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Webspirs logo Cannot access the WebSPIRS databases using the AOL browser. Download and install one of these recommended browsers (Note: Netscape 6.x does not work with some databases.) Firefox 1.x+ [Windows, Linux, Mac]
Internet Explorer 6.0+ [Windows]
Netscape 8.x+ [Windows]
Safari [Mac]
Opera 8+ [Many]
I get a "You are trying to access WebSPIRS using an unauthorized link" error when I try to access a database on WebSPIRS. This is usually caused by a personal firewall or some internet security software you may have running on your computer. Disable it temporarily and try to connect to the database again.
Blank white screen and the bottom of the page says 'Done' You are using pop-up blocker software. This is a program or browser plug-in that prevents unwanted ads from popping up while browsing the internet. WebSPIRS looks like a pop-up ad to the browser so you must always allow pop-ups from the WebSPIRS site [spweb.silverplatter.com] 
Proquest logo Authentication Error 1011 Due to security settings on your computer, your browser is not passing the "HTTP Referrer Header"
Please find a solution here
ProQuest Notice:

You are attempting to access ProQuest from a page that has not been properly authorized...

Cookies are disabled: ProQuest uses cookies for authentication and authorization at the beginning of and during your ProQuest session; if cookies are disabled or rejected by your browser or your firewall, you may see this message, even if you have successfully logged in.

This can be caused by your browser settings, or personal firewall software installed on your computer. First try allowing all cookies to be accepted, then, once everything is working you can experiment with various privacy settings.

Authentication Error 1013
Your session is not active. To reconnect, please log into ProQuest.
Your session has timed out. Please enter your account information again.
Infotrac logo When trying to access INFOTRAC you get a message that asks you to "please enter your dial-up password:" You have clicked on a link that is for on-campus use only. Go to http://library.liu.edu and follow the "Remote Access Databases" link for your campus.
Miscellaneous After clicking the login button you get a webpage that says "sp is not available" or "pq is not available" This is usually, but not always, caused by a problem with your library account. Contact your campus library circulation department and check for an expired registration, overdue books, fines or some other block on your account.
  For more information on accessing databases from home please see our "Remote Access FAQ" page.

If your problem is not listed above or the solution did not work please e-mail your full name and barcode along with a description of the problem and the database you are trying to access to RPA Technical Support.