Existing Intergovernmental relations on the Port Washington Peninsula  1971  230 no. 30   
Honors-Curriculum and Instruction  Gerardi, Denise M  Native American Education  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
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Honors-Accounting  Gercken, Linda   The Materiality Dilemma  1989    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Theatre  Gerhiser, Laura   Unearthing Lilith  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
Marine Science  Gerrish, William   Chromosomal Analysis of A Previously Unidentified Spartina species  1979     
Honors-Music  Gerrity, Williams   Musical Applications of the Computer  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
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English  Gerson, Ellen   Imitations of Life: A Study of Nathanael West's Works  1978  800 no. 129   
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Medical Biology  Ghanma, Mousa I  Developing a Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Ascorbic Acid And Dehydroascorbic Acid in Human Saliva  1993     
Biology  Ghazi, Asif   Electrophoretic Patterns of Insulin and Amino Acids  1975  610 no.18   
Health Science  Ghosh, Pranati   PSA- Based Screening For Prostate Cancer Helps in Reducing the Mortality Rate  1995     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Giaccio, John J  Incarcerating the Female Offender  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Giaccio, Anthony L  Chinese Youth Gangs  1980     
Honors-Communications  Giacco, Sam   Working in the Public Interest ; Public Broadcasting's War With the Right  1994    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Education  Giamalvo, Jane C  To Include or not Include  1998    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Giambruno, Elaine   Traumatic Events and Children: Ameliorating Effects  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Giammalvo, Andrew   Two Parts for Computer  1990     
Honors-Nutrition  Giancontieri, Linda   A Comparison of Dietary Restraint. And Hunger in Psychology Students  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Nutrition  Gianini, Sabina   Use of a low-glycemic diet in the glycemic control of type 2 diabetes patients  2002     
Honors-Education  Gibaldo, Christine   America's Failure To Provide Adequate Housing  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Political Science  Gibson, Susan   America's Failure to Provide Adequate Housing  1995    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Gibson, Gary M  Free Press vs. Fair Trial: Can The Constitution Grant Validity to one Unatienable right Without Jeopardizing the other?  1978  364 no. 240   
Honors-Art Therapy  Giglio, Jamie   Can A Psychosis be Learned?  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Education  Giglio, Vincent Eugene   An Analysis of the Functions of the Reading Coordinator at the Elementary School Level.  1969  370 no. 150   
Health Care & Public Administration  Giglio, Lesli T  An analysis of medical malpractice at a major teaching hospital  1999     
Honors-Public Relations  Giguere, Danielle   Double the Pleasure: The Merging on the Celebrity and the Brand w/a Profile of Mary-Kate & Ashley  2004    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Education  Gilbert, Sara   Reading Communities  2005    Located in Humanities 201 
Education  Gilbert, Richard   Written Composition as a Technique for Raising the Reading Level of Slow Learners in Social Studies  1962  t370 no. 20   
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Library Science  Gilbert, Grace W  A study of the Aesthetic Charateristics of Decorated Hebrew Bible Manuscripts  1970  020 no. 587   
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Public Administration  Gillespie, Maryanne   The effects of the Twelve Hour Shift on Job Stress and Job Satisfaction  1984     
Honors-Music  Gillespie, James P  JardSoul, A Musical Journey  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
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Public Administration  Gilmartin, John F  The Mass Media and the Publics Perception of Crime  1984     
English  Gilmor, Sandra P  The International Theme in Selected Works of Henry James  1984     
Public Administration  Gilmore, Khadijah A  Impact Adolescent HIV/AIDS: Today's Choice Lead To Tomorrows Regrets  2006    2 copies 
Honors-Theatre  Gilmore, James H  The Path of Creativity: a Journey From Stage to Page  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Music  Gilroy, Gene   The Songs of Charles Ives  N/A   780 no. 59   
Library Science  Gilzinger, Donald M  A Content Analysis of Religion in Adult Science Fiction writing Since 1945  1970  020 no. 588   
Honors-Political Science  Ginex, Laura   Witch Hunting in England…  2000    Located in Humanities 201 
Criminal Justice  Gingold, Cynthia   Victim-Witness Advocacy  1976  364 no.143   
Criminal Justice  Gingold, Robin   The Police Department as a Modern Viable Organization  1975  364 no.51   
Music  Ginocchio, Robert E  Suite for Violin And Piano  1968  780 no. 3   
Nutrition  Gioe, Michelle A  The Effects of Skeletal Muscle Mass Growth and Strength in Active Individuals While Taking the Dietary Supplement Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB)  2013     
Honors-Communications  Giorgio, Kristin   The Language and Literacy Connection  2002    Located in Humanities 201 
Political Science  Giovanniello, Robert A  Welfare Reform  1999     
Honors-Communications  Giraldez, Denise   An Examination of the Law Profession as Portrayed TV.  N/A     Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care & Public Administration  Girdhari, Latchmi   Conducting Multiple In-Services Within Skilled Nursing Facilities for Fall Prevention  2017     
Health Care & Public Administration  Girdusky, Cindy   The Joint Commission  2014     
Honors-Criminal Justice  Giron, Juan   Street Gangs: A Historical Outlook  2001    Located in Humanities 201 
Psychology  Gische, Lisa   Onformation Processing With Sequentially Presented Data Frames  1992     
Chemistry  Gitlin, Larry F  Factors Affecting Trans/cis Olefin Ratios in Eliminating Reactions of Alkyl Bromides  1972  540 no. 15   
English  Gitlin, Jane S  An Examination of Literary Black stereotypes in the American Drama From 1769 to The Prresent  1974  800 no. 110   
Criminal Justice  Gitman, Esther   Is the Family Responsible for the Deviant behavior of its Memebers  1979     
Honors-Accounting  Gittens, Anthony   The Ethics of Business: Progression or Regression?  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Science  Giugliano, Edmund R  Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis in Bacterial Identification  1983     
Criminal Justice  Glachman, Leon I  Police And Community Relations  1973  364 no. 1   
public administration  Gladsky, Kristin   The effects of managed care on quality of care  1999     
Environmental Science  Gladysz, John A  The Effect of Dredging on Recolonization of Benthic Communities in Terrys and Meetinghouse Creeks, Suffolk  1977  574 no. 175   
Biology  Glaser, Michael J  The Effect of Crowding on the Reproductive Rate of the Medaka, Oryzias Latipes  1973  574 no. 114   
Honors-English  Glass, Chelsea R  Searching for the Female Outcast  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
Social Work  Glasser, Barry M  Chronic Illness: the Effects on Human Sexuality and the Role of the Health Care Professional  N/A      
Public Administration  Gleason, Patricia I  The development of The Afro-American Collection and the Growth of Related Services at the Westbury (New York) Memorial Public Library  1971  020 no. 646   
Biology  Glieb, Steven   Characterization of the Electrophoretic Binding Profiles of Insulin and Calcium Receptors Derived From Rat Liver Membranes  1981    Missing 
Biology  Gluck, David A  A Study of Hydrolytic Enzyme Activity of Human Leukocytes  1965  CC t 570 no. 20   
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Honors-Digital Arts and Design  Glutz, Kimberly   The Art of Freelancing  2003    Located in Humanities 201 
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Nutrition  Goebel, Donna   Potassium Supplementation for Protection Against Bone Loss from an Acidic Diet  2010     
Health Care and Public Administration  Goel, Neha   Evaluating new approach of evidence based medicine and evidence based management in American Healthcare System  2011     
Health Science  Goethe, Loretta A  A Time Comparison Evaluation of two Culture Techniques Incorporating Microscan Anaerobic Identification Panel for the Detection of fecal Clostridium Difficile  1993     
Honors-Communications  Goettinger, Denise K  The Use of Persuasive Techniques in Public Relations Messages  1987    Located in Humanites 201 
Honors-Speech and Hearing  Goettlicher, Amy   Autism ; Theories throughout the years and Practical Applications for the speech language pathologist  1999    Located in Humanities 201 
Honors-Communications  Goff, William   Radio Broadcasting ; The Age of Automatic Arrives  1981    Located in Humanites 201 
Criminal Justice  Goff, Larry R  Police Corruption: A Brief Examination of a Contemprary Issue  1982     
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Honors-Art History  Goldberg, Catherine   A Discussion of Coptic Influence in the Madonna  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
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Health Care and Public Administration  Goldbert, Jonathan   Will Patients Increased Access to Electronic Health Records Have Positive Outcomes on Health?  2015     
Honors-Fine Arts  Golden, Judithlee   Artist to Bed Maker and Back Again  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
public administration  Goldenberg, Michelle   Telemedicine as an effective delivery method of medicine  1999     
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Public Administration  Goldmacher, Jeffery   The Significance of a Management Tarining Program in Today's Personnel Department  1984     
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History  Goldsmith, Ivan   Ralph Bordosi and his Back-to-the-Land Movement: 1933-1940  N/A   900 no. 65   
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Public Administration  Goldstein, Marc   Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of a Policy Requiring Bullet Proof Vests for Police Department  1986     
Honors-Computer Science  Goldstein, David A  The Circle MUD Coding Road Map  1997    Located in Humanities 201 
Health Care and Public Administration  Goldstein, Wendy L  Use of Social Media in Healthcare Administration  2010     
Nutrition  Goldstein, Melissa S  The Effects of Various non-Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Following Exercise on Performance and Recovery in Athletes  2017     
Education  Goldstein-Alpern, Neva   "Wha Dis" and Other Toddler-Iniated, Expressive Launguage-Learning Strategies: A Case Study  1997     
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Public Administration  Gonzalez, Jose A  Comparison Between The Performance Evaluation Method Used in the Department of Health in Puerto Rico and Rockland County  1987     
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Criminal Justice  Goodbody, William A  Crime and Social Reform  1978  364 no. 243   
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Criminal Justice  Goodman, Barry J  The English Police And Community Relations  1984     
Honors-Finance  Goodman, Jeffrey L  Dynamic Hedging Strategies  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
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Honors-Criminal Justice  Goodwin, Cheryl   The History of the Equal Rights  1992    Located in Humanites 201 
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Honors-Accounting  Gottlieb, Cheryl   If There's a Will, There's a Way: Comprehensive examination of fraudulent activities by corporate executives  2006    Located in Humanities 201 
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